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Principles of effective communication Sam Bracebridge.

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1 Principles of effective communication Sam Bracebridge

2 Learning outcomes Critically summarise information Draft a briefing for a specified audience

3 How do we communicate?


5 Principles of effective communication Know your audience Know your purpose Know your topic Be objective Present information in several ways Brevity

6 S=Single O=Overriding C=Communication O=Objective Objective, concise, precise message What to communicate? Good SOCO: A logical deduction of the presentation

7 Lets communicate! 35 minute exercise Read document Write a briefing (SOCO) Nominate a spokesperson Feed back key messages in plenary (2 mins)

8 Your Audience Group 1 – the boss Group 2 – health minister Group 3 – the media Group 4 – clinicians Group 5 – relatives/ lay audience

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