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Canadian Economic Activities

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1 Canadian Economic Activities
Chapter 5 Section 2 Canadian Economic Activities

2 Canada’s Economy Free Market Economy – businesses in business for themselves to make a profit Fishing –oldest Farming Forestry Mining Service Industry (largest percentage)

3 Canada’s Government More involved in Canada’s economy
Provide health care for all citizens Government owns: Radio, TV, (broadcasting), transportation and electric companies

4 Newfoundland and the Maritime Provinces
Includes: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island Fishing – best in the world, has been regulated by the government Limited farming – thin soil, poor climate (potatoes, apples) Highest % mining and manufacturing Tourism growing

5 Quebec Includes: Quebec Urban areas Financial Industry Tourism
Manufacturing Service Industry Smaller factors mining (gold, copper, iron) farming

6 Ontario Contains National Capital - Ottawa Includes: Ontario
Highest in population and wealth Commercial farming Manufacturing Financial shipping communication Industrial Mining Forestry Oil Chemicals Equipment

7 Prairie Provinces Includes: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta Farming
Ranching Natural Gas sources Oil Fossil fuels

8 British Columbia Includes: British Columbia Forestry (paper industry)
Mining (coal, copper, lead) Agriculture (cattle, fruits, veg.) Fishing- salmon off the Pacific Coast Shipping ports

9 The North Includes: Yukon Territory, Northwest Territory, and Nunavut
Scarcely populated Hunting and gathering Harsh Climate limits economy

10 Economic Concerns Dependent on US economy Acid rain Bi-lingual
Damaging lakes and forests Bi-lingual French English

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