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Presented by Caroline McNairn (artist)

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1 Presented by Caroline McNairn (artist)
THE STORY OF THE STORE Presented by Caroline McNairn (artist)


3 The Original Idea THE STORE was originally a boarded up shop
The original idea was based entirely on self interest The partners wanted a working studio, a space to stone carve and a small amount of community activity! And one major project a year resulting in an exhibition

4 The Main Actors The Partners
Caroline McNairn – artist in residence, exhibition officer, tutor and administrator Hugh Collins – sculptor and tutor Lorraine Dick Arnott – development officer The Beneficiaries Young people Parents Community of Gorebridge Visitors

5 What attracted us to the area?
Proximity to a major cultural centre - Edinburgh Cost – the size of the space Proximity of other artists The area is rich in historical associations The village sits on a hill with spectacular views and the centre of the village is an intact 19th century gem The idea presented a challenge we couldn’t resist!



8 History of the Area Gorebridge is a rural village lying 10 miles south of Edinburgh with 6,000 inhabitants. Decline of Coal Industry in 60s and 70s. Few local employment opportunities. Closure of railway 1966 Bypassed by major roads south of Edinburgh Gorebridge became associated with THE LACK of mines Expanding commuter population from 1990s

9 The Gallery Secured lease of building February 2003
Restored the building Professional design of ‘THE STORE’ brand Fantastic and innovative lighting design Introduced ourselves to the local community and to Archie Pacey March 2003

10 How the sculpture project happened
Windows smashed! NOT A GOOD THING! Young people ‘better in than out’. Willingness to take a risk with young people and to place trust in them. Sandstone, cable drums and stone carving One rule – no violence The significance of stone carving

11 How the sculpture project has been implemented
Planning and work with young people – 9 months, 12 hours each day, 7 days a week Applications for grant assistance for 1 year pilot project Setting up of systems from scratch Purchase of stone carving tools Rented space for sculpture workshop









20 Improving the Quality of Life
Presence of gallery is a signifier Gorebridge has become a DESTINATION again Increased confidence of young people and parents Increased pride of local community in their town Provides a neutral meeting space

21 The Future The Café Gardens of Gorebridge The Gallery ICT
Developing links

22 Lessons to be Learned Time and energy involved
Getting the budget right Success can bring with it additional problems!

23 The benefits may be surprising
Take a risk! The benefits may be surprising

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