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Fraunhofer Institute Secure Telecooperation Areas of Work.

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1 Fraunhofer Institute Secure Telecooperation Areas of Work

2 8 November, 2002 SIT Current Focus Security Secure Tele-Co-operation across Open Networks

3 8 November, 2002 SIT Competences Co-operative Work Environments E-BusinessE-Government E-CommerceFacility Management Augmented Reality E-Learning Formal Specification, Analysis, Verification M-Commerce Digital Signature Privacy Public Key Infrastructures Security Engineering Security Technologies Smart Cards Telecommunication Internet/Intranet Technologies Biometrics Grid-Technologies Wireless Communication, WLAN, Bluetooth, UMTS Handheld Devices Client/Server Architecture Knowledge Management Agents (location based) Web Services

4 8 November, 2002 SIT – Mission Producing solutions, being intuitively usable, secure and reliable legally and socially compatible, and thus widely acceptable Giving innovative advices/training for SMEs government, administration

5 8 November, 2002 SIT Research Areas MINT Marketplace Internet MINT Marketplace Internet COR Co-operative Rooms – Workspaces of the Future COR Co-operative Rooms – Workspaces of the Future META Methodological Foundations for Security Sensitive Applications META Methodological Foundations for Security Sensitive Applications SIMS Security in Mobile Systems SIMS Security in Mobile Systems IBE Innovation Advice and Development IBE Innovation Advice and Development ITM Information Technology Management ITM Information Technology Management SICA Security and Smart Card Technologies SICA Security and Smart Card Technologies

6 8 November, 2002 SICA Security and Smart Card Technologies Major TopicsRelated Projects Concepts and technologies for public key infrastructures (PKI) NSI New Security Infrastructure Introduction and international harmonisation of electronic signatures and certification infrastructures Smart Card technologies and applications / secure binding of digital security parameters to persons / biometric user verification ZAVIR Ascribability of Actions in Virtual Worlds ISIS-MTT Common Specification for PKI Applications TOPCARE Implementation of a Telematic Homecare Platform in Cooperative Health Care Provider Networks TPS Trusted Pocket Signer

7 8 November, 2002 SIMS Security in Mobile Systems Major TopicsRelated Projects Mobile (ad-hoc) networks / Mobile personal devices / Mobile applications / mobile code Scenario Based Security Study for Mobile Systems Technologies Beyond 3G Secure Car of the Future Autonomous mobile systems Secure mobile working / m-commerce

8 8 November, 2002 MINT Marketplace Internet Major TopicsRelated Projects Reliable applications on the Internet: social, legal and economic impacts ArchiSig Legally Valid and Secure Long-term Archiving of Digitally Signed Documents Open and binding tele- cooperation: e-business; e- payment Management and enforcement of security policies: intra and inter organisational MaKoSi Management of Complex Security Mechanisms (+META) SKe Uniform Security Concept with dynamic Controlling Mechanisms for eService Processes (+META) DASIT Privacy Protection in Teleservices HORN Home and Office Replenishment Nürnberg

9 8 November, 2002 COR Co-operative Rooms – Workspaces of the Future Major TopicsRelated Projects Virtual work environments for the collaboration of distributed teams across open networks UNITE Ubiquitous and Integrated Teamwork Environment (+MINT) Monitoring, controlling and managing physical work environments on a unified world- wide platform Seamless integration and dynamic configuration of virtual and physical work environments EQF E-Qualification Framework MOBILE Secure Services for Mobile Citizens WWFM Worldwide Facility Management ScienceClub New Technologies for New Forms of Work FlexHaus An IT-supported Building Type for Flexible Combinations of Living and Working COR

10 8 November, 2002 IBE Innovation Advice and Development Major TopicsRelated Projects Citizen-friendly and barrier-free applications for local government administrations (e-government) SKOUT Technology for Interactive Communal Services E-commerce and IT-security for SMEs Internet and intranet application / Web-based learning / knowledge management / information logistic I 2 BN Access to Interactive Services for Handicapped User Groups Secure-it.NRW.2005 Technical Support of NRW's Initiative to Promote e-Business for SMEs KompEC Support of the Centre for Competence Bonn / Rhein-Sieg for Electronic Business Transactions

11 8 November, 2002 META Methodological Foundation of Security Sensitive Applications Major TopicsRelated Projects Formal security models for business and administration processes CASENET Computer-Aided Solutions to Secure Electronic Commerce Transactions Formal design and analysis methods for secure cryptographic protocols Methods and tools for formal specification and verification of co-operating systems SVHT Simple Homomorphism Verification Tool VAlikrypt Validation of Cryptographic Protocols using Formal Analysis Methods

12 8 November, 2002 ITM Information Technology Management TaskRelated Projects Provision of a modern, reliable, and secure IT- infrastructure with access to world-wide services CCLAN LAN Competence Centre SERVICE : IT-Service Provision for SIT, IPSI, SECUDE, PROSTEP, INFONYTE, Fujitsu, GROUPTECH ITM

13 8 November, 2002 SIT Future Directions of Work Tele-cooperation Co-operation IT-Security Enterprise Security Person- / Tool-oriented Security Team- / Context-oriented Security Client-oriented, decentralized Solutions Server-based Solutions Stationary Security Mobile Security Network Security Security-critical Infrastructures

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