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1 Compare Karlstad Four steps in cluster development

2 Summer of -99 Hype in ICT Need for cooperation -Recruiting -Marketing

3 Compare Karlstad Jan 2011 95 ICT companies 2600 employees Turnover 4,5 Billion SKR 58 < 10 employees 6 > 100 employees

4 Compare Infrastructure 11 companies Projekt Management. 11 companies Technical info 5 companies Other 6 companies Education 5 companies Media and webb 9 companies Sales 4 companies Ind-IT 12 companies IT 26 companies Telecom 6 companies

5 Assignment : Create growth for participating companies Strategy : Cooperation : Focus : –Business –Establishment –Supply of competence Companies University Clusters Community

6 Four steps 1.Getting to know each other 2.Can we do something together? 3.Cross Clustering 4.International cooperation

7 First step, first four years Press releases Breakfast meetings Seminars Recruiting Sports and Leisure club – Compis All kinds of networking activities

8 Step 2, Business projects Independent Software TestLab Disaster & Recovery Arenas of the Future Energy saving in server centers Karlstad international TIME school

9 Third step, Cross Clustering Compare The Paper Province The Packaging Arena Steel & Engineering Remote electronic monitoring Strategic kompetence supply After work

10 Forth step, International cooperation Lillestrom Norway Kolding Denmark EU-project, six countries

11 Financing Member fees Public sector. Local and National authorities EU Turnover (2010) 1,5 million EURO 50% Privat and 50% Public

12 Its all about trust

13 Thank you

14 Lessons learned… Create mutual trust Arrange meetingplaces Business focus Have patience

15 Remote Electronic Monitoring

16 Strategic kompetence supply

17 Industry driven An independent player providing – test infrastructure – test processes and methods – test competence – test services A common arena for – companies – university – public players Independent Software Test Lab

18 Disaster & Recovery Simulate ICT enviroment Practice recovery

19 Data centers consumes enormous amount of energy Energy saving

20 Arenas of The Future Active consumers Digital technique Interactivity Virtual arenas Some 30 companies involved Rally, Horse racing, Ishockey, Sailing, Skiing

21 Konceptet Video-clip med välkomsthälsning Video-clip med viktiga matchhändelser/repriser Mål från andra matcher Rabattkupong (e-tag) Interaktivt matchprogram Enkla SMS med information


23 Ice Hockey

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