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1 Categorisation of EU interventions Cohesion policy 2014-2020.

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1 1 Categorisation of EU interventions Cohesion policy 2014-2020

2 Introduction No final agreement by co-legislators on all elements relevant for the nomenclature of categories – a review will be necessary This fiche covers the nomenclature itself and the methodology for determining the climate related expenditure Fiches covering models for operational/cooperation programmes and the annual implementation report (including tables on categorisation data) have already been discussed in the expert group meetings 2

3 Main comments received Comments received from 8 MS Most comments and proposals were related to ERDF codes (titles, placement etc.) and the climate weights attached to those codes Detailed questions and clarifications requested in the fiche 3

4 Main changes - development of the methodology for tracking climate related expenditure Options considered to allow more accurate identification of climate related expenditure under the ERDF and the CF A two stage process (2nd state is new) Stage 1 - application of 0%, 40% and 100% to expenditure under the "intervention field" codes (as presented in the previous version of the fiche) Stage 2 – secondary filter for all expenditure reported under codes which have a 0% weight if reported under thematic objectives 4 or 5 (dimension 5 on thematic objectives), link with climate change is established and a 40% weight is attributed NB: Both stages are fully automatic – no additional administrative effort 4

5 Main changes – clarifications, elaboration of examples More detail and clarifications included: Particularly as regards the approach to the attribution of codes to operations For some of the dimensions not covered in great detail in the previous version on which questions have arisen. Aim for reasonable approximations – sometimes a single code provides this, at times more than one code is necessary 5

6 Q and A Proposals for codes, their titles and placement Proposals for changes in climate weights (in both directions) Other proposals and questions 6

7 Written comments can be sent until 14 June to: REGIO-DELEGATED-AND-IMPLEMENTING- 7

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