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Regional Policy MS experts meeting on Implementing Act for ESIF financial instruments 26 September 2013.

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1 Regional Policy MS experts meeting on Implementing Act for ESIF financial instruments 26 September 2013

2 Regional Policy General questions from MS Contribution to EU-level instruments (ES) ESI Funds contributions in a compartment to be used in a given region EU level instruments are currently under development Open Days workshop Continuity between 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 (CZ) MA can contribute to existing financial instruments, respecting the law, including on public procurement Flows of resources 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 should be kept separate as they fall under two different legal regimes The guidelines and preparation for 2014-2020 (CZ) COM working on the guidance and the TAP, depending on the progress in the adoption of the legislation A glossary of definitions will be prepared 2

3 Regional Policy Changes in fiches 9 and 10 CPR as preliminarily agreed in the trilogue on 2 July and endorsed by COREPER on 24 July Legal drafting: Avoiding redundancies with the CPR Coherent use of "bodies implementing financial instruments" versus "bodies implementing funds of funds" Order to better reflect CPR empowerments Further specifying certain requirements 3

4 Regional Policy Implementing Act

5 Regional Policy CPR empowerments 33(3)(a): Implementing act concerning financial instruments complying with the standard terms and conditions laid down by the Commission 33(9): Implementing act laying down the uniform conditions regarding the modalities of the transfer and management of programme contributions, managed by the entities referred to under Article 33(4) 40(3): Implementing act laying down uniform conditions by establishing models to be used when reporting on financial instruments – covered by Fiche 4b 35(3) is covered by Fiche 5A (closed on 28/6) 5

6 Regional Policy Changes in fiche 9 (1) 3.2: No requirement on the nomination of a single managing authority and a single audit authority Rules for withdrawal of contributions moved to DA 6

7 Regional Policy Changes in fiche 9 (2) 3.1: Updated standard terms and condition for the off-the-shelf instruments Questions received from MS Mainly the State aid application Relevance of the proposed models (past experience and policy objectives to support FR) Conditions for the selection of financial intermediaries No UDF proposed yet 7

8 Regional Policy Changes in fiche 4b Reporting model reduced about 66 sub-sections, focused on mandatory categories of information to be transposed into SFC2014 Part IV of the reporting model: new categories of information relevant only for final report were added in sections 16.3.3, 16.4 and 16.4 Part V of the reporting model: section referring to "management costs incurred or management fees paid" with reference to Article 40(2)(e), was moved to the Part IV (section 16.3) and divided by 3 sub-categories. Part VII of the reporting model: category of data "amounts repaid to the FI attributable to the support from ESI funds programmes and re-invested by the specific financial instrument" (previous section 31) was excluded from the reporting. 8

9 Regional Policy Questions received from MS Questions submitted by BG, CZ, EL and HU concerned: Official address/place of business of the FI; Legal status of the FI; Reporting on micro-enterprises; Reporting requirements for fund of funds; Management costs& fees, including those pursuant to Article 36(2) Number of financial products offered; Possibility of multiple-choice for some sections (for example: forms of financial support provided by the FI); Wording & definitions: "equity/quasi-equity investment", "defaulted loan"; additional resources ; Further guidance on the FI reporting 9

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