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Ken Lambert ESF Operations Manager

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1 Ken Lambert ESF Operations Manager
Innovation and ESF– Ken Lambert ESF Operations Manager

2 Overview Who am I ESF in England in 2007-2013
Innovation and mainstreaming

3 Who am I ? Ken Lambert Responsibilities ESF Objective 3 2000-2006
Equal Community Initiative Delivery of ESF programme

4 ESF 2007-2013 - outline Single England Programme
Includes Convergence region (Cornwall) Includes phasing in regions Regional flexibility within national framework

5 ESF 2007-2013 - Priorities P1 – Employment P2 – Skills
Extending employment opportunities P2 – Skills Developing a skilled and adaptable workforce

6 ESF 2007-2013 - Innovation Not a separate Priority
Identify key areas for innovation within the Operational Programme Policy makers will help to identify key areas Focus on innovation in delivery – not on policy innovation How to deliver, not what to deliver

7 ESF 2007-2013 - Innovation Separate tender specifications
Specify required outcomes/outputs Evaluation and dissemination a requirement Transnational working strongly encouraged Policy makers engaged with innovative projects

8 ESF 2007-2013 - Mainstreaming Continued use of website
Dissemination Mainstreaming Involvement of policy officials from the start Try out new ways of policy delivery Potential for national mainstreaming Innovation and mainstreaming sub-committee of Programme Monitoring Committee

9 Conclusions Build innovation and mainstreaming in the Programme from the start Involve policy officials from the start Innovation not a separate “add-on” Use tools developed under Equal for mainstreaming

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