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Welcome to UVU! Information Technology Helpdesk. Agenda 1. Procedures 2. Network Connectivity 3. Getting Help 4. Computer Policies 5. E-mail 6. UVLINK.

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1 Welcome to UVU! Information Technology Helpdesk

2 Agenda 1. Procedures 2. Network Connectivity 3. Getting Help 4. Computer Policies 5. E-mail 6. UVLINK 7. Safe Computing 8.Off Campus Access 9. OPT-IN Text Messaging

3 Procedures Network/Email Access Access is created when a department sends in the EPAF (New Hire paperwork) Username UV ID and Password Standard for network, UVLINK, Email, Banner, Blackboard/Vista Password Changes Can only be done in UVLink and will change for all systems Access to S: and U: drives

4 Procedures Text Tex Text Campus Computer Hardware Standards Computers built on campus are approved Use Computer Shop for computer hardware purchases Laptops on Campus Any Dell Latitude, XPS or Precision laptop is approved but must come with a 3-year warranty and Win XP or Vista Professional installed. Any Netbook MacBook or PowerBook Personally Owned Laptops can be used on campus but will need to download the Cisco Clean Access Agent and install it on the computer.

5 Network Connectivity Text Wireless Access SSID: UVU-OPEN Report if wireless access doesn’t work in a classroom. When in your office it is preferred that you use the wired network. Each classroom should have one active network port available at the teachers station, you would need your own network cable to use that port. Windows Updates, Virus Protection, CleanAccess must be installed.

6 Getting Help Text Tex Text Helpdesk – 863-8888 Hours and Location Located in BA007 Open M-F 7 a.m.-6 p.m. Email On-Line Help Tab in UVLINK Help Desk Self Service Urgent problems will be listed, Updates, Software Downloads, FAQ, and general Computer help Live Chat Click on the Live Help

7 Getting Help Text Tex Text Department Help Most schools have desktop technicians that service the computers in their buildings In most cases computer problems are still called into the Helpdesk and the problem will be logged and put in a service order list for the technicians. Many problems can be helped over the phone by the Helpdesk technician Most service orders get a response within 24- hours. At certain times of the year such as the first few weeks of Fall Semester that time may be longer If you need a computer, printer, or computer hardware you may want to work with your department technician before ordering.

8 Getting Help Faculty Help Student Help Staff Help

9 Computer Policies Text Tex Text File Sharing Illegal Software The use of programs such as KAZAA, Skype, Morpheus, Gnutella, LimeWire, Bear Share, Emule and iMesh that are used to download music, movies, and games are not appropriate use of the UVU and UEN network. These programs pose a significant security RISK TO YOU since you are allowing anyone to access your hard drive and computer resources to use it for possible illegal purposes. File sharing also creates large amounts of network traffic causing the college and statewide networks to slow down. Additionally, almost all files that are downloaded are copyrighted materials that are illegal to share and download. You can be prosecuted for doing such.

10 Computer Policies Text Tex Text Software Licensing Installing Software Any software installed on your computer will need to have a valid license To find out if the campus has a license for the Software you wish to use click the Software link under Campus Services on the Helpdesk page Purchasing Software Before purchasing any software check with the Business office, there may be educational discounts available Free licensed software–UVLINK-help Microsoft Office 2007 Micrograde McAfee Anti-Virus software Corel Software

11 Computer Policies Text Tex Text Appropriate Use Policy 441 Users must not: Attempt to gain access to any system or account without authorization from a System Administrator. Share passwords and/or accounts. Copy or change system files or software without authorization from a System Administrator. Use destructive or invasive software. Violate licensing agreements, patent, copyright and/or trademark laws or UVU Purchasing regulations as governed by UVU Policy B-1.3. Display images, sounds, or messages which are obscene where others may be affected by them. Consume inordinate amounts of system resources. Crash machines or systems deliberately. Participate in electronic chain letters. Reserve shared resources. A public shared computing facility device left unattended for more than ten minutes is available for use, and any process running at the time of abandonment shall be terminated. Running unattended programs or placing signs on devices to "reserve" them is inappropriate without authorization from a System Administrator. Lock a public shared workstation or computer without authorization from a System Administrator. Use the College computing facilities for disruptive or illegal activities

