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Recruitment, Selection and Induction

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1 Recruitment, Selection and Induction
Unit 2 Recruitment, Selection and Induction

2 Sub Topics Introduction Job Analysis The Recruitment Process
The Selection process Issues and problems relating to recruitment and selection Making job offer Induction of new employees

3 Introduction Recruitment is the process of attracting suitable people to apply for job vacancies. Selection involves choosing the most suitable candidate from amongst a group of applicants. Failure to hire the right people may results in high levels of turnover, large numbers of workers being dismissed, increased training costs and a number of other problems.

4 Steps Involved In The Recruitment And Selection Process
Make Decision To Recruit New Employees Conduct Job Analysis Source For Applicants Collect Information On Applicants Select Most Suitable Applicant Offer Employment To Successful Applicants Hold Induction Once Employee Report For Duty

5 Job Analysis Job Analysis is a technique of studying a job to identify the skills, knowledge, experience and other requirement to perform the job. A proactive human resource department will ensure all jobs in the organization have been analysed and documented and are re analysed on regular basis.

6 Interview, Questionnaires & Observation
Continue .. How is Job Analysis carried out? The most important sources of information are existing workers and supervisors whom carried out the job. HRD conduct Interview, Questionnaires & Observation to workers and supervisors as for the purpose to collect sufficient information about the job.

7 Use Of Job Analysis Information
Information collected via Job Analysis: Recruitment and selection Compensation Performance appraisal Training

8 Continue .. Data collections process will be writing of a job description and a person specification. If a new job is to be introduced, the head of department should have a clear idea of what assignments will constitute the job.

9 Continue .. A Job Description ought to describe with accuracy the daily duties of the job holder. A Job Description is a written profile of a job Job title, location and grading Relationships Brief statement on the purpose of the job List of duties and responsibilities Terms and conditions of employment to be given to the job holder

10 Continue .. A Person Specification; to develop a picture of the sort of person who could best fill the position. Describe the type of person who fits the job and will guide the recruitment officer to the best candidates.

11 Continue .. Knowledge, skills and abilities required
Educational qualifications and work experience Physical requirement of the job Personality requirements Career path Oral communication Problem solving Written communication skills Leadership Flexibility Self direction Creative thinking Vision The ability to manage conflict External awareness Team work

12 The Recruitment Process
Human resource manager at this stage of the recruitment and selection process is to attract a group of applicants. Internal Applicants; offering existing employees the opportunity to change jobs within the organization helps retain the best and most versatile workers.

13 Continue … How to attract Internal Applicants?
Employee Audit or Inventory; large company can browse through existing employee files which to identify any potential suitable candidates. Job Posting and bidding; to be notice on notice board or on company internet / company s about vacancy exists, to outline job specification and contact person to apply.

14 External Applicants; employer can recruit workers from outside market.
How to attract External Applicants? Employee agencies Campus recruitment exercises Employee referrals Unsolicited applicant files (by phone, fax, ) Advertisement in the mass media Through internet

15 The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internal And External Recruitment Methods
Internal Recruitment External Recruitment Advantages Employment record of applicant available No induction needed Little cost involved Employee morale and motivation increased Avoids in breeding Possible to widen choice of applicants by having a pool of candidates Disadvantages Filling a vacancy in one department may lead to a more serious gap in another No suitable candidates may be available Supervisors may be reluctant to release key employee High cost of recruitment process Frustration amongst existing employees

16 The Selection Process Selection is the process of choosing the most suitable candidate from a group of applicants, for an available vacancy. Collection of each candidates must be carefully assessed and compared.

17 Continue … The sources of information which can be used to compare applicants and see whether they match the position specification are: Application forms and curriculum vitae (CV)/ biodata / resume Reference check Test Interviews Assessment centre activities

18 Continue.. The application form and curriculum vitae Personal details
Educational qualifications Working experience Specific skills Interest or recreational activities Reference check Reference name Past employers School authorities Security checks

19 Continue.. Selection Test Performance Test Aptitude test
Personality test Intelligence test Medical test

20 Continue.. Selection Interviews After Interview
Planning the Interviews The timing The venue The topics for discussion Conducting the Interviews Avoid stress technique Establish rapport Ask the right questions After Interview The recruitment officer will need to compare the applicants based on information collected and make his final choice of candidates. The top list will be offered the job and remainder will keep aside in case the preferred applicants declines the job offer.

