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Stakeholder Conference EU Strategie for the Danube Region 21 April 2010, Vienna International Cooperation within the Water Sector in the Danube Catchment.

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1 Stakeholder Conference EU Strategie for the Danube Region 21 April 2010, Vienna International Cooperation within the Water Sector in the Danube Catchment Area Timeline I A W D Objectives and activities H. Sailer, CEO – Vienna Waterworks


3 The Danube River Basin Length of the Danube:2,780 km Navigable length of the Danube:2,412 km Annual water discharge 202 bn m3 into the Black Sea: (6,460 m3/sec average) Size of the basin:801,463 km2 (almost 10% of continental Europe) Inhabitants:81 million Number of states:18 Size of the Danube Delta:679,000 ha Main tributaries of the Danube:Tisza, Sava, Inn, Norava, Drava, Velika Morava, Iskar, Siret, Prut

4 MULTILATERAL COOPERATION Capacity as water way 1815 Vienna congress, Request for free navigation 1856At the end of the Crimean War the Congress of Paris appointed a commission to clear the delta of obstructions and to safeguard free navigation 1948 Belgrade Convention Legal instrument to guarantee free navigation on the navigable stretch of the Danube in accordance with the interests and sovereign rights of the contracting parties 1992 Main - Danube – Channel Inland Water Way from Rotterdam (North Sea) to the Black Sea

5 DANUBE RIVER PROTECTION CONVENTION ICPDA Implementation through the International Commission of the Danube River (ICPDA) Secrateriat in Vienna 1994 signed in Sofia 1998 entering into force 11 Contracting Parties AUSTRIA, BULGARIA, CZECH.REP., GERMANY, CROATIA, HUNGARY, MOLDOVA, ROMANIA, SLOVAKIA,SLOVENIA and EU. Objectives Objectives: - Providing a sustainable water management - Cooperation on fundamental water management issues - Combating water pollution - Maintaining and improving the status of aquatic ecosystemes

6 INTERNATIONAL Cooperation in WATER Management 1956Internat. Association on Danube Research - IAD Exchange of experience and views across the Iron Curtain 1965Internat. Hydrological decade initiated by UNESCO/ WMO, covering issues of hydrology flood forecasts, riverine regime etc. 1990 ARGE Donauländer - Cooperation between regions 1993 Internat. Association of Water Works in the Danube Catchement Area (IAWD)

7 EU 1990

8 EU 2007

9 WATER POLICY EUROPEAN UNION Starting directives with focus on utilization 1976 Recreational Water Directive 1980 Drinking Water Directive Reduction of pollution at the source 1991Urban Waste Water Treatement Directive 1991 Nitrate Directive 1998 New Drinking Water Directive 2000 Water Framework Directive

10 The WFD is the most substantial piece of water legislation ever produced by the European Commission, and will provide the major driver for achieving sustainable management of water in the Member States of EU for many years to come. It requires that all inland and coastal waters within defined river basin districts must reach at least good status by 2015 and defines how this should be achieved through the establishment of environmental objectives and ecological targets for surface waters. The result will be a healthy water environment achieved by taking due account of environmental, economic and social considerations.

11 OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES Europeanwide consonance in water protection Criterias of Quality Monitoring Measures acc. BAT and BEP Transparency and civil participation Water Framework Directive as stimulating economic factor Costcovering and –transparency Strengthening of structures and competition

12 1993 Viennas former Enviroment City Councillor and todays Mayor Michael Häupl lent his support to the foundation of the Association of Waterworks in the Danube Catchment Area (IAWD) in Central and Eastern Europe

13 Goals for IAWD in the Danube River Basin Representing the interests of all drinking water supply companies in the Danube catchment area Continue with the IAWD monitoring and investigation program to safeguard water quality as well as evaluating and publishing the results thus obtained Co-operating closely with other organizations pursuing similar objectives such as ICPDR Co-organisational partner of the International Water Association (e.g. Cooorganiser World Water Congress in Vienna 2008 with special focus Danube)

14 Members of IAWD Switzerland Gemeinde St. Moritz – Wasserversorgung Czech Republic Brnenske vodarny a kanalizace, a.s. Bosnia-Herzegovina Vodovod i kanalizacija Sarajevo Germany Zweckverband Bodensee – Wassersorgung Ingolstädter Kommunalbetriebe AöR SWU Energie GmbH REWAG Stadtwerke Passau GmbH ZV WV Fränkischer Wirtschaftsraum Slowakia Vodarne a kanalizace Bratislava s.p. Zapadoslovenske Vodarne a Kanalizacie, s.p. Romania SC Apa Nova Bucuresti Austria Wiener Wasserwerke evn wasser gmbH WLV der Triestingtal- und Südbahngemeinden WLV Nördliches Burgenland Linz Service GmbH – Geschäftsbereich Wasser Grazer Stadtwerke AG Croatia Vodoopskrba i Odvodnja Yugoslavia JKP Beogradski JKP Vodovod i kanalizacija Novi Sad Vodovod Subotica Vodovod Zrenjanin Javno Komunalno Preduzece Za Hungary Budapester Wasserwerke AG Dunantuli Regionalis Vizmü Zrt. Duna Menti Retionalis Vizmü Zrt. Slovenia Mariborski Vodovod d.d

15 DANUBE, MEUSE AND RHINE MEMORANDUM 2008 Publicated in cooperation between IAWR International Association of Waterworks in the Rhine Catchement Area and IAWD


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