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Unit 7 It’s raining! Section B Period 2 (3a-Self Check)

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1 Unit 7 It’s raining! Section B Period 2 (3a-Self Check)

2 Look at the pictures below. How’s the weather? What are these people doing?

3 She’s running.

4 He is fishing.

5 They are talking.

6 She is thinking.

7 He’s watching TV.

8 She’s cooking.

9 He is playing computer games.

10 They are drawing.

11 They are singing.

12 3a Fill in the blanks with the words in the box. skating buying playing taking snowy windy

13 Dear Xiao Lu, It’s winter in Harbin. The weather is _________ and __________. People are wearing hats and sweaters, but they’re having fun. Friends are ________ Russian bread to take home. In a park, some boys are ______ in the snow. One girl is ______ on a river and a man is _______ a photo of a snowman. I miss you. Kate snowy/windywindy/snowy buying playing skating taking

14 3b Imagine you are on vacation. Write notes about your vacation. Where are you? What’s the weather like? What are you doing right now? What are your friends or family doing? Are you having a good time?


16 3c Write a postcard to a friend. Tell your friend about your vacation and what you are doing.


18 Dear John, How’s it going? Are you still busy with school or are you on vacation now? I’m visiting my cousins in Sydney and having a wonderful time here. Australia is a beautiful country and right now the weather is warm and sunny. There are many things to do here. Right now I’m swimming with my family at the beach. Ann

19 1 Add more word in each box. feelinggreat weathercool activitiesplaying ping-pong fine, not bad, terrible, pretty good, happy rainy, windy, cloudy, snowy, hot, warm, cold visiting friends, studying English, sitting by the pool, relaxing, writing a letter, walking in the mountains

20 2 Match the sentences on the left with the responses on the right. A: Hello, Jenny speaking. B: Thank you, bye. A: Sorry, she’s not at home. B: Hi, Jenny. It’s Steve Can I take a message? here. May I speak to Lucy, please? A: Sure, no problem. B: Yes. Could you ask her to call me at 8765-4321?

21 3 Put these sentences in order to make a conversation. Then write your own conversation. ____ It’s raining and very cool. ____ What are you doing in the rainy weather? ____ Not too bad. ____ How’s the weather in NanJing? ____ I’m reading a book in my room. ____ Hi, Jill! How’s it going? 1 2 3 4 5 6

22 Homework 找一张你度假时照的照片,写 一篇小短文向你的同学们介绍 一下当时你度假的情况。包括 以下内容如下: 在何地度假 天气情况 你们正在进行的活动 你对假期的感受

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