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EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 1 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 Research on Next Generation Optical Access Networks.

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1 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 1 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 Research on Next Generation Optical Access Networks Josep Prat Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) Barcelona

2 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 2 Optical access evolution HFC ADSL FTTH-PtP FTTH XG/G/E-PON FTTH WDM-PON POTs WDM&TDM-PON CAPACITY, cost (per user) xDSL TIME ultra-dense WDM- PON E (OFDM) / Coh ngPON 1 WDM-PON xWDM- COCONUT SARDANA ACCORDANCE 2008 ngPON 2, 3.. 1G 100M 10M EUROFOS NoE ALPHA IP MUSE IP OASE IP EU projects: 2013 DISCUS IP

3 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 3 PON Optical spectrum Video: IP EDFA Low loss fiber High availability of comp. 14801490150015101520153015401550156015701580 159016001610 G-PON downstrea m XGXG Vide o NG 2 12601270128012901300131013201330134013501360 G-PON upstream XG-PON upstream ? possible bands for ngPON3 (with compatibility) : 40 nm 10 40 nm / 6.25 G = 800 channels !! CAPACITY x 100 !! FSAN-ITU Estandards:

4 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 4 E/O BW & power Efficiency Optical Spectrum Efficiency 1% 10% 100% 1000% 0.01% 0.1%1%10% Electrical Spectrum Efficiency WDM/TDM ud-WDM XG-PON 0.1% RoF OFDM 100% Statistical WDM multiplexing Time-switched phase diversity&modulation PowerComsp.: = C V d 2 f r + I o 10 Vt/S V d x Activity % EF = R b / BW GPON

5 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 5 PON alternatives GPONXGPONTWDM- PON WDM-PON SCM/OFDM - PON cUDWDM -PON Aggregate BW 2.5/1.2510G/2.540G/10G>40G Depends on type Good if combined with WDM >40G Granularity (min BW/user) 1 AWG port assigned N subcarriers1G-10G Good if +TDM Complexity, cost Tunable TRX ONUs Up-stream or tunable laser Upstream, PAPR, optical amplif. or coherent Coherent RX, random/tunable lasers ? Energy efficiency BWuser / 10G If ONU only handles assign. subc. User rate = line rate Optical spectrum efficiency Good if combined with WDM or coherent Power budget best Incremental scalability (n.,BW) Limited by device, AWG, or RBS Compatibility AWGSensitivity issue Wireless Splitter if coherent det.

6 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 6 Participant name Short nameCountry 1 Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya UPC Spain 2 France Telecom / Orange FT France 3 Tellabs TELLABS Finland 4 Intracom S.A. Telecom Solutions IntraCOM Greece 5 Instituto de Telecomumicações IT Portugal 6 High Institute of Communication and Information Technology ISCOM Italy 7 Research and Education Laboratory in Information Tech. AIT Greece SARDANA project Scalable Advanced Ring-based passive Dense Access Network Architecture Activity: ICT-1-1.1 - Network of the Future Grant agreement n.: 217122 (SARDANA) STREP: 2008-2010, 2.6 MEuro

7 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 7 SARDANA architecture def. SARDANA PON Resilient trunk Fully passive Hybrid: WDM Metro ring TDM Access trees Cascadable remote nodes New adoption of remotely- pumped amplification Colourless ONU RSOA Tunable laser 10G-2.5G (1G-100Mb /user) 100 Km 1000 users Multi-operator Based on xGPON, but transparent. IP trafic

8 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 8 SARDANA inter-operability & multi-operability

9 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 9 3 testbed demonstrations 1.Stakeholder demo in Espoo (Finland) in October 2010 (integration and tests) 2.Field trial in Lannion (France), in January over the metropolitan 12x 18 Km ring cable 3.Public demo at the Exhibit of FTTH Council Europe 2011, in Milan in February 2011.

10 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 10 ACCORDANCE STREP project A Converged Copper-Optical-RaDio OFDMA-based Access Network with High Capacity and FlExibility Definition of a novel Access Network architecture achieving convergence among heterogeneous technologies (optical, wireless, copper). Propose low-cost, low-complexity concepts to achieve ultra high data rates in the access network (up to 100Gbps aggregate and more than 10Gbps in each segment). Introduction of flexible bandwidth allocation concepts using dynamic FDM and OFDM sub-carrier assignment. Provision of smooth migration from and coexistence with legacy access solutions. Demonstration of the ACCORDANCE concepts using experimental test beds. Objectives Consortium

11 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 11 OFDM-PON (ACCORDANCE STREP project) OFDM-PON (ACCORDANCE STREP project) Envisioned Converged Network Architecture IntegratedDEMO

12 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 12 OFDM-PON system OLTONU Indicative experimental results by ACCORDANCE partners: R. Schmogrow et al., 101.5 Gbit/s Real-Time OFDM Transmitter with 16QAM Modulated Subcarriers, OFC11 OFC13: P. Schindler et al. OW1A.5

13 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 13 Flexible BW Allocation to deal with: the Power difference between (ONU1-ONU2) 50403020100 ONU 2 BW occupation [%] 5040302010 ONU 2 BW occupation [%] 0 a b c d e f a bcdef for proper detection at BER=10 -3, leaving ONU 1 with B(Q)PSK modulation The high BW granularity allows OFDMA to deal with differential link loss among users.

