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01-2009 Slide 1 1 Galileo R&D projects in Israel By: Effi Bergida.

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1 Slide 1 1 Galileo R&D projects in Israel By: Effi Bergida

2 Slide 2 2 The EU - State of Israel GSA - Matimop Receiver technology & Applications call Galileo R&D projects in Israel The projects framework Agreement

3 Slide 3 3 iGalileo – R&D areas Receivers High Dynamics GNSS Receiver 1 Sec, -140 dBm search -160 dBm track Attitude Determination GNSS Receiver Better than 1 mili-radian accuracy Indoor GNSS receiver Pseudolites for multiple systems Simulator (start with GPS) Up to 16 simultaneously simulated satellites Dynamic range between satellites up to 25dB Up to 64 simulated multi-paths RF signal level control -125dBm to -160dBm VSAT automatic orientation system

4 Slide 4 4 iGalileo – Partners Galileo Satellite Navigation (coordinator) The Technion University in Haifa Gilat Satellite Networks AXYSystem and Motion Solutions Arcnet Ltd. MAPI – Israels National Agency for Mapping and Geographic Information

5 Slide 5 5 RubiGal - R&D areas The Technology / Application Using both Galileo and GPS receivers to discipline the Rubidium clock. The low power consumption is achieved by using a low power CPT Rubidium Frequency Standard. Key features: Power consumption: <600mW (using the low power CPT clock). Time accuracy: 1-10nSec. Weight: <200g. Mechanical dimensions: ~200cc.

6 Slide 6 6 RubiGal members AccuBeat Ltd (coordinator) Developing the RubiGal hardware, algorithm and the low power CPT Frequency Standard. The Technion and Bar Ilan Universities Developing technologies for a low power CPT clock.

7 Slide 7 7 PERLOC – a SAR/Galileo application Project mission Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) Transmitting to Satellites Wrist watch size / Low cost The Technology High Power/Efficient /Miniature UHF Transmitter Low Profile Antenna Smart battery Control Low False Alarm Rate Application Emergency Beacon for Outdoor Activities: Sailing, Skiing, Hiking, Travelling, etc.

8 Slide 8 8 PERLOC – members Members Mobit (coordinator) Wireless Avionics Galileo 2nd call interest Activity/Area Search and rescue applications Topics called GALILEO SAR Service

9 Slide 9 9 MONGIROS : R&D area Project mission Prevent accidental roaming when approaching country border (dont become a roamer in your home network area) Use Galileo location capabilities in mobile device The Technology / Application Use Galileo mobile client and Google Map server to determine exact location with respect to country border Use SIM application to move user from roaming network back to home network Combine with Next Generation Network (NGN) architecture (IMS)

10 Slide MONGIROS – Member & interest area Starhome Ltd FP7 2 nd call areas of interest Mass Market Applications: Innovative applications targeted to SMEs GNSS-based Mobile LBS applications with high public utility such as tourism and travel information New and Innovative Applications LBS applications for mobile

11 Slide ASTRAM – R&D activity Mission : leveraging the real-time knowledge of indoor location (indoor navigation capabilities) in order to create new value and new capabilities for mobile workforces. The Technology / Application Scheduling and work management for mobile field forces Leveraging indoor positioning technologies (three- dimensional location )

12 Slide ASTRAM - member & Interest ClickSoftware Technologies Inc. Interest in the 2nd FP7 Call : Professional applications: Specifically mobile workforce management, e.g. in the Utilities market New and innovative applications and services: Use of indoor location for innovative processes in mobile workforce management in SMEs as well as large enterprises

13 Slide EWA Project mission To develop an embedded Galileo/GPS flat Antenna for the front window glass of cars. The technology integrating high dielectric ceramic technologies Size 35x35x0.65 mm Member OriginGPS

14 Slide Thank you For further information please contact: Effi Bergida

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