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1 ISAN International Agency 1A rue du Beulet CH-1203 Geneva Tel.: + 41 22 545 10 00 Fax: + 41 22 545 10 40

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1 1 ISAN International Agency 1A rue du Beulet CH-1203 Geneva Tel.: Fax: International Standard Audiovisual Number ISO : Work Identifier ISO : Version Identifier License for Europe / WG3 © ISAN International Agency

2 ISAN Organization Overview 2 The Registration Agency (RA) is established to serve a specific country or region Deliver the ISAN Registration Service to local audiovisual users Facilitate the access to the ISAN Registry Make sure that ISAN complies with local needs and practices Manage & Operate the ISAN Standard in compliance with the ISO RAA, report to ISO Operate the ISAN Registry and make sure it is accessible to all ISAN users. Appoint & support ISAN Registration Agencies (ISAN RA) Specifies with ISAN RA recommended practice. ISO is the owner of the ISAN standard and related IP (ISAN Registry, etc…) ISAN is maintained and reviewed by ISO with the approval of its members The management of ISAN and operational & implementation specification is delegated to ISAN-IA (via the Registration Authority Agreement) who reports to ISO. … 163 countries Registration Authority Agreement (RAA): defines the Role, Responsibility and Obligations of ISAN-IA and ISAN RA Registration Agency Agreement: defines the Role, Responsibility and Obligations ISAN RA in accordance with ISO RAA Not for profit association ISAN = ISO 15706

3 ISO Regulation applicable to ISAN-IA and ISAN RA RAND Principle: "reasonable and non-discriminatory" terms and conditions shall apply. Accessibility of the ISAN Registry: ISAN data shall be accessible to all ISAN users. ISAN Service Fees shall be reasonable and delivered on a strict Cost Recovery principle Compliance with competition laws: Local ISAN Service fees are defined by each RA: harmonization of fees = illegal price fixing. ISAN users are free to be serviced by the ISAN RA of their choice (not necessary the one appointed in their country). ISAN users are free to change for another ISAN RA, anytime. Reporting: ISAN-IA is obliged to report to ISO on a yearly basis (activity, obligations fulfillment,...) Audit: ISO has an audit right on ISAN-IA (agreements, books, records, documentation etc…). RAA Reassignment: ISO is entitled to reassign the ISAN Registration Authority mandate to another organization if justified by a good cause (obligation violation, bankruptcy, etc…). 3 ISAN-IA and ISAN RA are not for profit association crated (by not for profit organizations) for the sole purpose of Managing / Operating the ISANStandard

4 ISAN Intellectual Property ISO is the exclusive owner of the ISAN standard (ISO & ISO ). All intellectual property related to the proper functioning of the ISAN standard, such as the ISAN Registry, trademarks, documents, etc.. is owned by ISO and licensed to ISAN-IA. Metadata submitted by registrants in the ISAN Registry are the property of the registrant who grants a non exclusive, perpetual worldwide license to ISAN-IA and ISO. ISAN identifiers are public and can be stored, used, circulated for free and freely by anyone (irrespective of commercial and non commercial purpose). ISAN-IA can sub-license ISAN metadata to third parties: a cost recovery based contribution can apply for preparing data and processing scheduled updates. 4

5 ISAN-IA & RA Governance The ISAN-IA association is composed of 3 main bodies: The General Assembly: validates the accounts and nominates the auditors. The Administration Committee: composed today by representatives of the founding Members: CISAC, AGICOA, FIAPF, and representatives of the ISAN RA. The Registration Agency Committee (RAC): composed of representatives of all ISAN RA, the RAC coordinate local efforts and reports local experience, specification or requirement and propose evolutions of the ISAN system to the AC. ISAN-IAs bylaw enables to accept other industry representatives in its governance structure such as Archives, Broadcasters, Digital Platforms, Data providers, etc… willing to play an active role in the development of ISAN. ISAN RA are distinct legal entities, not for profit associations created for this specific purpose. ISAN RA are usually co-founded by several local constituents of the audiovisual industry: ISO requires that local producers support or are represented in the RA Artists, music societies, broadcasters, national archives, etc… 5