21 Continue.. Assessment Centre Activities
Many organizations designed to assess employees promotability for the purpose of selection of suitable candidates to fill job vacancy. They conduct activities and exercises as the purpose to observe the best candidates for the job offer. Test the communication skills, social etiquette, leadership, creativity, persuasiveness, ability to and stress.

22 Issues And Problems Relating To Recruitment And Selection
Nepotism is the hiring of family members or close friends to fill vacancies in an organization. Employment of children. Child labour is and abhorrent practice, not recommended in any circumstances.

23 Malaysian Act It is legal to employ children and young persons under the age of 18 in Malaysia, although this practice is severely restricted. Employers can only offer certain types of jobs to children and young persons and the hours of their employment are limited.

24 Requirement of the Children and Young persons (Employment) Act
Children under 15 can only work as follows The employment must be in their family business The work must be light and suitable to the capacity of the child Working hours less than 6 The child cannot work between 8.00pm to 6am Young person aged 15 to 18 years of age can only work as follows The employment must be suitable to the capacity of the young person The working hours must be not than 7 hours Young person cannot work between 8.00pm to 6.00am

25 Continue … Hiring older workers
Malaysian believes that older workers are more expensive than younger employee. Contract basis one year or two years The reasons why they want to work because for money, meaningful and valuable work to do, mental stimulation and physically fit.

26 Continue … Discrimination in recruitment and selection
Companies believe that hiring a diverse workforce is an aspect of social responsibility which help them become an employer of their choice. Common unfairness relate to the gender, age, religion or race of a job applicants.

27 Continue … Employment of foreigners
Malaysian employers are permitted to hire foreigners only in specified industries and only from countries approved by the authorities. Namely from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and Vietnam. There severe penalties imposed on employers who employ illegal workers.

28 Making Job Offer Prepare a letter of offer and should not be delayed to forestall the best candidates from being offered a job elsewhere. Sending formal letter to the successful candidates is of course necessary. To inform rejected candidates as well.

29 Continue .. The Contract of Employment
An employee accepts an offer of employment from an employer, a contact of employment also know as contract of service In a contract of employment, the employer agrees to remunerate the employee for services or work performed and the employee agrees to work for the employer.

30 Details are include Job title Wages Employee handbook Listing of all the applicable terms Collective agreement & terms of the contract A clear and well written contract helps to minimize disputes and ensures employee know what to expected of them.

31 Types of Employment Contract
Can be set period of time or as fixed term contract Contract which case completion of the job will signify the end of the contract An indefinite period where employee chooses to leave the company or he reaches pre agreed retirement age. Part time or full time.

32 Induction of new Employees
An induction or orientation programme as soon as they join the organization. The induction is the process by which the new recruit is familiarized with the working environment. The purpose of induction are to prevent new recruits feels anxious, fears, inability to concentrate, unrealistic expectation and shock.

33 Main contents of an induction programme
Organizational issues History, stricture, physical layout, product & services, policies & rules Introductions To supervisor, to trainers, to co workers Employee benefits and procedures Wages, holidays, rest breaks, benefit Job duties Job location, overview of job relationship to other jobs

34 Summary The recruitment and selection process must be carried out carefully in order to ensure organizations have the right employees with the right skills, attitude and knowledge. Human resource planning aims to avoid crisis situation whereby the organization has too many workers or has insufficient workers to achieve its objectives.

35 Job analysis is a basic human resource function essential to recruitment and selection and useful in other function as well. Job description can be attracted to apply for vacant positions by advertising the job in the media, website, agencies and etc. Once the new employee reports for duty, he or she must undergo an induction programme.

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