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Development Partnership By Carlos Ribeiro – ANOP Portugal A permanent building process.

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1 Development Partnership By Carlos Ribeiro – ANOP Portugal A permanent building process

2 A practical experience of Engaging partners. Complementarily and Networking. New ways to disseminate products and practices

3 A summary presentation of the Partnership 15 institutions A very diversified institutional partnership with Local Authorities; enterprises associations; development and youth associations (3); entrepreneurship and innovation support structures (2)

4 Intervention Territory -A region in the North of Portugal: Entre Douro e Vouga -Population: 277 000 -An important and strategic region with small business but also medium and big enterprises in cork, paper, steel and shoes

5 Project purpose Promoting networks between SMEs and local institutions

6 Procura Serviços Meios Funções Informação geral Inf. Especializada Aconselhamento DP Aconselhamento NET Acções prospectivas Acções Prosp. Esp. Atendedor DP Conselheiro DP Atendedor Net Conselhiero Net Misto Portal Net Intranet Balcões especializados Pontos de apoio INFOVAN Criação legislação Oportunidades Alterações fiscais Apooio e incentivos Redes de cooperação AD AT M E Anop/CR/Março04/inforloca

7 Partnership Generic activities Policy and strategy development Negotiation and liaison with partners and stakeholders Project development and management Performance management Financial management and funding acquisition Communication and public engagement Data collection and analysis Monitoring and evaluation

8 Problems Insufficient knowledge of target-goals Disengagement/ non appurtenance feeling Lack of cooperation between partners Inadequate resources Self-centred functioning of partnership, that ignores users needs Feeble propensity to learn collectively and to develop skills along with project implementation

9 Key skills Management skills To organize meetings To plan activities To control financial resources Relationship skills Project team working To cope with formal and informal situations To promote consensus Researching skills Bibliography researching disposal To coordinate field-working To systematize debates and moments of thematic reflection

10 Specific project skills Communication skills To organize debates and divulgation; To edit key documentation; To set up information in electronic devices (web, e- mail)web, e-mail) Cooperation Skills To negotiate target goals and achievements Knowledge, techniques and tools transfers Co-learning engagement

11 First group of activities Bringing people and institutions closer Favouring mutual knowledge Promoting informal relationships Opening new channels of communication

12 Shared Portfolio Activities to built the Partnership Portfolio Cross – interviews; individual members Explore: what links in Internet show about partners Skills show-room: a gallery of key skills; dynamic presentation and debate Output Puzzle of key skills for the project and the further actions

13 Who are we and what skills can we bring to the project….?

14 Partnership development Investment in mutual knowledge and relationship


16 Second group of activities Quality and networking

17 Quality management game Projects competition between groups composed by every members of the partnership Definition of an action plan and the conditions for installing and functioning of a quality system. Making of a Guide of Collective Skills Output Involvement and collective definition of the partnership development goals

18 What kind of services can we develop in partnership in an efficient basis, with effectiveness and insuring quality criteria?

19 A partnership oriented to take action

20 Third group of activities Networking

21 Communication and interaction Web site with shared back-office Group assembly to develop web sites skills Interactive platform of documents and communication. A simulator of possible responses to some common answers of network users, to improve attending. Group assembly in an all-day simulator testing and improvement activities. Output Effectiveness and efficiency in communication processes

22 All-day simulator testing and improvement activities Are we prepared to respond in a synchronized way to answers from the network users?


24 Instalação pedreira área Temas críticos Temas complementares HST Sinaléticas ambiente Poluição Solos Resposta Atend. Geral Acons. geral Entidade pivot ----- Entidades Complementares -------- Meios SIR Sistema Integrado de Resposta Anop/ CR/ inforloca/ março 2004

25 Forth group of activities Dissemination To make the mainstream of the network in a regional level

26 Interactive Network Program Enlarged and specialized Partnership Inclusion of Incorporators - Enterprise Associations Network and Social City Council Network Goal: To promote social and enterprises networks development To share experience and adapt networking models and tools Output Enlargement of initial network To improve networking support devices

27 Informar local Experiên -cias sistema tização 1 2 3 empresarial social Estruturar Rede Ciclo Inicial de implementação sistema tização Sistematização final Preparação e experimentação em contexto Formativo (formação-acção) Acompanhamento e avaliação

28 Could the Informar Local Network be adopted by the social and entrepreneurial networks?


30 Fifth group of activities To promote really existing communities of practice

31 The new world of Web2 Debate groups The wiki –in wikispace Exchange of documents and photos To share links and organizing feed Cooperative work in documents and projects Output Groupings and interactions for personal and professional interests Systematic and methodical knowledge production concerning common interest subjects Organized Partnerships for Knowledge (gains) and not only for the project (pragmatism)


33 The development partnerships should, by complementarily to its structural goals, incorporate self-development monitorship programs. The modalities of institutional and individual interaction should cause ruptures in existing habits and assume a progressive development character, if exhaustively programmed and firmly overviewed. The investment in the dynamization of Partnership development should focus priory in relationship and in logistics, namely in tools that promote the cooperative work and assistance between the network members. Conclusions

34 Carlos Valentim Ribeiro

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