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Transport Rémi Mayet European Commission DG MOVE.

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1 Transport Rémi Mayet European Commission DG MOVE

2 Transport




6 Transport

7 The Communication: main actions Integrate ports in the TEN-T corridor and use CEF for developing ports and hinterland connections Simplify customs formalities for intra-EU shipping ("Blue Belt") Promote an EU social dialogue between port employees and employers

8 Transport The proposed Regulation Objectives: Modernize port services Attract investments Legal certainty Level playing field Key measures: Clearer and easier access to the market Financial transparency and autonomy of ports

9 Transport Scope All 319 TEN-T ports Core Comprehensive 8 port services covered Bunkering Cargo handling Dredging Mooring Passenger services Port reception facilities Pilotage Towage

10 Transport Market Access Freedom to provide service Four possibilities to restrict it: 1.Minimum requirements 2.Limitation of the number of providers 3.Public service obligations 4.Internal operator

11 Transport … important changes from the 2001 and 2004 port packages Cargo Handling and passenger services not covered Self-handling left to subsidiarity Port labour regimes not addressed

12 Transport Financial transparency and autonomy 1.Transparency requirements for ports which receive public funds 2. Autonomy of port managing bodies to set port infrastructure charges 3. Obligation to inform users about tariffs

13 Transport The new EU Port Policy in short Large benefits: 10 billions until 2030, attract investments, generate new traffic, reduce hinterland congestion, create jobs A comprehensive set of actions from TEN-T to the Social Dialogue A legislative proposal focused more on transparency and less on liberalization

14 Transport Thank you for your attention !

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