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. Thinking Mobile Mobile Apps & Mobility By Alan Brogan MD.

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1 . Thinking Mobile Mobile Apps & Mobility By Alan Brogan MD



4 . Key Stats Ireland Desktop- Dropped from 77% to 56% in 2 years. Mobile – Same period x2 from 15% to 31%. 2016 - Predicted to overtake desktop Global Last Xmas 60% Amazon customers were mobile

5 . What’s driving this? Cheap Data Bigger Screens More & Better functionality

6 . Strategy comes first facilitated by technology

7 Mobile Websites Sales Funnel: Key element of the sale process User experience should be good Search engine performance- new Google policy

8 Mobile Apps Overview Fastest growing industry of all time ahead of oil, gold & internet. Bigger than the internet: In 2014 the use of apps overtook the use of websites. Twice as likely to use your business: Research is some industries.

9 What is a Mobile Apps? Short for ‘application software’. Provides a service Lives on your phone interface for easy accessibility

10 Mobile App v Mobile website? Informational v functionality… down to features Higher usage rates and visits. Communication … push notifications. On line & off line integration …. Loyalty, vouchers, etc

11 Considerations for apps Audience & target market What are the big players doing? Type of business What value can I offer? Loyalty or incentive. Cost and ROI? How well do you engage with your customers off line or online?

12 New v Existing Customers? The features can often be primarily for existing customers But it should be integrated with your other marketing and this can attract new customers.

13 Managing for Success Think about your customers and have useful features…. Event calendars, offers, information. Keep it fresh with new content. Build your apps reputation. Build a plan to consistently market it.. Instore staff, download incentives, social media, etc.

14 . Think Mobile Thank you

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