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Info day 2012 Call for proposlas on prevention and preparedness projects in civil protection and marine pollution 2012 Brussels, 2nd March 2011 Biljana.

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1 Info day 2012 Call for proposlas on prevention and preparedness projects in civil protection and marine pollution 2012 Brussels, 2nd March 2011 Biljana Zuber Civil Protection Policy, Prevention, Preparedness and Disaster Risk Reduction Unit

2 submittedco-financed 2007486 2008188 20093112 20105512 2011- two stage procedure 1319

3 Statistics-preparedness projects Number of projects implemented: 19 2008=5 2009=7 2010=3 2011=4 Total amount financed: 6.514.271 In 2007 there was no call for preparedness

4 Statistics about beneficiary countries-preparedness 2008-2010 CountryNumber of projectsAmount of the grants % of the total amount Austria3830 52916.5 Germany1238 2065.0 Greece1450 0009.0 France1325 4397.0 Italy1571 36711.5 Luxemburg2312 4556.0 Romania1295 0006.0 Netherlands2848 71017.0 Norway1456 8439.0 Sweden1410 0648.0 International1230 4765.0

5 Statistics-prevention projects Number of projects implemented: 28 2007=6 2008=3 2009=5 2010=9 2011=5 Total amount financed: 9.469.802

6 Statistics about beneficiary countries – prevention projects 2007-2010 CountryNumber of projects Amount of the grants % of the total amount Italy62 289 42731.5 Greece51 958 75927.0 Germany4943 10713.0 Bulgaria2540 1567.5 Belgium1318 0194.5 France1325 4394.5 Sweden1328 7004.5 UK1322 0384.5 Denmark186 4821.5 Spain194 1251.5

7 Scope of the call Priorities Duration and max co-funding Who can submit a proposal Time frame Tips

8 Scope and objectives Two separate sections, each with its own objectives and budget: Prevention (2 mio ) Preparedness (2 mio )

9 1.Actions assessing the costs and benefits of risk prevention measures 2.Actions developing risk assessments, hazard identification and risk modelling, including actions linked to the development of risk management plans 3.Actions developing innovative solutions for financing disaster prevention Priorities – prevention

10 Priorities – preparedness 1 1.civil protection and marine pollution co-operation- direct response to natural and man made disasters, which may affect critical cross-border infrastructures between two Participating States or which require specific technical skills or know-how. 2.Developing, exercising and registering multinational modules. 3.Actions aimed at increasing the Participating States preparedness for the coastal consequences of marine pollution accidents.

11 Priorities – preparedness 2 4. Actions aimed at increasing the Participating States' preparedness for receiving assistance. 5. Actions aiming at using and developing e-learning tools for spreading knowledge about civil protection 6. Actions aiming at limiting the consequences of emergencies through sharing experience and best practices on developing and making use of situation reports.

12 max EU co-funding rate is 75 % of total eligible costs max EU contribution per project is 500 000 max duration of the project 24 months min number of PS involved: at least two PS – preparedness at least three PS – prevention profit should not be generated by the project

13 call is opened to: 27 EU MS, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Croatia and fYRoM legal person public or private (public sector bodies, public administrations, universities, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, commercial firms, etc.) natural persons (individuals) are not eligible

14 Publication of the call: March 2012 on our website Deadline for submitting proposals: two months after the publication Evaluation: second part of 2012 Signing the contracts: end of 2012

15 Difference to the last year It will be one stage call – submitting only one proposal !!! ( last year it was two stage procedure) Endorsement of the national authority (last year just informing the national authority)

16 Evaluation criteria-published in the call Admissibility Eligibility Exclusion Selection Award

17 Evaluation criteria-Admissibility deadline must be respected number of copies of the proposal (1 original + 2 copies paper + electronic version: CD, memory stick) use of standard forms (dont use previous ones) forms must be signed all forms must be returned (not applicable = NA) mandatory annexes must be complete

18 Evaluation criteria- Eligibility applicant must be established in one of the countries specified (geographical admissibility) legal status of the applicant minimum number of participating states proposal must fall within the scope of this call project or project activities must not receive any financial support under other EU financial instruments EU financing rate requested must be within the limits of the EU contribution projects must demonstrate that they are complementary to the efforts already made in the PS

19 Evaluation criteria-Exclusion Apply to applicant bankrupt or being wound up convictions grave misconduct debts towards the sate fraud, corruption, involvement in criminal matters conflict of interests misrepresentation or information not supplied

20 Evaluation criteria-selection Answer the question Does the applicant have the necessary operational capacity (evidence of adequate operational capacity and professional qualifications and experiences (CVs) financial capacity (budget/annual turnover,..) to carry out the project?

21 Evaluation criteria-award 1.understanding (clarity, relevance and consistency of the rationale, objectives and planning of the proposed project) 2.methodology to be used for the project implementation (ways and means for translating the project into practice and producing the expected results) 3.cost-effectiveness of the project (budget structured and rational, justified and coherent, resources appropriate for the activities, means proposed = project cost-efficient) 4.European dimension of the project (priority at the EU level, relevance for more MS, results are transferable,..)

22 Tips Looking for partners - our website might help Examples of previous projects-our webiste ent_en.htm ent_en.htm Read grant application guide carrefuly Choose only one section prevention or preparedness, not both Original forms with signatures should be originals and not colour copies

23 Tips Actions in the project should not start before January 2013 Start collecting all the forms early enough Try to write clear and concise proposal with concrete results in mind Check our website regularly Should you not receive acknowledgement of receipt of your proposal from the Commission - get in touch with us

24 websites Publication of the call: nities/proposals_en.htm nities/proposals_en.htm Previous projects: l_instrument_en.htm Be aware We have changed the website - it looks different!

25 Thank you for your attention and good luck! Any questions?

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