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Jamir La'Velle Hopson.

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1 Jamir La'Velle Hopson

2 Rwanda Genocide Hutu vs. Tutsi
In 1994, the Hutu majority in Rwanda organized an Hutu militia and began the slaughter of the Tutsi minority. In just 100 days, about 800,000 +Tutsi were slaughtered. Find out how and why this genocide happened.

3 How was the past history between the two groups??
In the past, the Tutsi minority was considered the better people of Rwanda and dominated Hutu workers for decades, especially while Rwanda was under Belgian colonial rule.

4 How did the tension start??
The 1994 genocide came from a long history of conflict between the Hutu and Tutsi people a conflict that Rwandans say began with Belgian colonialism.

5 When did the beef between the two groups start??
Following independence from Belgium in 1962, the Hutu majority seized power and reversed the roles, oppressing the Tutsis through systematic discrimination and acts of violence. As a result, over 200,000 Tutsis fled to neighboring countries and formed a rebel guerrilla army, the Rwandan Patriotic Front.

6 When was the major spark that caused the genocide??
In 1994 after president President Habyalimana and Burundi's new President, Cyprian Ntaryamira, were shot down in a plane that was believed to be shot down by the Tutsi right after the plane was shot down Hutu extremist went over to the Tutsis and began killing them

7 How did the survivors survive??
Most of the Tutsis that survived the killing either fled when the Hutus gained the power of immediately fled when the plane the president was in was shot down There was also passes given to some Tutsi families

8 Was there any punishment??
General Theoneste Bagosora was an retired army colonial who acted as the defense minister of the genocide

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