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©2010 HP Confidential1©2009 HP Confidential1 OPEN DAYS 2010 HP Workshop e-Government - The Platform for Modern Regional Cooperation Sasha Bezuhanova Director.

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1 ©2010 HP Confidential1©2009 HP Confidential1 OPEN DAYS 2010 HP Workshop e-Government - The Platform for Modern Regional Cooperation Sasha Bezuhanova Director of Public Sector Sales Central Eastern Europe, HP Oct 6th, 2010

2 ©2010 HP Confidential2 e-Government - The Platform for modern regional cooperation Local and regional governments are the frontline of e-Government initiatives. This workshop seeks to provide all interested stakeholders with a showcase of best practices from Central and Eastern Europe for local and regional administrations throughout the EU. The workshop is intended to help them better understand their position, identify the gaps they need to fill, determine weaknesses and deficiencies they need to improve on, and define their objectives prior to formulating full scale Regional Plans for the adoption and implantation of e- Government initiatives. Hosted by Hewlett Packard and with a panel of high-level speakers from the EU institutions, industry and end-users, speakers will cover aspects such as interoperability among public administrations, e-Government public services and concrete projects funded by EU Structural Funds. The workshop guarantees a stimulating exchange on this important topic.

3 ©2010 HP Confidential3©2009 HP Confidential 3 eGovernment in 2010 and public value Quality of services to citizens and businesses Interoperability and government cooperation Shared services for local and regional authorities Workshop Topics

4 ©2010 HP Confidential4 eGovernment 2010 outlook Major government trends o Financial pressures o Demand from citizens and business o Limited organization resources EU and eGovernment o EU Programs and standards o Central systems Government transformation Public value of eGov

5 ©2010 HP Confidential5 Quality of services to citizens and businesses – High quality pubic services – delivered with efficiency – by trusted institutions – in the pursuit of improved socioeconomic outcomes for everyone Quality services Efficiency Trust Outcomes Public value

6 ©2010 HP Confidential6 HP PUBLIC VALUE FRAMEWORK Identifies drivers of value creation and establishes a set of indicators that can be used to design, implement and measure value based government systems and services Quality services Efficiency Trust Outcomes Public value

7 ©2010 HP Confidential7 Challenge Plzeň region administration wanted to tackle the problem of communication between citizens and the regional administration. Administration officers, in cooperation with regional cities and municipalities, therefore initiated a project aimed at speeding up and simplifying citizen-government and inter- government office communications, making them more efficient Plzeň administration needed a project that has involved giving small municipalities access to economically demanding information technologies that will support electronization of their office operations and at he same time they will protect their already made investments in IT. Plzeň region VIRTUOS Solution Portal solution that provides access via a common Web browser Interfaces to other Web services provided by existing public administration information systems (ePusa, Public Administration portal, CZECH POINT) Adapters for existing case management systems and agenda systems Forms, that allow secure submission of citizens application/documents through the Public Administration portal (PVS) ITC infrastructure Benefits The VIRTUOS project provided a number of interactive and proactive services with immediate feedback to residents or businesses. VIRTUOS also provided dialog tools for bilateral communication via secure mailboxes. VIRTUOS is integrated with CZECH POINT, seeking to simplify communication between citizens and government offices.

8 ©2010 HP Confidential8 Interoperability and government cooperation European Interoperability Framework Interoperability principles Organizational interoperability Information models and semantic interoperability Technology platform for interoperability

9 ©2010 HP Confidential9 HP eGovernment framework HP trusted partner to governments in their transformation

10 ©2010 HP Confidential10 Challenge The Ministry of State administration and administrative reform of Bulgaria needed to develop a system which would ensure the provision of qualitative and easy accessible administrative electronic services for citizens and business by effective and efficient utilization of the information technologies achievements. Integration system of the Bulgarian government Solution The Integration system of the electronic government ISEG developed by HP offers a centralized approach to the management of documents, work processes, contents and policies by using the abilities of the implemented, integrated between each other systems, modules and functions. The system for work processes and documents is developed on service oriented architecture (SOA); designs and manages work processes; stores, transforms and presents contents; integrates the other systems of ISEG; Benefits Implemented in such a way the ISEG serves as a core for further integration of the administration information systems, maintenance of internal document flow and automation of electronic administrative services implementation.

11 ©2010 HP Confidential11 Shared services for local and regional authorities – Cost efficiency – Single customer facing and improvement of services – Optimization of consolidation of administrative processes – Introduction of new technologies and business models trough consolidation in government agency or service delivery center

12 ©2010 HP Confidential12 Challenge The government wanted to reduce the administrative burden on citizens Approximately 55 percent of Belgiums 10 million citizens are Flemish and reside in Flanders, the nations northern Dutch- speaking region. Yet, regardless of where one lives, Belgium affords every child the birthright of government subsidization to support and strengthen the family unit. Whether they are infants or young adults bound for college, children are entitled to benefits as long as the correct paperwork is filed on their behalf. However, with 75 disparate agencies and departments in the Flemish administration, purchasing a bus pass or applying for child benefits often required submitting the same information to multiple agencies at multiple times. SOA Platform for Flemish government MAGDA Solution A team of 20 HP specialists contributed to the service- oriented architecture (SOA) project. They are part of a consortium, managing up to 100 simultaneous projects on any given day at the Flemish Government. After an initial assessment, HP started working on the core solution, a state- of-the-art, inter-agency data exchange platform known as Maximum Data Sharing Between Administrations and Agencies (MAGDA). MAGDA is supported by HP SOA, which provides one common Web services platform for the Flemish governments 75 agencies and departments Benefits With data centralized and stored in one place, all communications with citizens are focused and deliberate, minimizing correspondence and duplicate requests for information. Citizens simply have to enter personal data once and can expect their information to be consistent, up- to-date and complete across all of the agencies with which they interact.

13 ©2010 HP Confidential13 Challenge The business challenge has been significant. Not only has DWP undergone strategic reviews, with legislative changes planned, they have also collectively been given strict financial reduction targets, demanding transformation across program delivery. The result has been demand for a radical change programme. The needs for modernized services across DWP have been significant and extend well beyond the internal infrastructure and legacy application management service environment. This included demands for improved customer relationship management solutions, improved business performance metrics and management indicators, improved case management, and improved integration to ERP and payment processing – and fundamentally, improved customer facing service solutions. Department of Works and Pensions, UK Solution HP has successfully implemented various system applications and components of key applications across DWP – commercial applicators, as well as customized applications and interfaces. Given the size and scope of DWP applications (which is in the hundreds), this is an on-going transformation. HP has also implemented and has on-going contractual commitments for the infrastructure and implementation of additional applications. Within DWP, HP is also responsible for establishing a new DWP Solution Framework for managing all IT service providers. This solution framework has helped deliver significant savings to DWP. Benefits The IT Strategy of DWP is to move from product focused to customer focused systems arranged around the life events that citizens experience to increased efficiency, improve Customer Service and lower costs through standardization and re-use.

14 ©2010 HP Confidential14 Government Cloud Service Consumer and Service Provider. It is All About Service

15 ©2010 HP Confidential15 Toward Citizen–centric Government Strategy – Long term e-Government Strategy and focus on Public value – Holistic approach – Holistic approach in combination with quick tangible results Process optimization – Reduced costs and increased efficiency trough Process optimization – Shared services Cloud – Shared services and Cloud as a transformation engine

16 ©2010 HP Confidential16©2009 HP Confidential 16 Thank you

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