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Monitoring Information System Member State: ITALY Programming Period 2000/2006.

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1 Monitoring Information System Member State: ITALY Programming Period 2000/2006

2 Presuppositions The construction of Monitoring information system for the programming period 2000/2006 was based on the following key factors: previous italian experience gained during the programming period 1994/99 new regulations by the E.U. Council on the Structural Funds improvements in information tecnology and internet communications

3 Objectives Italian monitoring information system is aimed at: providing the Monitoring Commettees with the information about the implemention of the interventions financed by the Funds providing the evaluation operations, the declarations of expenditure/requests of payment with the necessary data filling a central database with the data related to the implemention of assistance

4 Functions Functions managed by the Italian monitoring information system include: entering data per operation, made by final beneficiaries collecting and aggregating data by measures and interventions, made by management authorities storing data at the Ministry of Treasurys database, responsible for spreading official information on the implementation of assistance

5 Tools software distributed at the management authorities and the final beneficiaries, to enter data concerning the implementation of the interventions central database at the Ministry of Treasury Information System, to collect and stock data communication networks, to allow both the management authorities to forward data to the central database and Italy to exchange the information with the E.U. Commission

6 Organization Management: Coordination Objectives 2 and 3 Objective 1

7 Objective 2 Objective 3 C.S.F. 14 regional S.P.D.s C.S.F. Ministry of Treasury central-northern Regions 7 regional O.P.s 7 national O.P.s 1 national O.P. 14 regional O.P.s Others Ministries southern Regions Management authorities Ministry of Labour Ministry of Labour central-northern Regions

8 Contents Planning Implementation Expenditure Decided plans, Payment forecasts Foreseen values in physical progress Foreseen dates in procedures progress Requests of payment by Structural Fund/Intervention Budget commitments and payments Physical progress by indicators Procedures progress by steps taken/dates

9 The Structural Funds managed by the system are: ERDF Contents FIFGEAGGF ESF

10 Monitoring indicators Contents Procedural Physical Financial

11 Financial Indicators commitments and payments made by the final beneficiaries transfers of financial resources from the management authority to the final beneficiaries Contents The system manages:

12 Physical Indicators Contents The system manages: output indicators result indicators both entered at the end of the implementation.

13 Procedural Indicators The system manages: steps taken in the procedural progress, distinguishing among the main kinds of actions: aid schemes infrastructures educational actions dates of implementation of the steps Contents

14 Data collection procedures Spreading Collecting Entering Ministry of Treasury Management authority Final beneficiaries PhasesActors

15 Data collection procedures Entering The final beneficiaries: Enter programming and implementation data of the operation Forward data to the management authorithy of the intervention MeasureOperationPriority Programme

16 Data collection procedures Collecting The management authority: Checks and validates the data received by the final beneficiaries Collects and aggregates the data for the Monitoring Committee Forward the data to the central database MeasureOperationPriority Programme

17 Data collection procedures Spreading The Ministry of Treasury: Checks and consolidate the data forwarded to the central database Aggregates the data for the Monitoring Committees of the C.S.F.s Produces pubblications for information purposes Forward the data to the E.U. Commission and to others competent bodies involved PriorityMeasureProgramme C.S.F.s

18 Architecture Personal Computer ·9x, NT Workstation, ·Office ·Bussiness Objects MTBPE FTP Internet E-Mail Disk Administrations Regions Web/Application Server · Oracle Application Server · Microsoft Internet Information Server · Web Intelligence FTP Server · Unix · Server NT · Oracle 8.i · SQL Server 7.0

19 Centralization vs. decentralization Problems and solutions act of the State-Regions Commettee regular reporting can be defined as a condition to execute payments under the committment act agreement of the parties on rules and frequency of data transfers updating data of the final beneficiaries

20 Entering, collecting Problems and solutions software distributed to the management authorities in case of other systems in use, flat files transfers monitoring applications software provided one responsable for monitoring difficulties in coordinating within management authorithies

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