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1.Write 5 vocab sentences using words 6-10, unit 2. 1 BELLWORK.

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1 1.Write 5 vocab sentences using words 6-10, unit 2. 1 BELLWORK

2 2 Wednesday, September 10 th What am I learning today? ELACC11-12L1-6: Demonstrate the correct use of vocabulary and grammar in my writing. ELACC11-12RI7: Integrate and evaluate multiple sources of information presented in different media or formats (e.g., visually, quantitatively) as well as in words in order to address a question or solve a problem. ELACC11-12W1: Write arguments to support claims in an analysis of substantive topics or texts, using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence. ELACC11-12W5: Develop and strengthen writing as needed by planning, revising, editing, rewriting, or trying a new approach, focusing on addressing what is most significant for a specific purpose and audience. What am I going to do today? Bellwork: Vocab sentences Introduce vocab words through #112 Introduce literary analysis assignment Mini Lesson on topic sentences, claims, introductions Tomorrow and next week in LAB 421! DUE: Claim & Introduction What will I do to show I learned it? Literary analysis paper for Alas, Babylon Vocab Quiz

3 INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH 1 st : Hook 2 nd : Background 3 rd : Context/Transition 4 th : Thesis Statement

4 INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH HOOK your reader! You will first want to start off with a frame, some single word, image or allusion that you can use to open up your paper (NOT personal experience). Anecdotes (tell a short, relevant, engaging story) Analogies (make a comparison_ Facts/details (cite relevant details) Imagery (illustrate the idea!)

5 INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH Provide background information! MUST include: Title of novel (The Great Gatsby in our case) Author of the piece (F. Scott Fitzgerald) Historical information on the time period (1920s) Post WWI / Jazz Age, Flappers, Consumerism / Before the Great Depression (use your notes or research!) Don’t forget to discuss the American Dream!

6 INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH Add context! transition from background info to setting the stage for your thesis What info does your reader need to know to better understand your thesis? Insight into the topic or debatable opinion – does it need to be defined or set in new context? Relevant character information or generalized plot? (not specifics!) For example, if your thesis statement analyzes the oppressive behaviors of Abigail Williams from The Crucible, I need to know a bit about what oppression means and how/why Abigail (in general, not specific instances) is an oppressive character.

7 INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH The last sentence is your thesis statement! Your ONE (complex) sentence claim. This is the foundation of your paper and where ALL of your topic sentences come from. It is not a run-on sentence It contains a subject + topic + debatable opinion

8 STRUCTURE OF THE INTRO PARAGRAPH Hook and Background Info (about 3-5 sentences…compound, complex, etc. ) Context/Transition (2-3 sentences… compound, complex… ) Thesis Statement (1 sentence) NO PRIMARY or SECONDARY QUOTES IN INTRO!

9 9 Due Dates for Literary Analysis Claim statement due: Thursday, 9/11 Complete intro paragraph due: Thursday, 9/11 Six quotes with lead-ins and lead-outs due: Friday, 9/12 Outline due: Tuesday, 9/23 (WITH complete Works Cited page) First Draft for peer edit is due Thursday, Sept. 25 th Final paper is due Friday, Sept. 26 th

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