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Welcome to First Grade Back to School 2011-2012 Mrs. Pozesky

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1 Welcome to First Grade Back to School 2011-2012 Mrs. Pozesky

2 Welcome Introduction Common Core

3 Schedule  Mondays: Music and Computers  Wednesday: Library and Social Studies  Thursday: Gym, Art, and Spanish  Friday: Science and Story Guest

4 Daily Routine  Unpack and get settled  Morning Meeting/Prayers  Religion  Math  Snack/Recess  ELA  Lunch:12:25-1:17  DEAR  ELA

5 New Curriculum  Please see the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s website for a more in depth overview(  How it will play a role in First Grade  There will be six week units, theme based  New Spelling and Phonics Program  No more readers; literature based  Whole and small group instructions  centers  ABC Books throughout the year

6 Snack Time and Birthdays  Your child can purchase pretzels for the month or bring their own snack. Please no juice boxes except for lunch. Your child may have a water bottle with them if needed.  For your child’s birthday, you may send in a healthy snack or party pack. Please send in your child’s favorite book for me to read on their birthday.

7 All About Me and Phanatic About Reading  Student will be picked on Fridays  Fill out All About Me form for that week.  Student may bring in a show and tell to talk about something that is special to them on Fridays.  Our goal is to read 100 books this year to celebrate reading! Keep an eye out for the countdown!  Please think about volunteering to be a story parent for us which takes place on Fridays!  Each child will need a shoebox for their storybook box

8 Positive Behavior  I encourage a room of loving, respectful and kind words and actions to one another.  Each child with be held accountable for their own behavior with a chance to earn “Caught Being Good” Tickets. At the end of the week 5 tickets will be picked for a prize.  As a class, we will be focusing on “Classroom Accomplishments”. Once we reach ten, the class will earn a “Mystery Surprise”.

9 Homework  Will be posted on my wiki  30 minutes or less  Read every night whether its on the homework sheet  Math will likely be every night; always practice facts  Spelling pts-see paper-will be checked at the end of the week  Some form of ELA for the week-Book Bags  Sign homework after completed  Posted weekly  WILT

10 Supplies  Religion Copybook  Homework Copybook  Rhythm and Rhyme/Daily Copybook  Math Journal  Writing Journal  Words I Use When I write Book  Religion, Phonics, and Spelling Books  Folders-Take Home, School, Centers, Writing  Binder- Religion, ELA, Math  Two pencil cases with their materials

11 Things to Remember  Please put your child’s name on everything, even school uniform.  If your child is going to be absent, please notify the school and send in an absent note.  Any changes to your child’s dismissal, please email or send in a note.  Please have all supplies taken out of their packages and placed in their pencil cases.  3D Day is a day where your child may dress down and pay a $1. Please keep an eye out for the calendar for those days.

12 Continued……  Anything sent into school, money or forms must be in an envelope and labeled.  Supply fee of $30 is due September 23 rd  Tests will be sent home once a week on Wednesdays if there are any for that week. Please sign and return by Friday.  Please fill out parent input form and return when you can.  First Day-Have your child bring in a brown bag containing their five favorite things-can decorate the bag  Water bottles are permitted on warm/hot days  Please put on a paper/card how your child will be going home usually, especially that first day.

13 Continued…  Throughout the year the year I will be sending home Scholastic Book orders. You can order online-code GQVJV at  Shelter in Place Bags  Dress Code  Online Grades

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