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2012-2020 National Innovation Strategy of the Republic of Moldova. Implementation, mechanisms and measures Ghenadie CERNEI Director, Agency for Innovation.

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1 2012-2020 National Innovation Strategy of the Republic of Moldova. Implementation, mechanisms and measures Ghenadie CERNEI Director, Agency for Innovation & Technology Transfer Academy of Sciences of Moldova UNECE Conference 27 October, 2011 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

2 Implementation 2 stages 1.Innovation legislative framework and infrastructure consolidation and capacity development (2012-2014) 2.Development of Innovative enterprises and knowledge based economy (2013-2020)

3 Implementation plan Focused on 3 dimensions for each of the objectives: Regulations improvement Incentives creation Financial instruments

4 Measures. Objective A Creating a inter-ministerial council for innovation Improving the laws & regulations Enabling the incentives (fiscal and direct financing programs) Improving the statistics Improving the patent system Stimulating PPPs Start-ups “cooking”

5 Measures. Objective B Reforming the education system from “to know...” model to “hands on” model – orientation to the applied science education Promoting of the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit at all levels of the education system Internationalization of the education, i.e. internships, etc. Developing the LLL programs and stimulating the people to apply

6 Measures. Objective C RD governance based on performance Developing the RD infrastructure Involving the cooperation with R&D diaspora and further internationalization R&D for SME’s Facilitating the access of big companies to the R&D infrastructure Establishing of TTOs in universities

7 Measures. Objective D Develop entrepreneurial culture, especially for the young people Capacity building in enterprises Improving access to finance Stimulating the implementation of non- technological innovations Developing of the counseling infrastructure

8 Financing mechanisms National State programs R&D programs Technological Transfer Venture financing PPP International FP7 European Neighborhood Policy Central European Initiative Program Competitiveness & Innovation Program

9 Performance indicators. Objective A Funding and support / Public expenditure for research (% of GDP). EU27 - 0.75; MD - 0.42 Venture Capital (% GDP). EU27 – 0.11; MD – N/A. Investment of the firms / companies expenditures for R & D (% of GDP). EU27 - 1.25; MD - N / A Investment of the firms / innovation expenses Non-R & D (% of sales). EU27 - 0.71; MD - N/A

10 Performance indicators. Objective B Human Capital / Number of new doctors per 1,000 of population. EU27 European average is 1.40, and of the Republic of Moldova in 2010 was 0.43 Human Capital / Number of citizens age 30-34 years with tertiary education. EU27 European average is 32.3, and of the Republic of Moldova - 19.56 Human Capital / number of young people between 20- 24 years, who were trained in secondary education. EU27 - 78.6; MD - 60.76.

11 Performance indicators. Objective C Open, excellent and attractive research system / international scientific co publication on the 1 million population. EU27 - 266; MD - N / A Open, excellent and attractive research system / scientific publications in top 10% most cited publications in the world as % per country. EU27 - 0.11; MD - N / A. Open, excellent and attractive research system/ Non- EU PhD students as% of all doctoral candidates. EU27 - 19.45; MD - 14.96

12 Performance indicators. Objective D Links and entrepreneurship / SMEs that innovate internally (% of total SMEs). Links and entrepreneurship / innovative SMEs collaborating with other companies (% of SMEs). Links and entrepreneurship / public-private publications to 1 million population. Intellectual Assets / PCT patent applications per 1 billion EUR of GDP. Intellectual Assets / Community Trademarks per 1 billion EUR GDP (in PPP €). Intellectual Assets / Design per 1 billion Euro GDP. Innovators / SMEs implementing product innovation or technological innovations (% of SMEs). Innovators / SMEs introducing organizational or marketing innovation (% of SMEs). Economic effects / employees involved in knowledge intensive activities as % of total employees. Economic effects / Export of medium and high-tech products as % of total export of products. Economic effects / Export of knowledge intensive services as % of total export of services. Economic effects / Sales of innovations to the market and to the firms as % of sales. Economic effects / Income from the export of licenses and patents as % of GDP.

13 Percentage youth aged 20-24 having attained at least upper secondary education

14 Percentage population aged 30-34 having completed tertiary education

15 New doctorate graduates per 1000 population

16 Public R&D expenditures (% of GDP)

17 Community trademarks per bill € GDP

18 Community designs per billion GDP

19 Medium and high-tech product as % of total product exports

20 Progress Indicators GDP share of innovational product Export share of innovational products Number of innovative firms Number of people involved in intensive-knowledge activities Number of new products and technolgies developed by RD sector and implemented Sales of licences and patents The number of scientific-technological parks Number of residents of scientific-technological parks Sales volume of the innovative products of the the residents of the ST parks Number innovation incubators Number of residents of innovation incubators Number elements of innovative infrastructure elements (clusters, TT or brokerage centers ) Number of technology transfer projects The volume of financing technology transfer projects

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