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RESEARCH, TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION SYSTEM OF ASTURIAS Open Days European Week of Regions and Cities Brussels, 11th October 2005.

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1 RESEARCH, TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION SYSTEM OF ASTURIAS Open Days European Week of Regions and Cities Brussels, 11th October 2005


3 Some companies and sectors en Asturias Steel and metallic –ACERALIA –ALCOA Equipment Goods –Duro Felguera –Thyssen –Imasa –Esmena Agro-food –CAPSA –Nestlé –Embutidos Vallina –ILAS –Fuensanta –Danone –El Gaitero Materials –MBA –Rioglass –Saint Gobain Energy –Hidroeléctrica Extraction –HUNOSA –Rio Narcea Gold Mines CIT –Telecable –ASAC Engineering: –TSK –Isotrón –Ingeniería y Diseño Europeo Electric –TEMPER –TEKOX Chemical –Du Pont –Química del Nalón –Bayer

4 UNIVERSITYUNIVERSITY OPISOPIS INCAR IPLA INSTITUTO OCEANOGRÁFICO Itma- C. Acero- Cluster Prodintec Itma-C. No Metálicos Serida Fundación Barredo C Investigaciones Pesqueras C Tecnologías Limpias FAEN CTIC- Cluster Cluster Medio Ambiente FLC- Itma INDUSTRY Steel and Metallics Equipement Goods Design Companies Non Metallic Materials Agro-Food and Forest Mines and Security Fishing Chemical Industry Energy CITs Environment and Natural Resources Construction R+D+i T C SectorsSectorsSectorsSectors

5 Innovation, Research and Technological System in Asturias INNOVATION: The role and challenge of the SMEs

6 Research and Technological Centres in Asturias TECHNOLOGICAL CENTRES NETWORK Industrial Design and Manufacturing Gijón Scientific and Technological Park ITMA Non- metallic Materials (Technological Park of Asturias) Steel and Metallic materials PEPA C.T. Fundación Barredo CTIC: Gijón Science and Technological Park SERIDA Villaviciosa, Gijón, Grado

7 ITMA Fundation President: Faustino Obeso Fields Iron and Steel Metal Plastic Chemical Production Goods ITMA Materiales (Llanera) Enrique Cuesta COMPANIES Dupont Iberica S.L. Limpac Plastic Pravia S.A. Cerámica del Nalon S.A. R.H.I. Refractories S.A. Plibrico S.A. Prasid S.A. Hunosa Refractaria S.A. Refractarios D. Solis S.A. Pasek España S.A. Aguas de Fuesanta S.A. Metazinco Sidercal S.A. ACTIVITIES R+tD projects and technical advice in: -Refractory materials -Plastics -Chemical Industry -Compounds -Extration Industry -Other non-metallic goods Services provided:training, metrology, consultancy and technological observance, etc.. C.T. del Acero (Aviles) Juan Secades COMPANIES Aceralia.S.A. Duro Felguera S.A. Rio Narcea Gold Mines S.A. Fundición Nodular S.A. Hierros MF S.A. Asturiana del Zinc S.A. Idesa Metalúrgica del Nalon Izar S.A. Aleastur S.A. SB General Dynamics S.A. Hiasa Iberdrola Mefasa Naval Gijón ACTIVITIES R+tD Projects and technical assistance in: -Production goods -Iron and steel products -Engineering -Marine -Defence -Energy production -Function -Alloys -etc Services provided: training, quality, consultancy and technological observance, etc..

