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Name e-mail Thank you Jill Cousins 30 November 2011, MSEG, Luxembourg Europeana Awareness Events.

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1 Name e-mail Thank you Jill Cousins 30 November 2011, MSEG, Luxembourg Europeana Awareness Events

2 Content Europeana Awareness Project Purpose of Europeana Awareness Major Event Description of Event (s) Community Collection WW1 Budget Seminar and Brussels Launch Hackathons Europeana Plenary Digital Agenda Day

3 Europeana Awareness Project

4 To raise awareness of Europeana Top down and Bottom Up approach 36 months – 48 partners – 32 Countries – 4 million euros PR Campaign in each of 27 EU Member States around agreed subjects, some linked to Community Collection, some to Digital Stories, others to IPR initiatives or to the development of new services

5 Purpose of Europeana Awareness Commission led event

6 Commission led Europeana Awareness Event To lend the PR machine of the Commission to increase awareness of Europeana as a means of fulfilling 2 major objectives: Connecting Society through Culture Creating Growth from Culture

7 Track 1: Connecting Europe Through Culture Jan Jul Dec Awareness Kick-off (KB, 27/28Jan) Community Collections Training (Oxford, 7/8 feb)) Feb Mar JunAug May AprSepOctNov Awareness Event (Brussels, 11/12 may) Community Collections (5 countries) Hack Days (3 countries) (Europeana Plenary (Leuven,13/14/15 Jun) Digital Agenda Assembly (Brussels, Jun 16/17) Track 2: European Cultural Commons Community collections (Public Libraries) (Madrid, ?) Danish Presidency event Cyprus Presidency event (CCPA?) AB C DE AB C * E and C will be handled by Belgium ** During 4 we would like to have a GLAM-Wiki Track *** 1 includes comms group and events advisory board meeting 4.3 Events

8 Not 1 event but a series of events

9 Press Conference to launch Community Collection Days Collection days in 5 countries Europeana Awareness Event High Level Seminar Presidents showpiece Apps Competion Launch Hackathons in 3 Countries Europeana Plenary - Leuven Digital Agenda Day Budget from Europeana Awareness and Europeana V2, as well as Member States

10 5 Community Collection Days Belgium Luxembourg Ireland Slovenia UK France confirmed }

11 Posters and flyers 700 A3 posters with dates and venues for display in local libraries, shops etc A2 posters for the venues 15,000 flyers at events & local libraries

12 Press conference to launch the project

13 Europeana 1914-1918 Community Collection Each country commits to: 4 Collection Days in 2012 35,000 euros Each country gets training in Oxford, website in language, access to open source software PR as part of Europeana Awareness in own country & from the Brussels event Database of 1914-1918 material

14 Similar material to be collected

15 May 10/11 Council of Ministries of Culture High level seminar – Connecting Society through Culture Display of WW1 content from 6 countries All EU countries present and part of PR campaign Launch of Apps competition – Growth from Culture

16 Hackathons Poland Denmark Belgium Digital Agenda Day prize giving

17 Follow up July 2012-December 2014 Community Collection Days in ALL WW1 related countries to create corpus for centenary Each country has a PR campaign linked to country based activities An institution will continue the work at the end of Europeana Awareness using national coordinators

18 Name e-mail Thank you Jill Cousins Thank you

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