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An Integrated Management of National Programme under NECD and Plans and Programms under AQFWD in the Czech Republic Eva Rychlíková, M.D. Ministry of the.

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1 An Integrated Management of National Programme under NECD and Plans and Programms under AQFWD in the Czech Republic Eva Rychlíková, M.D. Ministry of the Environment, Czech Republic

2 The North Bohemia, the 22nd January 1982

3 Obligations of the Ministry of Environment given by the Clean Air Act, bound to the Programs provides monitoring coordinates the programs preparation specifies regions with imisions limits exceeded processes and presents a national plan of the emitions reduction to the government Short term measures: issues a forecast of the smog situation occurrance provides help to regions and communities with production of the regulation order

4 Emissions of Air Pollutants in the Czech Republic 85 90 95 00 01 02

5 Duties of regions given by the Clean Air Act linked to the program bound to the programs processes a program of the emision reduction processes a program of the quality improvement when the limits and margins of the tolerance are exceeded participates on the national programm of renewal Short-term measures: producess a regional regulation order declares signals of warning and regualtion In its independent competence: issues a statements to a regional and local emition reduction and air quality improvement plans

6 Duties of the local autorities given by the air protection law bound to the programs Community produces plans for air quality improvement in areas within the scope of its region Community can process its local plan for the emition reduction Short-term measures: declares signals of warning and regualtion when exceeding the warning limits

7 Financial Cover of the Programs Processing State fond of the Environment making a contranct and its continuous check up executive committee (Members of Parliament, officers, NGO, Ministery of Env., stakeholders) Regional budget (communities)

8 GOALS AND MECHANISMS OF A NATIONAL (REGIONAL, LOCAL) PROGRAMS OF THE EMITIONS REDUCTION AND AIR QUALITY IMPROVEMENT Limit values Emissions ceelings Framework directive + Daughter directive NECD CR: SO2 -265 kt Nox -286 kt VOC -220 kt NH2 - 80 kt Law - novel Measures in managment Economic measures Information, education Volontary Agreement

9 MOE Help to Regions (Communities) in the Course of the Program Processing Methodology Instructions – bulletin of the M. of Env. Phare - Twinning - Project Seminars for regions and communities Consultations at MOE Participation at executive committees meetings Continuous info newsletters sent to regions and communities (CAFE, literature, experience transfer..) Co-operation with NGO

10 Output from the Regional Program Processing Resolution of the Regional Council Regional council Order to the regional program Annex = emission reduction program, air quality improvement program Program appendix with concrete measures improving the air quality and its finacial sponsoring suggestion

11 Integrated National Program of the Emission Reduction in the Czech Republic Goals: emission reduction of the substances with emission limits emition reductiojn of the substances with limit value priorities assessment on a national level production of the framework for other programs determination of the tasks forthe national-regional-local offices

12 Sceenary of the National Program Tools A) PROGRAM IMPLEMENTS Regional ( local ) emission redution programs Regional ( local ) air quality improvement programs Regional energetic conceptions National program of save energy and use of the renewable sources National program for mitigation of the effect of climatic change Natinal program emission reduction from LCP IPPC Emission reduction plan at the source Ban of the mobile source activities that do not meet the emition limits Limit value limits and deposition limits value establishing and their respect Requirements on the fuel quality and PHM of mobile sources Emission limits

13 Sceenary of the National Program Tools B) EKONOMIC TOOLS Financial penalties and duties for air polution Traffic regualtion in the areas where the limits are exceeded EU fonds SFŽP State budget Taxes ecologisation Support and using fuels from renewable sources of enery

14 Script of the National Program Implements C ) OGANISATIONAL TOOLS Insertion of the air protection criteria to public compotitions preference of ecologically friendly products, support of home based jobs support of electronic communication D) INFORMATIONAL TOOLS Assessment of the impacts on the environment Obtaining and processing of information Information provision, education and enlightement E ) OPTIONAL TOOLS Volontary agreements with entrepreneurs owning the sources Support of such optional and voluntary activities