8 Trust Government of the Principality of Asturias FICYT Group TEMPER IDESA ISASTUR TSK DELCAM MBA INGEMAS SAMOA ACTIVITIES: Promotion of industrial design and advice in related technology (Cax, PLM, Prototyping, Inverse technology…) Advice about manufacturing advanced technologies (simultation and integration of new processes, robotics, process rationalization, TPM, automation…) R+D+I managemebt (management of own and foreign projects, technological observance, access to financing resources, industrial property…) Sectors: Multisectorial: Production goods Metal-mechanic Wood and furniture Electric-electronic Surgical-medical material Electrical appliances Machinery Manufacturing industry auto motion…

9 FUNDACIÓN CTIC President: Roberto Paraja Tuero C.T Comunicación e Información Pablo Priesca Balbín TRUST Government of Asturias Telecable Seresco Satec Grupo Intermark Espural Dispal Felguera TI New Companies ACTIVITIES Design: Introduction of the I.S in the Administration and companies. Services of high added value provided to the regional ICT. Involvement in R+D+I projects. Observatory, technological observance and regional Informaction. W3C hosted.

10 Infrastructures: Technological Centres INVESTMENT EXPENDITURE 2002200320042005TOTAL Steel Centre1,496,8421,074,8462,870,096677,916 6,119,701 Design Centre389,204955,802527,452850,000 2,722,458 ICT Centre389,204955,802527,452116,000 1,988,458 Subtotal2275,2502,986,4513,925,0001,643,916 CURRENT EXPENDITURE Steel Centre98,43487,52379,9481,588,000 1,853,906 Design Centre8,849 59,738900,000 968,587 ICT Centre120,77155,09914,063 189,934 Subtotal228,055142,622153,7502,488,000 TOTAL2,503,3053,129,0744,078,7514,131,91613,843,046

11 Investment Expenditure Current Expenditure

12 UNIVERSITY OF OVIEDO Research Groups Common Research Services Library and Computer Services Research Institutes Technology Scientific Bio-technology Humanities Oncology IUTA......... PUBLIC STATE ADMINISTRATION NATIONAL COAL INSTITUTE Oviedo(INCAR) Oviedo(INCAR) DAIRY PRODUCTS INSITUTE Villaviciosa(IPLA) Villaviciosa(IPLA) NATIONAL OCEANOGRAPHIC INSTITUTE Gijón Gijón

13 AGRICULTURE and FISHERIES Industry and Energy Fundación Barredo Mieres Siero Fundación Energía (FAEN) Mieres Safety in Mines Testing of ventilators Fire Testing Tunnel Energy Environment Fisheries Research Center Gijón SERIDA Villaviciosa SERIDA Gijón SERIDA Grado


15 FICYT: Foundation for the Development of the Applied Science and the Technolgy in Asturias –European Innovative Relay Centre (IRC): GALACTEA –University - Entreprise Foundation Asturian Innovation Club Interface Institutions in Asturias

16 PCTI 2005-2008 Science, Technology and Innovation Plan of Asturias INNOVATION: The role and challenge of the SMEs

17 1.Integrated: from science to innovation 2.Need to get coordination and consensus 3.Focusing on options and strategies, prioritizing 4. Mobilizing horizontal actions 5.Improving the supra-regional relationships 6.Focusing on social and companies needs 7.Progressive implementation 8.Flexibility 9.Transparent management and continuous evaluation RESEARCH AND INNOVATION POLICY IN ASTURIAS

18 PCTI CHART P1: Knowledge generation and application SP1.1- knowledge generation SP1.2- knowledge assessment P2: Platforms of cooperation in innovation SP2.1- platforms in bioscience SP2.2- platforms in materials SP2.3- platforms in energy P3: Company and Competitiveness SP3.1- innovative competitive companies SP3.2- competitive networks P4: Asturias: Nursery of innovative companies SP.4.1- Creation of innovative companies and with a technological basis SP4.2- early financing Supra-regional coordination Cultural transformation

19 PCTI: Programmes and fields Asturias: Nursery of innovative companies Company and Competitiveness Platforms of cooperation in innovation Knowledge generation and application Excellence research emerging research groups recovery and attraction of professionals Net work New companies Baseline sectors Potential sectors SMEs Training International cooperation Prospective Cultural transformation Supra-regional coordination Not-oriented basic invest.: basic investment to raise academic level in all knowledge areas Strategic investment: Technical-scientific areas which are key for the competitive future of the companies and the fulfilment of social needs Industrial research and technological development: social, business and technical- scientific priorities. Integrating the specific needs and concerns of some sectors Complementary actions Knowledge application Knowledge generation TOOLS

