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Outstanding quality Gallium Nitride (GaN) – enabler for new industries

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1 Outstanding quality Gallium Nitride (GaN) – enabler for new industries
Robert Dwilinski - President, CEO

2 AMMONO business field Manufacturing of GaN (Gallium Nitride) semiconductor crystals and wafers Based on own proprietary technology (unique in world’s scale) Activity concerns three key enabling technologies; very closely interacting: - Advanced materials - Photonics - High power electronics Supplying already 24 customers – lasers, LEDs and electronics producers

3 AMMONO-GaN single-crystals

4 AMMONO-GaN wafers

5 Vertical LED structure on AMMONO-GaN
Department of Micro and Nanosciences Aalto University School of Science and Technology Prof. Harri Lipsanen Prof. Markku Sopanen Dr. Sami Suihkonen M.Sc. Muhammad Ali M.Sc. Olli Svensk M.Sc. Sakari Sintonen

6 Green LD structure on AMMONO-GaN
524 nm (cw)

7 GaN laser applications

8 Versatile laser projection

9 „…The new Samsung Galaxy Beam phone includes a projector that can show films and pictures at up to 50”…

10 LEDs

11 LEDs


13 Electronic applications
Gallium Nitride enables a new range of applications 13

14 Power Devices GaN substrates show higher resistance and higher break down voltage parameters over traditional Si and SiC materials Better heat dissipation GaN mostly targets MOSFET, IGBT

15 GaN HEMTs market forecasts


17 Market environment and competition
Lack of GaN-on-GaN HEMTs on the market Several companies produce HEMTs GaN-on-Si and GaN-on-SiC No European producer of GaN HEMTs

18 GaN HEMTs – price analysis
$ HEMTs GaN-on-SiC: 15-20 W/mm2 EUR /mm2 thus EUR 5-6 k /cm2 GaN 2” (= 20 cm2) results in transistors worth 125 k EUR GaN 4” (= 80 cm2) results in transistors worth 500 k EUR

19 Devices based on Ammono-GaN
Blue laser Green laser LED’s Solar cells Transistors 19

20 Total addressable market
The market for gallium nitride based semiconductor devices is projected to surpass $25B by 2015 Applications for Gallium Nitride: DVD information storage (Blue laser Diodes) Solid state lighting (White LEDs, UV LEDs) Displays (Laser TV, laser projection) Automotive electronics (MOSFET transistor, power switches) Power transmission lines (High Voltage electronics, HEMT transistors) Wireless communication (3G/WiMAXbase stations ) Flame sensors (UV detectors) Wireless Broadband (High Frequecy transistors) Solar Cells (For satellites) Radiation detectors 20

21 Result of a project started in 1992
AMMONO as a company Result of a project started in 1992 World leader in low dislocation GaN Proprietary patent protected technology Located in suburbs of Warsaw / Poland Nichia - minority stake holder 1999 – Setting the AMMONO company 2009 – Start of commercial activity First devices on AMMONO-GaN 2012 – Launch of the 2” product

22 Autoclaves in the production hall

23 2011 summary ISO Certification Increase in number of customers
Launch of a LED dedicated high-transparency GaN material Launch of the 2” product Starting cooperation with distributors in Japan, US, Korea and Taiwan. 50% / 50% sales split between acedemia and industry Launch of 2” mass production programme

24 Customer profile – sales volumes
Laser related R&D is the main driver for low dislocation gallium nitride wafers sales today

25 s.25 25

26 2012 Ammono development goals
Scaling up the production capacity for 2” C-plane Building new autoclaves Preparing necessary seed base Bringing solutions for the LED market Increasing the material transparency Introducing the high-transparency 2” C-plane n-type substrate Providing a solution for the electronic applications Introducing the semi insulating 2” C-plane substrate Starting the development of the 4” substrate Targeting first samples for 2014

27 Difficulties Traditional fund sources (VC, Stock Market, Strategic) are reluctant to invest in long-term, risky projects on the area of high technology (and advanced materials in particular). This phenomenon deepens within increasing technical complication of projects (technologies became more and more complicated), because this elongate project time frame and expose to unpredictable market risks Let’s forget that market itself can develop such projects by organic growth There is a need of efficient mechanism for growing such projects in EU 27

28 SUMMARY AMMONO products could revolutionize photonics and electronics industries and give competitive advantage to producers of customer goods, as well as advantage of defense systems Organic growth of nowadays advanced technologies is not possible any more – requires substantial investment, which is not achievable in today’s EU Proposed solution enabling growth of KETs is creation of European project of large credits or loan guaranties for carefully chosen companies presenting extremely promising technologies

29 Thank you Q&A

30 Solutions – new mechanisms
People facing problems to rise financing are trying to collect several projects in the following way: Creation of parent company employing M&A, PR… specialists Exchange of shares of parent company with several chosen hi-tech start-up companies This would increase the value of the parent company because of larger scale of activity, synergy of incorporating companies (if any), and risk mitigation (even if some of them fail the others should keep value share on acceptable level) Listing (IPO) of parent company on chosen Stock Market In fact this is very difficult to collect a number of projects of similar maturity and scale, additionally offering significant synergies 30

31 Solutions – new mechanisms – Equity line of credit
Additionally, listed company can get funds from equity line of credit: A structured equity line is a commitment by the investor to purchase up to a predetermined dollar amount of shares of the public company's common stock over a certain period. It is very similar to a bank line of credit in that cash is available to the company on an "as needed" basis. The difference is the company repays the investor in stock. The company has the right but not an obligation to "draw down" on the equity line and sells shares to the investor when it is most favorable for the company. When the company draws down the line, the shares are sold to the investor at a discount. 31

32 How to create efficient mechanism of growth of KETs in EU?
EU officials bear main responsibility for policy to efficiently grow KETs in EU People engaged in KETs should propose solutions and demand decisions of EU officials AMMONO proposal is that EU or EIB should offer long-term credits or guaranties for carefully chosen companies presenting extremely promising technologies but not able to get bank credits in required amount due to lack of sufficient collateral Exercised mechanisms like the mentioned above should be analyzed and improved upon long-term performance of supported projects (carried by the group of experts created to this end) 32

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