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Welcomeurope © Creating a Partnership Between the Civil Society and the Public Authorities : A French Experience OPEN DAYS 2006 Speaker:Lorraine de Bouchony.

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1 Welcomeurope © Creating a Partnership Between the Civil Society and the Public Authorities : A French Experience OPEN DAYS 2006 Speaker:Lorraine de Bouchony WELCOMEUROPE

2 Welcomeurope © REMINDER OF CERTAIN SPECIFICITIES OF THE STRUCTURAL FUNDS - Financing actions demonstrating the necessity of the funding as an help in the start up / a leverage = numerous projects in line with the European Social Fund purpose - Reinforcing local partnerships to bring together all the actors of a specific territory and in a specific sector within a same strategy = EQUAL projects especially reflect this wish. Many collective actions (ERDF or SF) through initiatives of professional federations, networks, employment areas…

3 Welcomeurope © RESOLVING THE PROBLEMS BY THE PARTNERSHIP INSTITUTION-ASSOCIATION Problems of the managing Organisations: heavy burden of programmes management loss of certain target groups problem of duration and then profitability of the applications selection process problem of the funding consumption In the present programming period, a French experimentation is taking place The global ESF funding to civil society actors

4 Welcomeurope © EXPERIMENTATION SITE/ THE ESF Axis 6, measure 10 of the Objective 3 programme A measure dedicated to local initiatives Axis 6 and measure 10: devoted to the priority of opening up the strategy proposed by the French DOCUP to local initiatives with the objective of enriching employment actions by the participation of new actors and the reinforcement of local partners.

5 Welcomeurope © BEST PRACTICE: the Measure 10 of the ESF in France DOCUPs Objective 3 2000-2006 in France: « The measure 10 is part of the cross-cutting priority supporting initiatives for local employment and local partnerships (such as the local employment pacts), in line with the Article 2.2 of the ESF Regulation. It is also linked to Article 4.2 of the ESF regulation regarding small subsidies matching the specific arrangements for access of NGOs and local partners. »

6 Welcomeurope © 2 SUB MEASURES MEASURE 10 Sub-Measure 10A « Employment and Territories» Sub-Measure 10B « Associative Micro-Projects »

7 Welcomeurope © SUB MEASURE 10A Sub-measure 10A : Employment and Territories Bring new responses adapted to the local specificities Promote territorial strategies in favour of employment Develop projects particularly innovative and integrated with economic and social dimensions, through project management support. = Development of a bottom-up approach and an integrated and innovative strategy implemented by an enlarged partnership representing the significant civil society components within the territory

8 Welcomeurope © BOTTOM UP APPROACH In the context of the traditionally vertical French employment policy, the dissemination of A BOTTOM UP approach is considered as particularly relevant. The measure 10A has helped to renew the employment public service partnership with the local development actors -an important objective of the spatial planning policy-.

9 Welcomeurope © BOTTOM UP APPROACH The Influencing Approach

10 Welcomeurope © SUB MEASURE 10A : A CASE STUDY The Project: « Le Val de Bièvre », initiatives in favour of employment The stakeholders: « La Communauté dAgglomération du Val de Bièvre » (Ile-de-France Region, 10 km from Paris) Grant awarded: 101 000 Euro Objective: mobilise the actors of the territory for an action plan supporting sustainable employment Means: recruitment of a project manager, implementation and evaluation of the action plan

11 Welcomeurope © SUB MEASURE 10A : PARTNERSHIP Partnership: CRITICAL for all the projects under the sub-measure 10A « The Val de Bièvre » Project: -Local Governments involved: Conseil régional, Conseil général Public services: ANPE, devolved services of the Ministry for employment, ASSEDIC -Associations: missions locales, urban policy services of the city, AFPA -Employers/entrepreneurs: Consular Chambers

12 Welcomeurope © SUB MEASURE 10A : What Lessons? Gathering local governments as territorial networks Requirement of a large partnership involving all the employment and vocational training actors on a common territory A concrete partnership for a motivational project able to be implemented through an action plan Lasting partnerships - the projects can last up to 36 months

13 Welcomeurope © SUB MEASURE 10B Sub-measure 10B : Associative micro-projects Supports little projects of associations to: contribute to the development of local initiatives - primarily from associations - for social and professional inclusion of people in great difficulty; support local initiatives for the setting-up of companies and the development of social economies; support local initiatives to give local actors the means for developing gender equality actions

14 Welcomeurope © SUB MEASURE 10B Sub-measure 10B : associative micro-projects purchase and implement computer management- follow up - evaluation systems studies, seminars, capital projects salary of temporary agents or private sector staff employed for the execution of these actions.

15 Welcomeurope © SUB MEASURE 10B The Beneficiaries Budget: 23 500 Euro as a maximum amount for 18 months Eligible Actions: projects in favour of employment and professional inclusion Beneficiaries: associations only Partnership: the involvement of associations in the employment and professional inclusion policies Local partnerships built by associations (local governments, other associations, companies, administrations, social partners) to implement the project

16 Welcomeurope © SUB MEASURE 10B: Examples of Projects -Sustainability of employment into emerging or non profit making economic sectors : fair trade, culture… -Projects aimed at helping those returning to work -Projects aimed at accomdating family life and work (nurseries, associations for helping in household work) and helping the young mothers to go back into the workforce These projects are generally generators of jobs (with the employment of one or two people for the project itself) and can have much larger consequences for the employment in the region.

17 Welcomeurope © SUB MEASURE 10B: The Managers Delegated Management The Management Authority delegates the management of the sub-measure to intermediary organisations The Intermediary Organisations Associations of the social economy most often nationally based. The delegation only applies to a limited territory (a Département or a Région) Widespread Management of the Project The intermediary organisations inform the stakeholders, organise the calls for proposals, select the applications, are in charge of the first level of control

18 Welcomeurope © SUB MEASURE 10B: What lessons? -Support to small scale projects closely concentrated on a specific territory and able to mobilise a large number of actors -Support to the associations as actors of the employment policy -Federating smaller associations-relays for a local government global project

19 Welcomeurope © WELCOMEUROPE 38, rue Léon - 75 018 Paris Phone : +33 (0)1 42 54 60 64 / Fax : +33 (0) 1 42 54 70 04 1. Advice Service – Technical Assistance: 2. Training Service : 3. Euroveille Service :

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