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Opendays 2007 - Brussels Caisse des Dépôts CDC as Certifying Authority Mr Albert PERY.

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1 Opendays 2007 - Brussels Caisse des Dépôts CDC as Certifying Authority Mr Albert PERY

2 Opendays 2007 - Brussels Presentation overview Main features of Caisse des Dépôts CDC as a partner of Regions & public authorities The role of CDC as Certifying Authority

3 Opendays 2007 - Brussels Caisse des dépôts Caisse des Dépôts is a public financial institution. It is : – The leading administrator of French savings deposits and retirement savings funds and of private funds that are protected under French law, – The leader in financing low-income housing in France and urban development, – The long-term partner of local and regional authorities, – A leading long-term institutional investor.

4 Opendays 2007 - Brussels 2006 Key figures Total assets: 200 billion Total saving funds administered by CDC : 205 billion Employees: –Caisse des Dépôts : 5,000 –Subsidiaries : 45,000

5 Opendays 2007 - Brussels CDC and French ministries CDC is a traditional partner of French ministries and public institutions : –The Public mandates Department has been in charge for several years of the financial and administrative management of funds, foundations, … –The services we offer are provided through contracts with our partners (public institutions, ministries, or private companies), to which we report regularly.

6 Opendays 2007 - Brussels – Our initial aims Develop our activity on an European scale Be a partner of public authorities Contribute to improve the implementation of public policies – 2002-2006 : CDC is the Paying Authority for : 10 INTERREG programmes + 1 URBACT programme (16% of community credits) 9 URBAN programmes (13% of community credits) 1 Objective II programme 7 Regional programmes of Innovative Actions In addition, since 2004, CDC is also administrative coordinator of several consortia involved in the Sixth Framework programme for Research and technological development. CDC and European Programmes

7 Opendays 2007 - Brussels CDC and European Programmes - 2007-2013 : Strengthen and develop the activity within the new Objective 3 framework : European territorial cooperation objective promoted as one of the main objectives Support our partners – Managing Authorities – when they apply for : –Renewal of contracts (ENO, Upper Rhine, French–British, France- Switzerland and France-Wallonia-Flanders programmes, URBACT) –New programmes (Inter-regional cooperation, Trans-Channel, Greater Region, Med) - At this stage, CDC is the Certifying Authority of 8 Objective III programmes, corresponding to a total amount of 1,2 billion, i.e. 14% of the Objective global resource

8 Opendays 2007 - Brussels CDC as Certifying Authority CDC provides a range of services : programme treasurer payer of grants to the leading partners of the programme certifying body of the programme expenditure

9 Opendays 2007 - Brussels CDC = Treasurer Financial management of the programme : ® Opening of an interest-bearing account for the programme ® Checking of all incurred movements (payments on account, interim payments, …) ® Regular reporting to partners Budget monitoring of the programme : ® Credits reservation following programming committees ® Credit consumption checking ® Monitoring recoverable amounts ® Monitoring of the programme budget commitments (mainly to avoid automatic decommitment) ® Regular reporting to partners

10 Opendays 2007 - Brussels CDC = Paying body Checking of the leading partners statements of expenditure, validated by the Management Authority –Verification of : the certificates attesting that the service has been delivered the payment orders –Compliance with the financial contract Payment of grants to beneficiaries as quickly as possible following the reception of complete documents

11 Opendays 2007 - Brussels CDC = certifying authority Certify regularly and submit to the EC the programme expenditure : –Systematic verification of the statement of expenditure issued by the dedicated European software –Send to the EC the applications for payments Make sure permanently of the effective functioning of the audit trail : –Taking account of audits and controls carried out at any level of the programme –Operate random controls

12 Opendays 2007 - Brussels Our team Specialized in management of European programmes –28 programmes managed, –In addition, 8 new programmes within the new Objective III framework, –and 7 consortia included in the Sixth Framework programme for research and technological development –1 dedicated correspondent for each programme Multilingual Frequently trained to technical evolutions

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