20 Estimation of the Budget of the PCTI Program, by Program

21 Forecast of resources to be mobilized in the PCTI Public resources Principality of Asturias National Administration European Union (PM, ERDF, ESF) Private resources


23 Innovative funds for SMEs according to the Asturian I+D+i Plan INNOVATION: The role and challenge of the SMEs

24 HUMAN RESOURCES: Incorporation of graduates in companies The aim is to grant aids, funding, to companies so that first or second cycle graduates join the companies by signing a contract. Their job would consist of the development of research activities, technological and/or innovation development. Call: BOPA 12th of May 2005. Open, period 2005 -2007 Applicant: companies or associations of companies Prerequisites: Funding period: a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 24 months. Funding ceiling: 7500 /person and year or 9000 /person year, first and second cycle respectively. The beneficiary company shall bear an effective cost, including social costs, equivalent to the aid granted. Submission of application: Regional Viceministry of Science and Technology: Budget 2005-2007: 450.000 Complementary support: Torres Quevedo

25 HUMAN RESOURCES: I3 PROGRAMME Aim: Incentivating and promoting, through the collaboration between the MEC and the Autonomous Communities and other R+D national agents: Permanent incorporation of researchers with a relevant profile in the system. (line 1) Research enhancement by professors- researchers of the Universities (line 2) Beneficiaries: Universities, CSIC and other OPIs, R+D centres with own legal entity and R+D centres linked to public Administrations, as well as non profit private entities with a proven activity and presence in R+D. Development: Elaboration of General Collaboration Protocols between the MEC and the CC.AA., four-annually periods. Such Protocols will be translated into Annual Specific Agreements.

26 Main areas Support to companies Aids to business innovation: IDEPA Aids for harmonized research projects Aids for research projects in companies Aids for the creation of TB companies Technological transfer aids to companies Aids to innovation. Interphase centres: IDEPA Technological Innovation

27 Aim: granting harmonized aids in the framework of the main actions of the R+D plan, between public centres and companies or other entities. Beneficiaries: R+D public centres and technological centres located in Asturias. Call: BOPA 22 nd of April 2004. New Call 2006 Prerequisites: Max. amount: 180000 A maximum 2-year period The entity or company shall make a minimum contribution amounting to 15% of the aid granted for the project. The main researcher shall be a doctor. The same person cannot be in more than two research groups. Evaluation ANEP Submission of applications: Asturias Vice-ministry of Science and Technology: Budget 2004-2006: 3,600,000 RESEARCH PROJECTS: harmonization

28 Aim: Granting of aids to companies for the implementation of research projects in the framework of the R+D+I plan of Asturias. Beneficiaries: Companies or groups of companies with company domicile or productive scope in Asturias. Call: BOPA 12 th of May 2005. Open until February 2007 Projects subject to funding: shall last a maximum period of two years and end before the 31 st of December 2007. 1. Technical feasibility studies 2. Industrial research projects 3. Precompetitive development projects Prerequisites: Max. amount: 151000 Individual projects 35% Cooperation projects: 100% of the research centre EU norm on aids Submission of applications: Regional Viceministry of Science and Technology: Budget 2005-2007: 6,300,000 RESEARCH PROJECTS: research in companies

29 Aim: Granting of aids and services of training and counselling to create and develop innovative companies with a technological basis. Beneficiaries: Individuals with a University degree developing projects and legal representatives of companies to implement new processes or products which have been in place for no more than two years working. Call: BOPA ……. 2005. Open until May 2007 Prerequisites : Maximum amount: 150000 A 2-year maximum period (18 months) Advice and business training (CEEI) Starting capital: max. 100000 Maintenance fund: max 15000 /person Submission of applications: Regional V iceministry of Science and Technology Budget 2005-2007: * In elaboration CREATION OF TECHNOLOGY BASED COMPANIES*