12 EMAIL New employees must configure their email before using – otherwise you will be your To configure go to

13 E-Mail Text Tex Text Be Aware that there are 3 separate E-mail systems on Campus Groupwise, UVLink mail, Blackboard/Vista Group Wise Groupwise Email is a full client email with Calendaring and other advanced features. It is given to all employees of the college, but not to students Access from Home You can click the My Email link from the UVU home pageMy Email You can download the full client to use at home from UVLink You can call the Helpdesk or have your area technician install on campus Rules and Forwarding You can make rules to forward mail 135 day deletions Everything in GroupWise folders, including your cabinet, IN Box, Sent Items is automatically deleted after 135 days. You must save important messages to your computer or network

14 E-Mail Text Tex Text GroupWise It is against Campus Policy to send any email to all or very large groups of users on campus. You can use the UVAnnounce in UVLINK or the President can send to all employees Be aware of viruses, chains, hoaxes etc. Most email messages that include “send to everyone you know” or “everyone in your address book” are not legitimate messages. Always check out an email before believing it or doing what it says especially if it sounds suspicious or is from someone you don’t know (Hoax). SPAM – Set up a Spam folder see for

15 E-Mail Text Tex Text UVU E-Mail firewall You will receive email from UVU Email Firewall Barracuda These messages are warning you that you received a message that may be SPAM. It is very important that you open these messages and clean them out, you may have student Email messages in your filter.

16 E-Mail Text Tex Text BLACKBOARD /VISTA Email in this system only goes to email in this system You can not forward it! (Helps you organize it by class) For Help with Blackboard/ Vista go to Distance Ed orDistance Ed TETC

17 E-Mail LINK Mail EX: This the email in your UVLINK Official College automated email may come into this box This can be forwarded to Groupwise, or Groupwise forwarded to Link mail

18 UVLINK Text Tex Text UV Announce Campus Announcements & Calendar To add announcements Groups Channels

19 UVLINK Text Tex Text Faculty or Advisor Tab Class Lists Class Schedules Final Grades Links to Banner Training

20 Safe Computing Text Tex Text Anti-Virus Software McAfee/EPO UVU has a site license for McAfee Every computer on campus should have a McAfee Virus shield in the system tray EPO is the McAfee agent that goes out and gets updates to your McAfee It is the users responsibility to make sure these two icons are installed and working properly McAfee includes an anti-spyware program Home Computers You can install McAfee virus protection on your home computer if you do not have any Virus protection software. It can be downloaded from or you can pick up a CD from the Helpdesk

21 Safe Computing Text Tex Text Windows Updates Your computer should be set for Auto Updates In the Control Panel make sure your auto updates are turned on and set for a time of day your computer will be online Not installing updates can cause a serious security risk to the campus network

22 Safe Computing Text Tex Text Spam E-mail IF you receive SPAM send it as an attachment to GroupWise and Link Mail both have an Email filter for incoming emails You can go to and search on the word HOAX or if an email has a subject you can search on the subject to find out if it is a Backup your Data Save your data in at least 2 places, especially your grades. You can use the network and your hard drive or an external device such as a Jump drive, or CD.

23 Safe Computing Text Tex Text Servers or Access Points Do not bring up a server with out working with your Area Technician The campus has standards for servers, access points, switches and hubs If you have a need for any of this equipment please work with your technician Bringing up a server or access point without the right settings will bring down the network for others in your building If you need a static IP address you will need to contact your Area Technician

24 Off Campus Access Text Tex Text Groupwise WebAccess From the UVU Home page you can click on My Email to get to your GroupWise E-mail. Choose UVU GroupWise WebAccess The Username is your UV ID and the Password is your password you set up to login to UVLINK

25 Opt-In Text Messaging To sign up for text messages on your cell phone about campus high priority announcements such as Emergency Notifications, High Priority Announcements, Student Activities, etc. by text messaging. To assist with communications in the case of an emergency UVU has implemented an emergency text messaging system. The system can give you notifications by text messaging if you choose. This is an opt-in system. Please sign up. To sign up for the system follow these instructions Login to UVLINK Select the Home Tab In the Online Services Menu channel - middle of the page, Select personal Information menu Select Opt-in to Text Messaging Enter your cell phone information Select the Opt-in level Read the terms of participation click the I Accept button Test the system by clicking on the Test Your Text Messaging button To unsubscribe: Click on the Delete button at the bottom of the page

26 Again Welcome to UVU! Information Technology Helpdesk

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