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Med e UROPA CONTRACT EDC-2236 MEDEUROPA/26927 1. Introduction Main Objectives and Added Value 2. Starting Point and Results Current state of the art.

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2 Med e UROPA

3 CONTRACT EDC-2236 MEDEUROPA/ Introduction Main Objectives and Added Value 2. Starting Point and Results Current state of the art Transition from Aquí Europa to MedEuropa Innovations Technical Features Expected Results 3. Participants 4. Financial statements Aquí Europa CBE (Coop. Bancaire pour l Europe) Cives Europe Cestel

4 Preparatory Action Med e UROPA within the framework of the European Commissions e-Content programme. 1. Introduction

5 Preparatory Actions Main Objetive: Facilitate access of all social stakeholders to practical information on the European Union. This information will come from the public sector in combination with private sources, and will be distributed by means of a multilingual digital suppport.

6 Approximate the EU to the citizens Provide quality clear information Build a network of public and private organisations Expose practices on taking advantage of the public information and making it profitable in Internet Set the bases of the future commercialisation of European digital contents Actions to achieve this objective will be directed to:

7 Med e UROPA will achieve its objectives through: The know-how and contents already obteined with the pilot experience Aquí Europa The creation of Medeuropa software based on the digital editing experience of Aquí Europa The multilinguism will allow the different agents within the European scene to approach each other at all levels.

8 Therefore: Med e UROPA will develop as a HIGH VALUE ADDED product to, in a clear and structured way, provide public information on the EU to the users Added Value

9 European Added Value Presence in Brussels, European capital Personalised service: Multilinguism and data processing Multidisciplinary staff Added Value understood as: Geographical scope Technological Innovation

10 Med e UROPA s Preparatory Action will be based on the know-how adquired by Aquí Europa, first specialised Spanish digital information service on the EU. 2. Starting Point and Results Quick Information In-depth Information Quality of own contents Easy access to EU information sources Its main features are:

11 Transition from Aquí Europa to Medeuropa Aquí Europa will give to Med e UROPA : The tailor-made newspaper model with the possibility to offer online services of data bases The experience of integrating journalists with experts in other disciplines Fresh news and data bases Succesful experience in mass-media agreements which multiply distribution Creation of an editing software 2. Starting Point and Results

12 www. Med e will offer: News and Current Issues: Medeuropa Digital EU Today Eurofolders The euro Ayudas y oportunidadesGeneral Information AEFIN Calls for Tender Bids Partnership contacts and consulting Agendas The EU in Internet Inside Europe UEDICCIO

13 Innovations Med e UROPA will include many improvements such as: Multilingual search tools to improve access to information via languages or topics Inclusion of a home page to present the Preparatory Action Feedback possibilities for questions or suggestions During the marketing phase, it will allow the development of safe e-commerce under Community law 2. Starting Point and Results

14 Main Technical Features Security 2. Starting Point and Results Easy use Great flexibility and configurability The Med e UROPA site is based on an Internet data bases system, managed through an interface which will guarantee:


16 3. Participants C IVES E UROPE

17 Projects leader partner. Edits the only European information service on EU issues written in Spanish, with contents updated daily, and news offices in Brussels and Madrid.

18 Med e UROPA s Italian Partner, which englobes Banca del Piemonte Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena Banca Popolare di Sondrio Banca Popolare San Angelo Cassa di Risparmio de Foligno San Paolo IMI Bank IMI Bank ( Lux )

19 With services on: Consultancy on community tools Financial engeneering Public Market Services: Specialised Information about: los mercados Help for multilateral agreements Industrial Partnership Contacts Information and Promotion Regular publications bolletttino -ImpresaEuropa

20 Med e UROPA S French-speaking partner With a number of relevant publications in Belgium, such as: The community information system Janus Agora Bulletin AIACE El Sol de Bélgica and the press agency Europe Today C IVES E UROPE

21 Med e UROPA s technological partner Marketing and development of data transmission products, particularly those related to Internet and Computer and Telephone Integration (CTI).

22 Med e UROPA Counts on a budget, with a community assistance of Budgets assignment: Aquí Europa Cestel CBE Cives Europe Financial Statements

23 WWW. Med e

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