6 ISAN Business Model ISAN business model based on ISAN allocations by Producers ISAN RA pay a membership fee to ISAN-IA + ISAN registration fee (based on quantity) ISAN RA invoices a Service Fee for the issuance of the ISAN Identifiers. One off fee: ISAN issuance costs + perpetual maintenance of the data in the ISAN Registry. ISAN cannot be resold once allocated by the Producer ISAN are used, stored, circulated for free (and freely) by anyone. ISAN Registrant (6500+) are producers of all size : 3 pricing offers to cover all situations: Small registrants can buy unitary ISAN identifiers (typical: 9 ISAN / 2 V-ISAN) Medium registrant get volume discount (typical: >25% or pack 5000 ISAN) Flat rate for large commercial catalogues: studios, broadcasters,... (typical: 35k / year) ISAN version registrations (other than producers) remain marginal. Access to the ISAN Registry for ISAN Search and ISAN Resolutions is free. ISAN-IA is working on a FREE ISAN registration service for non commercial content (organizations need only to setup and operate the ISAN registrations) 6

7 7 Means to Access the ISAN Registry WWW API Files (Bulk) ISAN Registry Accessible 24x7 Operational since 2005 (99,9% up time) Scalable & Redundant technologies ISAN Allocation (ISAN Registry ONLY) Work / Version Search (ISAN Registry or Local Copy) ISAN Resolution ISAN Registry or Local Copy) User Copy Scheduled Updates

8 ISAN Registry Search and Resolutions Discovery Reader: Free discovery public ISAN Search and ISAN Resolution service is available on (does not require to be registered in the ISAN System via an ISAN RA). Limited set of metadata (work type, 3 titles, year, length, 1 director, 1 actor, V-ISAN) Registered Reader: Full access to the ISAN Registry, requires to be registered in the ISAN System via an ISAN RA. Web based ISAN Search and ISAN Resolution are free (some RA may charge a small admin fee). Promoter Readers: organizations who need to perform automated ISAN Search and ISAN Resolution: via a local copy of the ISAN Registry using the ISAN API via the automated ISAN bulk matching to retrieve large quantities of existing ISAN. Promoter readers with particular requirements / commercial applications can be asked to contribute to the service delivery (10k/year) 8

9 9 How to Obtain New or Existing ISAN for Large Catalogues? Cinematogaphic Database All « Strong Match » Results All « No Match » Results All « Pending » Match Metadata Export in XML Catalogue Matching with ISAN ? = Matching Results Match / No Match / Pending Resolve Pending Matches Import ISAN from strong/confirmed matches +

10 10 7 Years Experience in Audiovisual Metadata Matching ISAN Registry = ? Multilingual data Matching & Unduplication Assistance and service in 61 countries 19 local Registration Agencies Robust automated matching engine based on linguistic & probabilistic algorithms Unduplication Functions Metadata Matching Minimize the Human Work

11 Implementation Effort for Obtaining New and/or Existing ISAN 11 1 Typically 1 week work to develop the XML export software. ISAN Validation software - test the XML files - check the business rules Batch Catalogue Matching Processed by ISAN-IA or ISAN RA (typically 1 sec. / work) All Pending Match Pending Match Resolutions: Ergonomic interface for quick validations Colors highlights similarities and differences (same XML files to register new ISAN / retrieve existing ISAN)

12 12 ISAN Ecosystem of identified users and supporters Collecting societies Anti-piracy Content production & CreationContent Delivery Reporting, Analytics Infrastructure & CPE Regulators, Public OrgsTrade & Professional OrganizationsArchives 100+ Cultural Founds etc.. ISAN-EIDR Discussion: ISAN Facts & Figures

13 13 ISAN Implementation Figures ISAN Registry ISAN ISAN / Year Europe (51%) America (45%) Asia (4%) Productions from Registrants / 61 Countries new adopters / year ISAN RA North / South America Europe & Australasia 19 Producers Digital Platform Post Production Distributors Collecting Societies Film archives / databases Media Funds Analytics Authors Music Societies

