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EU MILITARY STAFF BG Pascal ROUX Concepts & Capabilities Director.

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1 EU MILITARY STAFF BG Pascal ROUX Concepts & Capabilities Director

2 EU Capability Development, Pooling and Sharing Defence Attachés, 29 March 2012

3 EuropeanExternalActionService(EEAS) CSDP structures Mil Capability Development Foreign Affairs Council (FAC in MoD Format) EUMC COREPER Political and Security Committee (PSC) Crisis Management Planning Directorate EU Military Staff CivComPMG EUMC: EU Military Committee PMG: Pol-Mil Group CivCom: Committee for civ aspects EDA Steering Board in MoD Format EuropeanDefenceAgency Industry Requirements, Concepts, Multilateral Solutions,… Requirements, Concepts, Multilateral Solutions,… Lessons from Operations Lessons from Operations

4 Current Issues Large Scope Single European Sky Consequences of Budget Cuts Development of Concepts Multi-Layer Exercise 2012 Climate Change Just to name a few …

5 Pooling and Sharing Pooling and Sharing is … not new to be effective and efficient to develop capabilities To maintain capabilities

6 P&S Initiative MultinationalCooperation MoD Meeting in Ghent September 2010 Cuts in Defence Budgets PoolingandSharing(P&S) DE SE FFT October 2010 Smart Defence

7 EU bodies as facilitators EUMS – Identification of possible projects – Doctrinal and conceptual aspects EDA – Identification of possible projects – Overall framework (inter alia administrative, legal and financial aspects)

8 Proposals Ghent Initiative MS Analysis EU bodies Analysis (EDA) (EUMS) Possible projects MS decisions Projects EU Bodies Facilitators Apr 2011 Sept 2011 Oct 2011

9 EUMS Analysis (15) – Air to Air refuelling – Maritime logistic – Fixed wing aircraft pilot training – Helicopter pilot training – Pooling CBRN capabilities – Tactical Air Transport Capability – Supply and basics logistics for operations – CIED training – Live Firing Areas – JTAC/FAC training – Future Anti-ship missile – CIED systems – Strategic Air Lift – Tactical UAV for ship – UAV Surveillance Education and Training Training and Education (16) – Live firing areas for Artillery – JTAC/FAC/CCA – Arctic operations – Mountain operations – SOF/PR – Airborne - Troops – Airborne Loading Operators – Military Police – Disaster relief – Logistics – CBRN – Medical: Tactical Combat Casualty Care – Staff courses Operational Planning – Air Simulators – Urban Operations – Joint Staff College

10 EDA 11 proposals Helicopter Training Programme Maritime Surveillance Networking European Satellite Communication Procurement Cell Medical Field Hospitals Air to Air Refuelling Future Military Satellite Communications Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Pilot Training European Transport Hubs Smart Munitions Naval Logistics and Training

11 Milestones 18 APR 2012EU MoD Informal 24 APR 2012EUMC CHODs 21 MAI 2012NATO Chicago Summit

12 Capabilities EU Military Staff

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