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1presentation Emobility 2010.ppt "A4rb_standard" – 20100111 – do not delete this text object! Document number 1 CEZ, THE FIRST LEADING EUROPEAN POWER COMPANY.

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1 1presentation Emobility 2010.ppt "A4rb_standard" – – do not delete this text object! Document number 1 CEZ, THE FIRST LEADING EUROPEAN POWER COMPANY INVESTING IN E-MOBILITY IN CEE REGION

2 2presentation Emobility 2010.ppt "A4rb_standard" – – do not delete this text object! CEZ GROUP IS QUICKLY BUILDING ITS PRESENCE IN RENEWABLE ENERGY AND LOW EMISSION POWER PLANTS WITH SOME IMPRESSIVE PROJECTS UNDERWAY NUCLEAR Attractive and sustainable energy resource – High priority for CEZ Group Two plants in CR, develop- ment of new projects abroad COAL Selective investment into renewal of some plants in CR only CCS 1) R&D action plan RENEWABLE RESOURCES Construction projects in place in CR and abroad Strategic diversification of CEZ generation fleet GAS Strong focus on renewables and fast development since 2008 – e.g. Wind farm in Romania – Biggest wind farm project in Europe Plan to set up Renewable Energy Funds Biomass development CEZ Group's strategic priorities in energy resources Source:CEZ, Equity story, Action plan 1) Carbon Capture Storage

3 3presentation Emobility 2010.ppt "A4rb_standard" – – do not delete this text object! W-T-W1) comparison CO2 emissions – ICE2) vs. EV CEZ Group's CO 2 emissions from energy mix 2008/2020: 650/300 [g/kWh] ICE: Typical B-segment vehicle in the Czech Republic (Skoda Fabia 1.2 l 44 kW) EV with comparable performance ICE 08 B-segment EV 2008EV EV from near- to-zero emission power sources 3) -42%-73%-100% COMMENTS 1) Well-to-Wheel perspective (entire system; from fuel production to vehicle tailpipe) 2) Internal Combustion Engine 3) Renewables and nuclear Source: CEZ Group: Equity story, March 2009; Skoda; EU Commission; THE CEZ GROUP'S ENERGY MIX ENABLES EVS TO BE 42% CLEANER THAN COMPARABLE ICES ALREADY IN 2008

4 4presentation Emobility 2010.ppt "A4rb_standard" – – do not delete this text object! ELECTRIC VEHICLES WILL PLAY A RELEVANT ROLE IN THE FUTURE – MOST AUTO-MAKERS AND ANALYSTS BELIEVE IN 10-20% MARKET PENETRATION BY 2020 European Electric vehicles 1) market penetration in 2020, [% on total sales] Source:Press releases; CEZ; Roland Berger "By 2020 EV's will account for 10% of total car sales… this is a thorough analysis based on facts about what is going on in the world today" Carlos Ghosn, CEO Renault – Nissan, October 2009 >25% 15 – 20% 10 – 15% 5 – 10% 0 – 5% AutomakersAnalysts/Others "In years you are going to see a major portion of portfolio move to EV's" Alan Mulally, CEO Ford, March ) 1) Both Electric vehicles (EVs) and Plug-in-Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) 2) Only EVs Czech Republic, 14.8% (EV 4.5%; PHEV 10.4%), Roland Berger project forecast Mid case Selected quotes "The electrification of the automobile is inevitable" Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman General Motors, January 2008 "In 12 years we see 30 percent of all cars being electric" Frank Stronach, CEO Magna, June 2009

5 5 "A4rb_standard" – – do not delete this text object! WHAT IS E-MOBILITY? – E-MOBILITY IS THE SERVICING OF ACCESS TO INFRASTRUCTURE, ELECTRICITY AND BILLING TO ELECTRIC VEHICLE USERS Convenient billing Attractive offering for the customer Widespread and intelligent infrastructure Balance the grid Control centre e-Mobility bundled offering: Access to infrastructure + Electricity + Billing Charging at home Charging at work Charging at retail parking Charging in public spaces

6 6 "A4rb_standard" – – do not delete this text object! E-MOBILITY CUSTOMERS WILL REQUIRE ALL FOUR TYPES OF CHARGING STATIONS – LOCKING THE MOST ATTRACTIVE RECHARGING LOCATIONS CRITICAL "At home" recharge in ~4 hours "At work" recharge in ~4 hours "At retail parking" / "At public places" recharge in ~0.5 hour Use of charging infrastructure by e–Mobility customers, typical day

7 7 "A4rb_standard" – – do not delete this text object! Phases Main objec- tives Communicate externally CEZ short and long term plans regarding e-mobility (including EV pilot projects) – secure the first mover position and improve image Praha Ostrava Praha Improvement of image perception of CEZ and its partners Fast public statement regarding e-mobility in the Czech Republic Leverage on the first comer position Test of the long-term business model in real conditions Step towards wider infrastructure roll-out Test state-of- the-art charging technology Development of e-mobility into a profitable business Large scale infrastructure roll-out E-mobility is considered as a real transportation option Praha Karlovy Vary Advanced Pilot E-mobility business 1) PR events Ostrava Praha Brno Plzen Olomouc Liberec Key mile- stones 1 st PR 4) event: Introduction of CEZ's e- mobility project 15/6/ nd PR 4) event: Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 3-11/7/200910/2009 2) Q1/2011 3) Start of the Advanced Pilot Q2/2010 2) Start of phase II of the Fast Track Pilot Roll-out of the E-mobility business Start of phase I of the Fast Track Pilot after ) Locations illustrative 2) Subject to availability of EV 3) Subject to negotiations with OEMs and City of Prague 4) Public Relations Current status Fast Track Pilot THE FIRST STEPS OF THE ELECTRIC MOBILITY HAVE BEEN ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED BY CEZ

8 8 "A4rb_standard" – – do not delete this text object!

9 9 PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN ALREADY ON BOARD AS OEM PARTNER In 2010, joint advanced pilot : Approx. 70 Peugeot cars CEZ charging infrastructure Access to public charging posts Cooperation for standardisation, technology and new services Developing and establishing information campaign targeted to spread the general ideas of e-mobility among public, institutions and authorities Identify potential clients for the market roll-out at mid and long term perspective Finding the best way of setup of the charging stations network with respect to charging station type and geographical location as well as usage

10 10 "A4rb_standard" – – do not delete this text object! Tomas Chmelik Head of E-mobility Project Fabien Hillairet E-mobility Business Development LET'S GO FURTHER TO E-MOBILITY

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