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Market surveillance of rotary lawn mowers Food And Consumer Product Safety Authority The Netherlands.

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1 Market surveillance of rotary lawn mowers Food And Consumer Product Safety Authority The Netherlands

2 Voedsel en Waren Autoriteit (VWA) ( FOOD AND CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY AUTHORITY) Responsible Ministry: Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality Market surveillance in the areas: – Livestock and meat – Food, food hygiene, tobacco and alcoholic beverages – Consumer Product safety

3 Consumer Product Safety in the VWA Low Voltage Directive Machine Directive Gas Appliances Directive Toys fairground and playground equipment Biocides Cosmetics Dangerous preparations

4 Market surveillance of Machines Labor Inspectorate: – Machines for professional use Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority: – Machines sold to consumers - Hand held tools (do it yourself equipment) - Gardening equipment - Appliances

5 Approach to market surveillance Primary aim: reduction of risks from consumer products Projects covering specific product categories selection of subjects guided by: – accident statistics – statistics from previous investigations – accidents & consumer complaints – direct observation by officers in the field regular surveillance – direct observation by officers in the field – follow-up of RAPEX and safeguard clauses – follow up of consumer complaints

6 Accident statistics work accidentsaccidents (not work related) Motor driven tools*51005200 Scaffolds1300 500 Installation materials 4701600 Machines for construction 400 50 Motor driven gardening equipment 200 860 * Several surveillance projects have been done on motor driven tools: a.o. circular saws and mitre saws

7 Accident statistics gardening tools accidents outside work environment Motor driven lawnmowers (not specified)340 Electric hedgetrimmers210 Rotary mowers 60 High pressure sprayers 40

8 Injuries from lawn mowers Cuts through contact with sharp parts: 66% - Leading to amputation 7% Injuries by ejected objects 17% Burns The market surveillance project aimed to check predominantly those requirements in the standard that protect against the occurrence of these injuries.

9 Lawnmowers: market study Market penetration of lawnmowers: 20.9% of families in the Netherlands own a motor driven lawnmower. On average 50 hours of use per year. Two types: combustion engine powered and electrically powered Ratio between these is approximately 50/50 Approximately 30 brands available (18 brands offering electric; 20 combustion engined mowers)

10 Sampling – hand guided rotary lawn mowers, either with or without traction – obtainable via consumer retail channels – at most one electrically powered and one combustion engine powered mower per brand – ratio of combustion engine / electric mowers: 50/50 – lower market segment – preferably less known brands – as many brands as possible – Only hard knives (no nylon or metal wire or strip mowers) – Selection of those mowers where the inspector suspected non compliance

11 Standards and selected requirements Electrically powered mowers (EN 60335-2-77) Combustion engine mowers (EN 836) Directions for use: Language (Dutch required)7.13 Contents7.125.1.2 Moving parts can be touched20.24.1.1 Dimensioning of enclosure of knives (a.o. protection against knives and ejected objects) Dimensioning of discharge chute (no gaps that allow ejected objects to go in a straight line from the machine) Protection guard when operated without the grass catcher (closing when detached?) Knives: brake time20.

12 Results Investigated: 28 rotary lawn mowers Shortcomingscombustionelectric Labelling (directions for use, required warnings): 6 11 moving parts can be touched (4.1.1 – 20.2):2 3 Cutting knives enclosure ( 4 Ejection chute dimensions ( – Closing of guard without grass catcher ( – 1 Brake time of rotary knives ( – 1

13 Sanctions Proportional with the seriousness of the shortcomings found: – 8 companies: fines (750 – 3500 euro) – 7 companies: formal warnings Two companies objected against the measures taken, both based on the argument that their lawnmowers complied with the standard. For these measures article 7 safeguard clauses were notified to the Commission.

14 Example of contested measure The protection shield did not close completely when operated without the grass catcher. [ EN 836 -] Hazards: ejected objects & risk of cutting injuries. [ER 1.3.3 and 1.3.7] Objections against this finding: - This should be tested with the motor not running - When running stationary, the gap is too small to present the hazards indicated above

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