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THE SECRET LIFE OF YOUR TEACHER The Secret Life of Mrs. Becerra.

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1 THE SECRET LIFE OF YOUR TEACHER The Secret Life of Mrs. Becerra

2 My Home This is my husband, Bryan, sitting with Nigel & Lily. Nigel died about 8 years ago. This is Lily napping on the couch. She loves her blue blanket. Lily got stuck in her favorite blanket. This is my house. I live in Cleveland Heights with my husband, my dog, and 2 cats. This is Reesie. We’ve had her for 2 ½ years. The vet thinks she is about 4 1/2 years old. We found this kitten two years ago in a Hosta bush. So now her name is Hosta. We were going to give her away, but decided to keep her. This cute deer has been hanging out in our neighborhood.

3 My Family This is my sister (Monica) and I in Las Vegas. We were about to see a show called “Jersey Boys.” These are my parents. You might meet my mom this year. My dad died just over 3 years ago. Lily and Sadie wanted to be in the picture, too. These are my grandparents. My grandpa is 93 years old. He fought in WWII. My grandma died in March. Monica and I went for a walk in Las Vegas. Lily and Sadie are BFFs! My aunt and I rode a moped around Block Island. My sister got married in July in CT. I was in her beach wedding.

4 My Friends These are 3 of my close friends! This is my friend Emily, and her “lion,” Gregory. This is my friend Britt. She lives in Holland. I bet that most of you know Miss Rollins! You will see her walking around school all year long! We were eating dinner at Geraci’s. These are my friends from Book Club. We went to Hocking Hills! I will see them in 2 weeks. This is my best friend, Hilary. We’ve been friends for over 20 years!

5 When I Am Not At School… I love to read. These are some my favorites!!!!!! I am in a book club. Once a month I talk about books with my friends. I like to play tennis. I play 1-2 times per week. Bryan and I enjoy going to the movies. My all time favorite movie is “ET!” I like to be in my kitchen. Five summers ago my kitchen got redone. It looks much better now! (I don’t care for cooking too much though!)

6 Rift Valley Children’s Village July trip Volunteer at orphanage Read Math Love Care

7 My Favorite Foods and Restaurants  Popcorn and cookies are two of my favorite snacks. I like to stay healthy by eating fruits and vegetables. These are my favorites. I love to eat at Dewey’s Pizza! Four of my other favorite restaurants are: Chipotle, Champps, and Taza.

8 Did You Know? I HAD a yellow motorcycle. I rode it to school a couple of times. Bryan had a motorcycle, too. We sold our bikes because we didn’t use them often. I was a happy baby! My parents tell me that when I was 5 years old I decided that I wanted to teach elementary school! I stay healthy by running, playing tennis and spinning. This is where I get my hair cut. My husband, Bryan, is a student just like you! He goes to Akron full-time. He is studying biochemistry. GO ZIPS!!

9 Now that you have learned about my “secret life”, I am excited to find out about yours!

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