14 Standard Identifiers for Film Archives Improving the interoperability between film archives (and AV databases) with a higher degree of automation. Improving the monetization of archived content and management of rights (discovery, suggestions, circulation…). Improving the identification and management of all versions of a content (film print original/restored, tapes, discs, digitized versions, …) Reducing the cost of rights clearance while increasing the chance to identify rights holders ISAN referenced in many right holders databases (CMOs: producers, authors, music, performers, etc…) Producers register their work with ISAN to prevent them from becoming future Orphan Works. ISAN-IA has contributed to EN & EN15907 ISAN-IA contributes to the FIAF Cataloging Rules Revision Project to ensure compliance with the film cataloguing practices defined by the FIAF

15 15 Visit ISAN at ISAN helps promote, provide and protect. THANK YOU

16 ISAN in Europe: Strong support from Rights Holders 16 UK : PACT (Producers), PRS (Music), ITV (Broadcaster), Soundmouse (Tech) France : PROCIREP-ANGOA (Producers), ARP, SACD & SCAM (Authors) Spain : EGEDA, FAPAE (Producers), SGAE & SDAE (Authors & Editors) Germany : G.W.F.F. (Producers), V.F.F. (Broadcasters) Italy: APT, API (Producers), SIAE (Authors), ANICA Poland: ZAPA-SFP(Authors & Producers), Sweden: FRF (Producers) Denmark: CAB-Filmret (Producers) Finland: Tuotos (Producers) Netherland: SEKAM (Producers) Switzerland : Swissperform, Suissimage (Producers), SSA (Authors) Belgium: BAVP/PROCIBEL(Producers) Portugal : GEDIPE (Authors, Producers, Editors), GDA (Artists) Serbia: National Library of Serbia Copyright & Online distribution of AV works in the EU The European Parliament calls on the EU Commission to implement measures facilitating the wider use of the ISAN system in the EU. EU directive on Orphan Works: ISAN referenced as an authoritative source of information to perform diligent searches on presumed Orphan AV Works (digitization of archives & online access) European ISAN Registration Agencies (RA) 14

17 ISAN Use Case: Spanish Pesonal Property Registry Legal Deposit & Rights Clearance Platform Who is the author and how to contact him/her? What license on a work and how can it be used? 17 more on

18 ISAN Use Case: Audiovisual Rights Management 18ISAN-EIDR Discussion: ISAN Facts & Figures more on

19 ISAN Use Case: ISAN in Music Cue Sheets 19 Transmission Log ReportingISAN can replace Production TransmissionProduction Number Series Indicator Production / Series Name Series Number Episode name Episode Number Running Time Production Type Production Source Indicator Music DetailsWhere Music cue sheet previousely reported, ISAN can replace all 23 fields. Reporting ISAN, significantly reduces data required by collection societies etc…

20 ISAN Use Case: ISAN in Windows Media 20 Windows Media SDK (encoder / decoder) Windows Expression Encoder more on …

21 21 ISAN Use Case: ISAN in Media Asset Management Project Container Record Asset Container Record Collateral Metadata Objects (Container Field) Collateral Metadata Objects (Container Field) ISAN Schema Element (String Field) ISAN Schema Element (String Field) Telescope DAM SW by North Plains Systems

22 ISAN Use Case: Packaging Film Content for the iTunes Store 22 Paramount en-US film feature 408CH98720X B O US … iTunes Package Film Specification 5.0 ( ) more on …

23 ISAN Use Case: Packaging Transactional VoD Content with YouTube Packaging Transactional VOD Content with YouTube UPC12345-GBCA-feature- CougarHunting-8.mp4 fr D07A-0090-Q X / ABC-DEF0-DEF0-K more on …

24 ISAN Use Case: Cisco Videoscape Media Suite Multi screen content delivery, Linear / Non Linear 24 Better monetize on-demand content: ISAN allows to associate content in the live schedule (e.g. TV episodes ) with their on-demand counterparts (e.g. other episodes or supplemental material, etc…) for on-demand purchase or rental. more on

25 ISAN Use Case: Harris Broadcast D-Series DSX TM Broadcasting Playout Automation 25 Broad range of ingest and playout devices, open metadata exchange via BXF, MXF, AAF and ISAN. more on

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