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Seminar for OCTs and EU outermost regions CARIFORUM-EC EPA negotiations.

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1 Seminar for OCTs and EU outermost regions CARIFORUM-EC EPA negotiations

2 1.State of play Some delayed meetings, but Plan and Schedule for negotiations still holds: Initial Phase: Establishing Priorities (April– September 2004) Second phase: CARIFORUM regional integration (Sept.04–Sept.05) Third phase: EPA negotiations (Sept.05– Dec.06) Final phase: Finalisation (Jan.07–Dec.07)

3 2.Regional-integration phase 11/11/041st RPTF meeting 12/11/042nd Principal Negotiators meeting 17-18/12/04 Technical Session, Regional Market Access Issues 30-31/3/05 Technical Session 2, Regional Market Access Issues 25-27/4/05 Technical Session, Services and Investment

4 3.Regional-integration phase 17-18/5/05 Tech. Session, Trade Related Issues 19/5/052nd RPTF meeting 20/5/053rd Principal Negotiators Meeting Sept.054th Principal Negotiators Sept.05Ministerial meeting

5 4.Objectives in the current phase Joint understanding on regional integration objectives and implementation RPTF aid and studies inventories + follow-up of identified needs Mobilise non-state actors (Forum) Donor dialogue (network) on EPA Engage DOMs and OCTs (seminar in June)

6 5.Negotiating structure Ministerial: Mr Mandelson and Ms Miller + Troika (Dom.Rep., St.Lucia, Belize) Principal Negotiators: K.Falkenberg and R.Bernal + national representatives Technical: Eur. Commission and EPA College of Negotiators open to all Cariforum MS RPTF: Eur. Commission and representative Caribbean team

7 6.Trade-related assistance Short-term needs: EPA negotiations support facility (RNM, OECS etc.) Medium-term needs: Trade.Com Regional Indicative Programme Longer-term needs: post 9th European Development Fund

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