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COPCAs support for participation of SMEs in tendering systems abroad Ana Coelho, Director of the delegation for EU affairs

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1 COPCAs support for participation of SMEs in tendering systems abroad Ana Coelho, Director of the delegation for EU affairs

2 COPCA is the organization responsible for the management, development and follow up of the Catalan Enterprise Internationalisation Plan 2005-2008

3 Founded in 1987 as a response to a challenge (joining EEC in 1986) A Consortium of nearly 100 organizations (permanent dialogue between public and private sectors) Centre of high quality services (certified ISO 9001 Standards) COPCA

4 Multiply Catalonias exports by 1,35 Increase up to 15.000 the number of regular exporting companies Achieve an FDI investment flow of 25.000 M between 2005 and 2008 Increase the total services exports weight up to 15% Internationalisation policies structured by sectors Positive growth of sectors internationalisation ratio Targets

5 Getting into Diversification Consolidating exports of markets the internationalisation MICROENTREPRISE PROGRAM NEW EXPORTERS PROGRAM (NEX) NEX PROGRAM II PHASE DIRECTORY OF PROFESSIONALS INT-TEC PROGRAM ASSESSMENT SPECIALISED BY GEOGRAPHICAL AREAS EUROPE AFRICA ASIC-PACIFIC AMERICA NEI PROGRAM e – NEI NEI OF SUBSIDIARIES NEI CLUB IDE SERVICE VENTURE CAPITAL The International Ring Information about internationalisation / Knowledge management / Commercialisation company vs. Company INTERNATIONAL CO-OPERATION Technical assistance, multilateral, bilateral, enterprise co-operation MARKETING AND Products & Services from Catalonia, the virtual Fair e-COMMERCE 2Bdigital, e-commerce among companies TOOLS SERVICES SERVICES 37 BUSINESS PROMOTION CENTRES WORLD-WIDE – ENTERPRISE PLATFORMS PROMOTION, INFORMATION, TRAINING

6 Complementarity: avoid doing what already exists Consensus: dialogue between private and public sector Sustainability: commitment of the enterprise Customisation: adaptability of the services to the internationalisation evolution of the Catalan enterprise Criteria for the provision of services

7 INDUSTRY SERVICES Weight of exports on GDP similar to other developed countries Largest enterprises concentrate exports Europe will continue as the main market but we need to guarantee our presence in US, China and Russia. Service sector presents a high growing potential Small companies play a very important role Substitution of imports from traditional countries for imports of low cost countries does not reach the level of other surrounding economies Catalonias services FDI is still very low and limited in comparison with other surrounding economies Production capacity moves towards lower cost countries, maintaining added value activities in origin countries EXPORTSIMPORTSINVESTMENT A high growing potential

8 CATALONIA: SPAIN´S ECONOMIC MOTOR % of Spanish total (2005)

9 CPI INFORMATION ACTIONS : Catalan version of the dgmarket a Specific Documentation on CPI at Close collaboration with media Newsletter :information on specif training Objective: following up of the market of international tendering in order to find new opportunities of growth for SMEs (also public procurement within the EU structural funds)

10 CPI TRAINING ACTIONS : Hands on Manual on Public Procurement in projects outside Catalonia Thematic classes to update on last issues related to Public Procurement. General courses on how to bid. Specific sectorial courses OBJECTIVE : aquire all necessary knowledge to bid correctly

11 CPI INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT OBJECTIVE : To help introducing and positioning SMEs on this new market ACTIONS : Specific assessment programme: flexible and tailor-made to the company Consultancy services to help the company with its strategy Elaboration of a diagnostic with the advantages for the company Redaction of an Individual working programme Support to the enrolment of a specialist in international public procurement within the company in cooperation with the consultant

12 Concrete examples : Sector: telecommunications Specific support: * MAN (Metropolitan Area Network (Ireland) * IANIS & ERISA regional projects * Slovak regions

13 Concrete examples : Sector: tourism industry & environment Specific support: * liaison with regions which were in similar situation as Catalunya some years ago: South Italian Regions, Greece, Cyprus and Corse

14 Concrete examples : Sector: several Specific support: * JASPERS * Cohesion Fund * ISPA

15 Moltes gràcies per la vostra atenció!!

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