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Update on renewables & EU energy policy

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1 Update on renewables & EU energy policy
Florian Ermacora DG ENERGY 1

2 Security of energy supply
Three overarching objectives of EU energy policy Sustainability Security of energy supply Competitiveness Reduction of emissions Diversification of energy sources, supply countries and routes Affordable and competitive prices Grid Stability Reduction of energy consumption Promotion of new technologies, growth and jobs Development of renewable energy sources Adequate energy infrastructure Improved energy efficiency

3 The renewables directive: targets and supportive regulatory framework
Source: Eurostat Renewable sources accounted for 13% of the EU's energy consumption in 2011

4 Progress report conclusion: current renewables policies: OK, but…
blue – planned trend in EU renewable energy to reach 2020 targets red dotted – estimated trend in EU renewable policy with current policies

5 Assessing the need for "public intervention"
1- specific problem and market failure Assess reflecting on wider political and regulatory framework 2- interrelationships of measures & policies Holistic, coordinated (inc. EU) not contradictory & national 3- evaluate alternatives European framework, competitive market-solutions Proportionate, time limited, non discriminatory, transparent…

6 Next… Guidance on making renewables' support more cost effective and compatible with the internal energy market Concurrent discussions on state aid guidelines Feeds into Commission's reflections on 2030 energy policy…

7 Proposals for the 2030 framework for climate and energy policies
2030 Green Paper: The 2030 framework will build on the 2050 Roadmaps - Concrete proposals by the end of 2013 2050 Roadmaps 2030 Green Paper Proposals for the 2030 framework for climate and energy policies 2011 March 2013 By end 2013 On-going discussions with Member States, EU institutions and stakeholders

8 Florian Ermacora DG ENERGY
Thank you for your attention Florian Ermacora DG ENERGY 8

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