15 Summary of the National program demands Possibility of individual plan of emission decreasing Emition checks improvement, emition database improvement Provision of IPPC Assessment of program ELCP at regions and MOE. Selection of places for traffic regulation in cities, negotiations Completion of the monitoring network, assessment since 2005, new interpretation of the results and data Publishing of the Integrated National Program Provision of the National advisory board for the matter of air quality Completion of the reduction of emissions from non-road sources Gradual assessment of outputs from regional programs Gradual assessment of outputs from regional energy conception Acctual fleet emissions checks carried by police Provision of the emission projections, innitiation of the c/b analysis Revision of the legislative requirements (ELV, AP limit value, fuels) Revision of the fees, ecological taxation Evaluation of the possibility of the emission trade at LCP


17 Proposals for Plans in Moravian- Silesian Region

18 6,0 kt22,7 kt33,9 kt29,7 kt Gov.Order No.417/03 NH3VOCNOxSO2 Advised Emission Ceelings for Moravian-Silesian Region for 2010

19 Agglomeration size would be diminished 75% of inhabitants is living in agglomeration Local exceedances of As, Ni, Cd, benzene veg.LV SO2 not exceeded, Nox point pollution weak decreasing of SO2,Nox,As,Ni,benz ene,Cd,PM, BaP,O3 PM10 LV jeopardized 2005, 2010 PM10,BaP exceeded everywhere, exceedances O3 SO2,NO2.CO,P b,Hg,NH3 not exceeded Air Pollution Energy saving and deNOX at LCPs will be succesfull Nox ceeling wouldn´t be attained Nox exceeds regional ceeling Tfaffic emissions under CR aveerge IPPC will be activeIPPC will be inactive CO – max. in CR SO2, NOX - 2nd VOC– 3rd inCR Most emissions are from IPPC plants Emissions TOWS SWOT analysis of the acctual situation

20 The Main Air Pollutants in MSR 18,2022,8(19,81)VOC 3,8 (4,8)6,4(3,72)NH3 157,82160,08162,23CO 36,5434,0837,42NOx 29,5230,0828,88SO2 8,297,407,58DUST 200220012000

21 Structure of IPPC instalations: Total: 113 24 LCPs, 4 coke owens, 39 foundries, 11 waste incinerators, 1 cement killn, 19 large cowsheds, 7 VOC activities

22 3448234194176929392 Total 0,12570417542209 Transport 1250517979822265 Little 605484784 Middle 3323 12528082276128134 Large NH3 agri. NH3 ind. VOC fugitive VOCNOxSO2 category of sources Emission inventory in MSR - 2001

23 PM10, BaP10026 460Nový Jičín PM10, BaP10028 711Český Těšín PM10, BaP10036 339Orlová PM10, BaP84,640 620Třinec PM1022,262 815Opava PM10,BaP10063 808Frýdek-Místek PM10, BaP10068 405Karviná Pm10,BaP,benzene,Ni,As100327 371Ostrava Pollutants% of territoryPopulationCity Polluted areas (LV +) in MSR-part I

24 PM10, BaP10010 736Studénka PM1010011 166Frenštát PM10, BaP10014 390Hlučín PM1014,316 800Bruntál PM10, BaP83,323 686Bohumín PM10, BaP10024 102Kopřivnice Polluted areas (LV +) in MSR-part II

25 Timetable of implementation of measures IPPC - 30.10.2007 - Regional office Plan for individual emission decreasing - Regional office - 1.5.2005 ELCP emission decreasing program- 1.1.2008 - Regional office+MOE Good agriculture praxis - Regional office- 1.5.2005 Energy saving audit of public buildings -1.1.2006 - owner (state,city…) Traffic regulation in the city centres - continuously- local autorities Running controll of car fleets - continuously - police Investment to renewable sources of energy - continuously- cities, regions Boiler´s reconstruction (used for public) - continuously - region - cities Coal/gas switching in households - continuously - cities Emission reduction plan ( VOC ) - continuously - cities By - pass - roads, road reconstruction - continuously - Regional office,state Using and support of ecologicaly saving products in public sector - continuously - cities, regional offices Road and pavements cleaning - continuously - city Establishing of Air Pollution Protection Conditions at public tenders - countinuously - amenities, offices

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