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The EC e-Procurement platform Digital Agenda Assembly 17/06/2011 Mr. Angelo TOSETTI Head of Unit, DIGIT B.4.

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1 The EC e-Procurement platform Digital Agenda Assembly 17/06/2011 Mr. Angelo TOSETTI Head of Unit, DIGIT B.4

2 Introduction Data exchange is going digital

3 Digital Agenda for Europe ICT-enabled benefits for EU society Action 88: Create and implement an ambitious eCommission action plan. Lead by example on open and transparent eGovernment by creating in 2010 and implementing an ambitious eCommission action plan, including full electronic procurement. Granada Ministerial Declaration on the European Digital Agenda Digital Single Market Stimulate cross-border e-commerce by the promotion, and government adoption, of interoperable e-procurement, e-invoicing and e-payment systems based on open and flexible technologies. Embed innovation and cost effectiveness into eGovernment through the systematic promotion of open standards and interoperable systems, development of EU wide e-authentication schemes and proactive development of e- invoicing, e-procurement (and pre-commercial procurement …) e-Procurement

4 European Wide Initiatives for e-Procurement Supporting Programs: Projects: European Standards and cross-border e-Procurement network e-Procurement solution

5 The e-Procurement solution for European Commission, Agencies and Institutions Open-source version of e-PRIOR* for Public Administrations in the Member States * Provides the same functionality as e-PRIOR

6 the e-Procurement solution Operational e-Procurement solution that can be used by buyers to connect to its suppliers through web-service interfaces CEN/BII standards Direct connection with PEPPOL

7 Project timeline Q4 2009Q Q Q3 2010Q … e-INVOICING e-REQUEST (for services) e-ORDERING e-CATALOGUE e-FULFILLMENT (delivery note & goods receipt) e-SOURCING (requests & quotations for goods) e-INVOICING « Self Service » (via Supplier Portal)

8 e-Invoicing via web-services in production since 2009 Adapted for SMEs and individuals (e-Invoicing Supplier Portal ready for production) First e-invoice received through PEPPOL Achievements

9 Other Agencies and DGs are adopting e-PRIOR 4 service providers currently interfacing with e-PRIOR ~ 30 suppliers connected to e-PRIOR by the end of 2011 Achievements and more … DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion CDT DG Translation DG Education And Culture DG Enterprise and Industry and others …

10 Interoperability with PEPPOL Deployed in Greece More than 800 downloads on Other Member States interested to implement Open e-PRIOR : o Portugal o Norway o Croatia o Italy o... Achievements

11 Whats next? Customer [Purchase to Pay Business Process] Supplier [Order to Cash Business Process] Invoice Clearing and Payment Order Processing Billing Contractual Document Quotation/ Offer/ Bid Selection of Goods or Services Request for Availability and Price Catalogue Delivery Confirmation Pre-Awarding NotificationSubmissionAwarding Post-Awarding Catalogue Request Quotation Receipt Framework Contract Framework Contract Order Invoice

12 e-Procuremente-GREFFEe-COMP… e-TrustEx Hermes e-TrustEx: the SOA platform for trusted exchanges From specific e-procurement context to generic secure exchange of data, cross-border and cross-sector Re-usability Customisability Extensibility

13 e-Procurement DIGIT MARKT DG EMPL OAMI Member-States e-GREFFE ENISA SECGEN Suppliers European Parliaments Corporate & Local Systems Private Companies e-COMP… DG COMP DG BUDG e-TrustEx Hermes Service Providers e-TrustEx: the SOA platform for trusted exchanges NET1 Outside World External Systems

14 e-TrustEx: Architecture vision CIP LSP infrastructur e Open-source data exchange platform for the Member States to manage local data exchange and to connect to infrastructures created by the CIP pilots PEPPOL, SPOCS, eJustice…

15 Thank you for your attention

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