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Andrea atwood february 1, 2012

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1 Andrea atwood february 1, 2012
Architecture Andrea atwood february 1, 2012

2 eARnings The median annual earnings for an architect is $70,320 a year. Architects typically earn between $41,320 and $119,220 a year.

3 Educational requirements
Becoming an architect will require 5+ years of education depending on the type of degree. Bachelor of Architecture Master of Architecture Doctor of Architecture Being an architect also requires a special license obtained by completing the educational requirements, internship program, and passing The Architect Registration Examination.

4 Advancement A successful career in architecture is a long process with many opportunities to grow and develop. By taking on challenging duties with increasingly responsibility leads toward promotions and advancement in your career path. With a lot of experience, an architect can take on and manage entire projects.

5 Nature of work An architect participates in a variety of things along a stretched time period. Because architects work on projects, there are various deadlines pertaining to the specific duties within the project. Some of these tasks include developing ideas and concepts with clients, figuring out how to work within the means of the budget given for the project, compromising and considering the needs of users and interest groups involved, discussing and figuring impact on the environment and local community, and creating detailed drawings of the future establishments.

6 Working conditions The average architect works 40 hours a week (Monday through Friday) making about $37.00 an hour. Most enjoy the luxury of paid vacation and sick leave days. Medical, dental, vision, and life insurance are all typically covered. Retirement plans are most often fulfilled.

7 Job outlook There are approximately 141,200 architects currently employed in the United States. There is an increasing amount of job opportunities expected for the future due to advancement in technology. With more people wanting larger homes and the increasing demand for these features in building establishments, job opportunities will flourish.

8 Advantages and disadvantages
ADVANTAGES (Personal): Visual art skills and knowledge Communication skills Education requirements attainable DISADVANTAGES (Personal): Extensive knowledge of various mathematics Crucial time planning and managing skills Harsh deadlines with harsh consequences

9 Career possibility? YES!

10 preparation To work toward my career in architecture, I can begin to figure out and establish my educational goals and plans for success in this field. By figuring out what specifically interests me in relation to the career, I can narrow down the vast types of architecture and find the one best fitting for me.

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