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1 1 Dominic Hayes Frequency Regulation European Commission, DG-TREN, Galileo Unit.

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1 1 1 Dominic Hayes Frequency Regulation European Commission, DG-TREN, Galileo Unit

2 2 2 Galileo - Frequency Regulatory Support It's not sexy, it's not glamorous It's all about the Radio Regulations The Radio Regulations are a UN treaty fundamental to all radio use worldwide What frequency, when, where, how and who Radio waves are crucial to Galileo's operation Therefore the Radio Regulations are key!

3 3 3 Radio Regulations Development Radio Regulations World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) ITU-R International Telecommunication Union CEPT European ITU ATU Africa Arab Group CITEL Americas RCC Russia & friends APT Asia Pacific International organisations National Admins Industry Govt Other interests Satellite Filings International organisations Eg ICAO, ESA EC Community policies

4 4 4 Support Areas WRC-11 Filings and Coordination Non-WRC issues Standards

5 5 5 WRC-11 Preparations for WRC-11 National, CEPT and ITU-R level meetings Presence / influence in other ITU Regions Attendance at WRC-11 Includes detailed radio compatibility studies for RNSS issues Representation, advocation and reporting

6 6 6 Filings and Coordination Monitor the ITU BR-IFIC - Fortnightly distribution of new/modified filings Flag potential conflicts with Galileo freqs Analyse impacts in detail Advise and support the ITU Coordination process for Galileo with other systems Includes 'Res609' meetings between RNSS systems (maybe Res610 too)

7 7 7 Non-WRC issues At ITU-R - help develop RNSS recommendations - follow other ITU-R issues that may impact Galileo At CEPT - follow and contribute to RNSS issues such as GNSS repeaters, pseudolites and CGC

8 8 8 Standardisation Support for Galileo related work at ETSI Development of a generic GNSS/Galileo receiver standard Review relevant existing standards to gauge potential interference threats

9 9 9 Specific Technical Projects Specific projects (tbd) to provide evidence supporting Galileo positions - Eg radar interference measurements - study on receiver interference tolerance Contractors could sub-contract specific expertise if required Flexible implementation on an 'as required' basis

10 10 Contract Runs to end 2011 Covering WRC-11 and just after Intention: the tender statements of work will be split into three packages Bidders can bid for individual SoW or all Details to be developed subject to EC rules and procedures

11 11 Summary Contract to provide radio regulatory support for Galileo until end 2011 Primary focus on WRC-11 and objectives Continuous work on satellite filings and coordination if required Standardisation tasks to ease and promote Galileo's introduction Can include specific technical projects (tbd) to support Galileo positions

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