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The MEETS programme (Modernisation of European Enterprise and Trade Statistics)

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1 The MEETS programme (Modernisation of European Enterprise and Trade Statistics)

2 The MEETS programme New needs, outdated needs Clear EU policy target; globalised economy; statistics have to portray new phenomena; outdated requirements.

3 The MEETS programme New ways of producing statistics Burden on business is an issue; away from surveys; towards the use af administrative data; more integration needed in statistics.

4 The MEETS programme Four main areas develop target sets of indicators and review priorities streamline the framework of business related statistics support a more efficient way of producing data modernise and simplify the data collection system for Intrastat

5 The MEETS programme Objective 1: The development of target sets of indicators and a review of priorities Action 1.1: Identify the areas of lesser importance » conduct regular reviews Action 1.2: Development of new areas » define and agree » harmonised definitions » test

6 The MEETS programme Objective 2: A streamlined framework of business-related statistics Action 2.1: Integration of the legal framework and the methodology »review existing legal acts »harmonise methodologies »studies on consistency Action 2.2: Development of statistics on enterprise groups »Implementation of the EuroGroups register »support actions in Member States Action 2.3: European sample schemes »not all data needed from all countries or at all level of detail

7 The MEETS programme Objective 3: The implementation of a smarter way of collecting data Action 3.1: Make better use of data that already exist in the statistical system »Data linking, optimal sampling, combination of sources, estimation Action 3.2: Make better use of data that already exist in the economy »The use of administrative and accounting data Action 3.3: Develop tools for the more efficient extraction, transmission and processing of data

8 The MEETS programme Objective 4: The modernisation and simplification of Intrastat Action 4.1: Harmonisation of methods to improve quality under a simplified Intrastat system Action 4.2: Better use of administrative data Action 4.3: Data exchange

9 The MEETS programme Resources Resource allocation in million (provisional) – 42.5 million in total 20092010201120122013 5.512.910.58.55.1

10 The MEETS programme Main purpose MEETS should not only be a financing tool, but should create momentum that is needed to allow for a modernisation of business and trade statistics.

11 The MEETS programme MEETS-projects, annual actions On a technical level MEETS will be broken down into 25 MEETS-projects. Each MEETS-projects will be handled individually. A project might run over several years. From these projects the annual actions to go into the annual work programme will be derived.

12 The MEETS programme The legal form of MEETS: European Council and Parliament Decision –Started in summer 2006; –proposed by Commission on 19 July 2007; –adopted by European Parliament 9 July 2008; –adoption in Council 18 November 2008; –published in OJ on 19 December 2008. –Start of the programme 1 January 2009; –end of the programme 31 December 2013.

13 The MEETS programme Any questions?

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