14 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 14 Example of ACCORDANCE MAC Scheduling Various options possible: Multiple subcarriers per ONU (hybrid OFDMA/TDMA) Multiple ONUs per subcarrier ( TDMA) PHY/MAC Cross-layer optimization Use of Adaptive Subcarrier Modulation (ASM) Use a different m-QAM for each ONU based on transmission performance MAC takes into account different bitrates for a subcarrier each time, depending on the allocation Lower delay for same traffic, i.e. capacity is effectively increased

15 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 15 COCONUT project: Coherent UD-WDM Can we improve the spectral efficiency in both optical&electrical domains? and the BW? and optical fine granularity ? and the Power budget? Proposal: Coherent UD-WDM with random-wavelength DFB lasers

16 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 16 COst-effective COhereNt Ultra-dense-WDM- PON for lambda-To-the-user access 10 th Concertation Meeting, October 2012 STREP 318515, ICT Objectives 1.1 a) b) 1st-Nov + 36 months Coordinator: –SSupSA (Ernesto Ciaramella) –Vice-coordinator: UPC (Josep Prat) GOAL: efficient TTH –1G-to-the-Home + 10G-to-the-Antenna –By: ultra-dense WDM-PON, by: Statistical WDM multiplexing Simplified coherent transmission

17 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 17 What Ligh Source at Home for WDM ? Requirements: – All the same : colourless (wavelength agnostic) for feasible provisioning and high volumes fabrication – Broadband: > 1GBit/s Possible solutions: – Tuneable laser : still expensive and non-repetible – Reflective SOA, wavelength remodulation: limited perform. – Random-wavelength laser !? Statistical multiplexing CO adapts to ONU Benefit of chaos..!

18 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 18 Wavelength contention statistics Grid= 6.25GHz Total BW = 30nm Uniform laser statistical distribution Max. N. users = 600 Thermal 2nm (DFB) (Results 1000 times aver.) ~ 1 ONU in 512 to replace With thermal tuning Without thermal tuning Spectral efficiency: Periodical allocation: 16 % Statistical allocation: 14%

19 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 19 NGPON2/3 arch. features comparison (typical-mean values) * Symmetrical PON; ** 16QAM; *** Only odd carriers used. XG-PONTWDMWDM/TDM-PONOFDM-PON **UD-WDM Aggregate BW 10 GBit/s40 GBit/s320 GBit/s10 - 100 GBit/s x8512 GBit/s User data* 50-200 MBit/s50-500 MBit/s50M-1G Bit/s100 MBit/s1 GBit/s Bit rate 10 GBit/s 10 - 100 GBit/s1 GBit/s ONU Elec. BW kHz - 10GHz Fi – Fi+50MHzMHz - 1 GHz Elec.Spectrum Eff.(up) 0.5%1%0.5% - 10%< 200%***< 200% Number of users 32128512128512 Wavelength Channels 1-24-8321-8512 Wavelength Spacing -100 GHz50 - 100 GHz>50 GHz3 - 12 GHz Optical Spectrum Eff. (up) -10%20-40%1% - 20%20 - 60% Passive distance reach 20 km20 Km60 km20 km100 km COST (per user, 1G, relative) 123 – 0.826 - 110 – 0.8 ENERGY C. (per user, relative) 112 – 0.810 – 0.75 - 0.4 Added features compatibility protection, metro- access converg. wired&wireless convergence, SC- DBA user independency splitter Issues Tunable ONU Colourless ONU, Optical remote pump power Up-stream OBI, PAPR, Sensitiv. Wavel.tuning, polarization

20 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 20 Possible colaboration research topics Definition of requirements, test of solutions and standardization steps towards NGPON3, implementing the concept of lambda-to-the-home TTH – from 100 Mb to 10 Gb to each home or antenna site Development of low cost phase-modulated lasers for elastic coherent udWDM-PON. Global Convergence of udWDM wired access, wireless and metro networks, in physical, MAC and control plane layers – current collaboration between NEC and Accordance/AIT All optical processing with OCDMA multiplexing, transmission and GMPLS routing – topic in joint research by NICT, RomaTre, Aveiro Univ. Extension of the concepts and techniques to smaller ranges: – CORE -> ACCESS -> LOCAL WIRED AND WIRELESS

21 EU-Japan Workshop, Brussels 18-April-2013 21 THANKS! Acknowledgements: European 7th Framework Programme project SARDANA ( European 7th Framework Programme project ACCORDANCE ( European 7th Framework Programme Network of Excellence EUROFOS ( European 7th Framework Programme project COCONUT (

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