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Unleashing Social Inclusion The EU Structural Funds Ray Phillips Chair, EAPN Structural Funds Task Force.

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1 Unleashing Social Inclusion The EU Structural Funds Ray Phillips Chair, EAPN Structural Funds Task Force

2 Overview The Lisbon Challenge EAPN Structural Funds Task Force Information Planning Design & Partnership Social Inclusion Delivery & Access Monitoring: Structures & Indicators Technical Assistance

3 The Funds ~ Lisbon Challenge Ensure inclusive labour markets for job seekers and disadvantaged people through: active and preventive labour market measures including early identification of needs, job search assistance, guidance and training as part of personalised action plans, provision of social services necessary to support the labour market inclusion of disadvantaged people and contribute to social and territorial cohesion and to the eradication of poverty … EU Employment Guidelines, Integrated Guidelines for Growth & Jobs (2005-2008)

4 The Funds: EAPN Task Force Manual on the Management of the EU Structural Funds ~ 2 nd edition 2006 Belgium Cyprus Czech republic Denmark Germany Spain Estonia Hungary Ireland Italy Poland Lithuania Netherlands Portugal Malta Britain

5 The Funds: Information What most governments do website explanatory brochures What good governments do specific material on the Funds and social inclusion information on different Funds on the website key documents for downloading – summary and full versions target information to NGOs allocate Technical Assistance to NGOs to inform themselves use other forms of media apart from the internet

6 The Funds: Planning & Partnership What governments can and should do recognise NGOs as full partners: including social NGOs operate an open door policy to NGOs in design & planning publish a consultation plan & timetable with clear stages ensure there is plenty of time for all stages provide Technical Assistance for NGOs in consultation share plans and drafts at earliest possible stage use working groups, involving NGOs, for specific themes use several forms of media to spread knowledge involve NGOs working with most excluded (Roma, gypsies) show how and why comments have been incorporated report on consultation process afterwards

7 The Funds: Social Inclusion Checklist of questions National Strategic Reference Framework priorities? Does NSRF reflect social inclusion priorities of CSG? Is social inclusion a key factor in planning, design & debate? Which socially excluded groups are targeted? Can those previously missed be incorporated? Is social inclusion an integral part of both ESF & ERDF?

8 The Funds: Delivery & Access Continuing administrative barriers nature of co-funding requirements application of rules around the labour market rules changed after projects signed requirements for accreditation to do training long wait for approval funding for only a year at a time bad management by managing authorities unfriendly to small NGOs

9 The Funds: Monitoring Checklist of questions Are NGOs on Monitoring Committees? Do you know who MC members are and are you in contact? When access is refused, do you alert government? Do NGO reps receive training, support and assistance? Do MCs use indicators reporting on social inclusion? Is there a gender balance on MCs? Do you have evaluation reports on present/previous periods? Do you ensure youre consulted on evaluation processes? Do you know who the evaluators are and do you meet them? Does evaluation recognise poverty and social inclusion? Do you comment on the published evaluation reports?

10 The Funds: Technical Assistance Checklist of questions Do you know who decides on TA in your country? Do you know where TA has been spent and on what? If all TA is spent by government agencies, why not wider? Have NGOs promoting social inclusion applied for TA? Is your government aware of such practice as in UK? Are you aware of the wide scope of the new Regulations? How about starting a dialogue with your government on TA? Where can TA help in promoting social inclusion? If government says no, whats your strategy to get a rethink?

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