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Welcome Parents! 2015-2016 Honors English 10 Mrs. Patterson.

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1 Welcome Parents! 2015-2016 Honors English 10 Mrs. Patterson

2 Background  Experience in Education  Educational Philosophy

3 Website Tools  The syllabus and other helpful tools are located on my webpage at:  You may sign up for e-blasts to receive a notification each time I update my website, or check my blog, which will be updated each week with links and attachments.

4 Required Material for Students  Students will be required to have an independent reading book (fiction or non-fiction) at ALL times.  Students will need to following supplies every day: A binder with four dividers (vocab, reading, journal, and language) A composition notebook to leave in the classroom College-ruled, lined, notebook paper (3-hole punched) Pencils and pens (blue/black and red) Three highlighters (green, yellow, and pink) Flash drive  It is highly encouraged that your child purchase novels so that he/she may annotate as needed for assignments and assessments.

5 Novel Studies 1 st Quarter:3 rd Quarter: –Of Mice and Men- Antigone –Frankenstein- A Tale of Two Cities (or) - Great Expectations 2 nd Quarter:4 th Quarter: –Othello- The Glass Menagerie –Oedipus- The Book Thief –Summer Read: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell Essay is due the third week of school on a block day.

6 Additional Information  Set tutoring time is on Mondays from 2:36 until 3:15; however, students may see me any other time so long as they make an appointment with me ahead of time in person or via email.  Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or concerns. Emails are best:  The first homework assignment will be given on Monday and requires parent involvement.  Wish List: Kleenex is always greatly appreciated!


8 Thank you for coming! I look forward to an amazing, fun, thought- provoking year together!

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