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1 1 EnviroWindows Paolo G. Meozzi European Environment Agency Networks and environmental information market-place for the.

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2 1 1 EnviroWindows Paolo G. Meozzi European Environment Agency Email: Networks and environmental information market-place for the doers

3 2 2 In This presentation EnviroWindows Point of access The EEA information system EW Software Tools What is EnviroWindows today Main elements of EW Interest Groups Interactive Portals

4 3 3 Support the EEA information strategy, e.g., framing and implementing policies including best practice. Partners in this effort will be business groups, local authorities and non-governmental organizations Reach outside the EEAs institutional network to help business and local authority stakeholders to share experience Objectives

5 4 4 Entering EnviroWindows: the EEA homepage

6 5 5 Environmental protection expenditure (98) © European Communities, 2001 Investments and current expenditure in public sector and industry industry public sector

7 6 6 EnviroWindows homepage

8 7 7 EnviroWindows Reports

9 8 8 EnviroExperts homepage

10 9 9 Enrolment (1/3)

11 10 Enrolment (2/3)

12 11 Enrolment (3/3)

13 12 Asking questions (1/6)

14 13 Asking questions (2/6)

15 14 The Reference Centre EEA EIONET DPSIRDPSIR Access General publik Key clients (EC...) Serving N E T W O R K I N G The EEA information system EnviroWindows

16 15 S tate I mpact P ressures Quality Pollutants Health, Ecosystems, Materials Causes D riving Forces Laws Corporate environmental responses Directives Int.l Standards R esponses Corporate Environmental Management EMAS (IPP) ConformanceCompliance Regulations Voluntary

17 16 Information and communication technology tools to facilitate collaborative work among thematic groups of interest: GroupWare Open Source web application server to enables teams to collaborate in the creation and management web-based applications such as intranets and portals: Interactive Portals Ad Hoc information services What is EnviroWindows today?

18 17 GHG reduction Needs of Future generations DimensionUnsustainable Trends Challenges Support to EU Strategy for Sust. Development Contribution of Corporate Environmental Management Corporate Environmental Management Economic Environment Social Depletion of Natural resources Climate Change Hazardous chemicals Increased of Waste Quality of life Healthcare Education Wealth Jobs

19 18 Environmental Policy (I&E) Plans, Objectives, and informative roles in relation to the aim of communicating Risk Assessment (I&E) Estimating risks, likelihood of occurrence, risk management Responsibilities (I) EHS incorporated into mainstream management and operations Control Activities (I) On organization, information processing, operation performance Information & Communication (E) Formal & Informal, open dialogue with stakeholders Monitoring (I) EMS audit, measurements, non-conformance-corrective-preventive actions Internal (I) and External (E) information in CEM

20 19 Bankers/Financers Media NGOs Trade Unions Wholesalers Farmers Services Local Authorities Consumers Importers Manufacturers Retailers STAKEHOLDERSSTAKEHOLDERS STAKEHOLDERSSTAKEHOLDERS A simplified Stakeholder information exchange on CEM Dematerialization, Better Use of Resources, New Business Opportunities Corporate Environmental Management

21 20 Elements of external contribution to content Interest Group (IG) is: A collaborative network based on password access (Extranet) GroupWare: or/and: Interactive Portal (IP)is: A public web pages based information remotely managed. Leader: A physical person or institution responsible for managing IGs/IPs at who build web content that complies with EnviroWindows objective, terms and conditions.

