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1 IBPP Narrative reporting European Commission. 2 Structure Narrative reporting Communication Monitoring Networking.

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1 1 IBPP Narrative reporting European Commission

2 2 Structure Narrative reporting Communication Monitoring Networking

3 3 Reporting (Introduction) Grant is EU taxpayers money ( control) We care about our projects and we are interested Each project is required to inform the EC about project related activities, achieved results, relevant changes and problems during project implementation

4 4 Reporting (Requirements) Inception report (after 3 months) Interim report (by the end of the 1st year) Final report (within 3 or 6 months after the end of the project) Interim and Final include narrative & financial parts

5 5 Reporting (General principles) What do we expect? A detailed picture of project activities and achievements, but also of problems (if any) An assessment of the cooperation between the project partners but also between your organisations & local authorities, communities, stakeholders, media An assessment of the impact of project activities as far as this is possible to quantify

6 6 Reporting (Practical aspects) All Reports should be submitted in English Reports should follow the structure of the templates ( see Annex VI ) They should be dated and signed Reports should be bound They should be sent in one original + electronic copy by (or CD- ROM)

7 7 Interesting to read! Analytical enough! Submitted by the deadline Clear structure Full picture (honestly & objectively) Creative approach – not a copy and paste» exercise! What is a good report?

8 8 High emphasis on results & impact Joint work of applicant and partner(s) (assessment & evaluation) Feedback from the target groups Balance between the text and annexes (could be in Russian) Changes described (correspondence with the Project Officer attached) What is a good report?

9 9 Dissemination strategy described (publications + press dossier attached) Weaknesses revealed, lessons learnt analysed Recommendations to the EC and IBPP formulated (e.g. new priorities for the calls) + Nice relevant photos What is a good report?

10 10 Good project reports good project management and efficient partnership Reports help you to focus on impact and achievements Reports are the basis for publicising your success, best practices, etc. No report = recovery of pre-financing The better you prepare the report, the quicker you are paid Importance of a good report

11 11 After the 3 rd month Follows the inception visit To be sent by only Any modifications needed? Addendum or just exchange of correspondence? Problems of any kind? Coordination with other projects & stakeholders Inception Report

12 12 submission and approval of the interim report (narrative and financial) is a pre- condition for the payment of the second installment of the grant amount! the delivery of the interim report is compulsory at the end of the first project year if the Report (and a request for payment) is not submitted, Beneficiary should explain the reason Hard copy + electronic version Interim Report

13 13 You can request further pre-financing within the 1st year of implementation, EVEN if the 70% criteria (see above) is not fulfilled. In that case, an amount of the 2nd pre- financing will be reduced by the unused amounts of the previous pre-financing payment. Interim Report

14 14 Deadline: see 2.3 of the Gen. Conditions If the Beneficiary is based in Russia – within 3 months after the implementation If the Beneficiary has no headquarters in Russia – within 6 months The final report should cover the entire project duration Approval of the Final report is a pre-condition for the balance payment Final Report

15 15 Reports: structure Both Interim and Final Reports have the following structure: Description Assessment of implementation Partners & other cooperation Visibility

16 16 Assessment List of activities Any problems and if yes, how have they been addressed? Which activities have been modified or have not taken place? Results Impact Feedback Action plan for next period (if applicable) List awarded contracts (work, supplies, services) under 5000 EUR & indicate the award procedure

17 17 Partners & cooperation How do you assess the relationship between the formal partners of this Action? Relationship with the local authorities (if applicable) Other links (Beneficiaries, Associates, etc.) Has this action been able to build on previous EC-grants? Relationship with the EC?

18 18 Visibility How is the visibility of the EU contribution being ensured in the Action? Visibility Guidelines Please list all materials and publications produced by the project and send us a copy together with the Report

19 19 EC and Reports EC has 45 days to make a payment after the approval of the Int/Fin Report EC has 45 days to approve the Reports EC may suspend the time-limit for a approval of a report by notifying the Beneficiary about the additional requests EC may request additional info at any time, that info must be submitted within 30 days of the request

20 20 Formal Informal More we know about the project, more efficiently we could work together All aspects important for the project implementation should be agreed in written For operational aspects your contact is the Project Officer; for purely financial issues – the Finance Officer (with a copy to the PO) Communication

21 21 What the EC should know asap? Any menace to the implementation (conflict between partners, conflict with the authorities, target groups cannot be reached, force majeure, etc.) Changes in the project description and/or budget Info about the upcoming major events (festivals, exhibitions, etc.) Important publications in the press Communication

22 22 Changes (Art.9 of the General Conditions) No prior approval: small changes in the schedule insignificant changes (number of seminar participants, format of the event, title of the publication, etc.) Notification: change of the bank account change of contact details change of the auditor Prior approval (addendum or exchange of letters): content changes budget changes partnership structure Communication

23 23 Contract Addendum PRIOR – NOT RETROACTIVE Takes up to 1 month to prepare Most typical cases: extension of duration changes in the partnership budget changes (>15%) new table should be submitted increase of Administrative costs (up to 7%) An official request with proper justification should be sent to the Project Manager A copy of the request with all supporting documents should be sent to the Project Officer by . Communication

24 24 Small changes NO PRIOR APPROVAL – BUT ASK EC FOR ADVICE transfer within the budget heading transfer between budget headings involving a variation of 15% or less of each heading Administrative costs and Contingency = AN EXEPTION! Communication

25 25 Field Visit Activity Monitoring External Monitoring Please inform us about all major events at least 2 weeks in advance. Monitoring

26 26 Contacts us! For IBPP-Civil Society: For IBPP Cultural Cooperation: Telephone: +7 (495) /2036 Fax: +7 (495)

27 27 Happy Reporting!

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