30 Aim: Economic aids to companies and research centres for technology transfer (link Centre GALACTEA) Beneficiaries: Companies or groups of companies with company domicile or productive scope within Asturias Call: BOPA 19 th of April 2005. Open Type of actions to be funded: 1. Expenses resulting from the elaboration of contracts of technology transfer. 2. Business trips or meetings through the link Centre GALACTEA 3.Participation in international fairs on technology transfer. 4. Expenses resulting from the negotiation of documents of technology transfer agreements. 5. Patent and/or agreements applications (licenses) 6. Participation in technological platforms and networks. Prerequisites : Maximum amount: 10000 Travel expenses: 50% co-financed Submission of applications: Regional Viceministry of Science and Technology : Budget 2005: 130,000 TRANSFER AND DISSEMINATION Transfer of Technology to Companies

31 Aim: Economic aids to SMEs to elaborate and put forward European proposals in R+D in the framework programme. Beneficiaries: Companies or groups of companies (SMEs) with company domicile or productive scope within Asturias. Call: BOPA 2005. Open Expenses to be funded: 1. Travel expenses to travel abroad 2. Translation of the documents to elaborate the proposal. 3. Expenses resulting from external consultancy hiring. Prerequisites : Maximum amount: 12000 The final proposal shall be set to the Commission before the deadline of submission of applications. The proposal shall be subject to be chosen by the Selection Commission. Submission of applications: Regional Viceministry of Science and Technology: http://www.ficyt.es 2005 Budget: 120.000 TRANSFER AND DISSEMINATION Aids to SMEs to participate in VI FP

32 Collaboration and coordination with national plans: Science and Education Ministry INNOVATION: The role and challenge of the SMEs

33 Relations outside the Asturian Science and Technology system. Participation in the National Programme Participation in the Framework Programme Research European Space New call to access European programmes

34 New research and technological centers Centro de competencia de la leche y derivados (centro mixto con CSIC) Centro de investigaciones en nanomateriales y nanociencias (centro mixto con CSIC) Centro tecnológico de la madera Estación experimental en Recursos Naturales y Biodiversidad de la Cordillera Cantábrica European Softcomputing Institute (Cajastur- Principado)

35 ACCION NEEDED: Energy consumption in the buildings could be reduced by more than 50% in the EU by 2010 Spanish architecture has historically proven to be one of the world leaders. The industry of manufacturing of sun attraction system is one of the three most important ones worldwide. TARGET: To prove how bio-weather architecture and sun energy fit as basic elements for the future construction, using several symbolic public buildings with different weather conditions. AGENTS: CIEMAT Constructing companies: ACS, ACCIONA, FCC,OHL Technological companies: Isofotón, Gamesa, Aesol CCAA: Andalucía, Asturias, Castilla y León, Madrid Bio-Weather Arquitecture Unique and Upcoming Strategic Projects in Asturias

36 FISCAL DEDUCTIONS Real Decreto 1432/2003 (BOE 29 noviembre 2003) R&D: general deduction of the 30% of the quota regarding the tax called impuesto de sociedades, additional deduction of the 10% meaning expenses regarding Human Resources and projects under a contract with Universities or Public Research Agencies, a deduction of the 10% regarding investments in actives devoted to R&D. Innovation: deduction of the 15% for Innovation Projects agreed with Universities, TC or Public Research Agencies, 10% of deduction for the expenses done on industrial design and production engineering, 10% of deduction on the acquirement of patents or licenses (maximum of 500 000 euros), y 10% on the expenses done on quality certification.

37 Some final remarks Need of integrating instruments and funds at regional scale. Better coordination and operating Collaboration and coordination of the national and regional research programs and policies. Network and collaborative projects. SMEs: improve and increase the innovation culture Strengthen RD capacity: infrastructures and human resources (excellence and quality) Participating as partners in technological platforms Excellence in research: technological centers, university research groups and competitive research groups Better management of RDT projects Improve collaboration between SMEs and research groups and technological centers.

38 Thank you very much for your attention! ( Thanks to Committee of the Regions, the European Commission: D.G. Regional and Oficina de Asturias en Bruselas INNOVATION: The role and challenge of the SMEs


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