22 21 LEADER EEA What is the basic process to start an IG/IP? Proposal Terms & conditions and/or PortalsInterest Groups World Wide Web links, news, directories, discussions, networks managed outside the EEA Editor Contributor Secretary Access Collaborative network tools with optional password access OR

23 22 Growing number of working groups, committees,... Geographically spread over Europe Traditional paper based working procedure Need for more efficiency and transparency Interest Groups Problem statement (1/2)

24 23 Information collection disconnected from dissemination. Unstructured email repositories. Discussions and Decisions linked to physical meetings. Information unnecessarily duplicated in members environment. Info overload:Too much, too little, too slow, wrong, duplicate, obsolete, unstructured… Problem statement (2/2) Interest Groups

25 24 Communicating by email or using an Extranet Interest Groups

26 25 Advantage: –Speed increase –Savings on printing –Use of Mailing lists BUT: –Need to maintain mailing lists (addresses, file format,…) –Need to maintain archives of Sent items –No views of the Common Project archive of documents –No history (for newcomers) –Electronic discussion: One-to-one only –No Project-wide info resource and knowledge base First step to e-communication: Email Interest Groups

27 26 Uses CIRCA/CIRCLE: a collaborative tool (Extranet)CIRCLE Web based environment: User friendliness Sophisticated document repository Access control: Fully configurable Customisation and flexibility Management: Decentralised & No need for HTML knowledge Groupware and communication Interest Groups

28 27 Information: Mini-Web space Library: Document repository Directory: Whos Who Newsgroups: Interactive Discussion Fora Meeting: Meeting announcement and registration - virtual meetings The Basics Main Services Interest Groups

29 28 Information Space –Mini Web –Hyperlinks: can link to Internal and External pages or sites Library –Metadata: Summary of documents –Download: via HTTP or E-mail –Upload of documents –Notifications (subscribe or download) The Basics Main Services (Cont.) Interest Groups

30 29 Meeting Space: Upload/Download of Meeting information Directory: Contact information of Members Newsgroups: News server functionalities And More. – Mail – Online contextual help – Powerful search engine The Basics Main Services (Cont.) Interest Groups

31 30 Some Public IGs on EWindows Interest Groups

32 31 Home Page of an Interest Group Navigation Bar Useful Links Interest Groups

33 32 Objectives and legislative framework Document uploading (e.g. IG/IP policy, operations, strategy responsibilities) For IGs: upload USERS, relevant EVENTS and NEWSGROUPS Connecting the IG/IP to members homepages and other means to increase visibility Building an Interest Group or Interactive Portal Long term maintenance Review and improvement Launch: broadcast letters, advertising, conferences IG/IP management Authority

34 33 EnviroWindows on CIRCLE is an internet-based document management tool: –Powerful –Simple –Flexible Whats in it for me ? –Time savings –Cost savings –Efficiency –Access to more and better information Communication In Summary Interest Groups

35 34 tailor web site's presentations to its users; integrate information in databases; provide users with searches; react creatively to visitors; make every page dynamic. ZOPE = Z Object Publishing Environment An Open Source web application server. It enables teams to collaborate in the creation and management web-based business applications such as intranets and portals. Zope allows to: Interactive Portals

36 35 Content Management: Zope Philosophy: Open Source Webserver: Apache Rapid development: PHP ( Hypertext Pre-processor ) Operating Systems: Linux, Commercial UNIX Dataformats: XML Database system: MySQL Interactive Portals

37 36 Code Reuse –Harnesses the power of a community of programmers to help find and repair software bugs, improve software design, and implement enhancements Versatility –Other companies can make extensions to Zope products (or provide 3 rd level support) Market independent –in the event that the software vendor goes out of business or loses interest in the product Why Open Source? Interactive Portals

38 37 Basic authentication dialog box: Logging in Interactive Portals

39 38 Zope Management interface Workspace Navigator Interactive Portals

40 39 Adding content Interactive Portals

41 40 MeetingsNewsFAQs Zope comes in building blocks called "products" –A building block provides a feature such as a guest book or announcements or workflow There are more than 200 products right now –It's just install and play What can we do with Zope? Interactive Portals

42 41 News-clipping: retrieve information from web pages, Usenet articles, text files, FTP sites.News-clipping Experts: information from people who knowExperts Abstracting:CSA, NUL, ISU, NTISCSANULISUNTIS Automatic translations: Commercial BDs: Silver Platter, SPINE, DERWENT, CORONASilver PlatterSPINE DERWENTCORONA Search engines: Rapid Content Creation: Future developments

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