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The EU-US organic equivalence arrangement

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1 The EU-US organic equivalence arrangement
Herman Van Boxem European Commission DG AGRI.H3 BioFach, 17 February 2012

2 Equivalence? in describing different systems or measures
“Equivalent” in describing different systems or measures means that they are capable of meeting the same objectives and principles by applying rules which ensure the same level of assurance of conformity.

3 Common list of differences
Process Analysis Technical dialogue Common list of differences Review on the spot Substantial issues Resolved Not resolved

4 Arrangement Synchronisation US EU Assessment of EU Assessment of US
Determines equivalency of EU EU Assessment of US Includes US on EU list of Third Countries

5 Substantial issues… EU about US US about EU Chilean nitrate GMO
Antibiotics fruit Animal feed Manure US about EU Oversight List of veterinary drugs Antibiotics in livestock Animal feed

6 … US issues resolved (1) Chilean nitrate phasing out GMO testing
Antibiotics fruit additional certification Animal feed methionine: less & phasing out Manure soil and water protection

7 … EU issues resolved (2) Oversight OK + increase
Veterinary drugs evaluation by EU Antibiotics livestock additional certification Animal feed phase out of non-organic 5%

8 Substantial common issues
Origin Acceptance of each others imports Scope Aquaculture not yet in arrangement Wine to be reviewed once EU has published its rules Import certificates Required for trade in both directions Labelling Rules of destination country apply

9 Technical cooperation agreement
Third country recognition Animal health Standard setting Controls

10 Outcomes – from 1.6.2012 Export from EU to US
can be certified by all EU CBs New US import certificate Export from US to EU can be certified by all US CBs no import authorisations required anymore Normal EU import certificate

11 Essentials 10 years Huge effort
Process needs confidentiality and trust Major step forward Recognition of each others achievements Imports based on the respect of the exporting country’s rules Technical cooperation = key for the future

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