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© Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. 1 Danube Region Conference Regensburg, November 28, 2012 Skills for the future – The view of a global player Walter.

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1 © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. 1 Danube Region Conference Regensburg, November 28, 2012 Skills for the future – The view of a global player Walter Huber Corporate Vice President HR Siemens AG

2 © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. 2 Employees 2012 worldwide: 370,000 New hires 2012 worldwide: 52,700 Revenue 2012 worldwide: 78.3 billion Employees and revenue abroad Siemens has a permanently high need for personnel – in all regions of the world 26% 21% 15% 40% 18% Americas therein Germany Asia, Australia 20% 29% 51% 14% 17% 23% 32% 60% Americas Asia, Australia Americas Asia, Australia Germany 24,400 14,400 13,900 9,300 therein Germany Europe, CIS NME, Africa Revenue abroad 86% Employees abroad 68% 2012 100 % 50 1978 1949 Europe, CIS NME, Africa Europe, CIS NME, Africa

3 © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. 3 We need the best employees – at every job, everywhere in the world Employees who… work in teams across organizational units across national borders across disciplines with internal and external partners easily adapt to new situations have a high degree of geographical mobility are willing and able to pursue lifelong learning perform their jobs independently and on their own authority take personal responsibility for what they do Todays working environment offers great freedom, but also demands a lot from employees.

4 © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. 4 Our own vocational training is a key pillar for securing new generations of employees Apprentices 9,630 Technical professions 5,360 therein academic Bachelor programs 1,830 Commercial professions 1,170 therein academic Bachelor programs 470 Siemens Technical Academies 390 Applications per year45,000 Yearly investment in Germany 180 m. Apprentices for other companies 2,710

5 © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. 5 The dual vocational training system in Germany Duration 2.5 – 3.5 years + Theory Practice Qualified vocational training program to prepare for professional life Vocational school Theory periods Siemens Practical periods Dual system of vocational training

6 © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. 6 The most popular professions Technical professions Commercial professions IT professions Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics incl. Mechatronics Technician Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Information Technology incl. Electronics Technicians for Automation Technology Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration incl. Industrial Management Assistant Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication Technology incl. Computer Science Expert Combined Bachelor and vocational qualification Mechatronics Engineer Industrial Mechanic Electronics Engineer Industrial Management Assistant Qualified IT Specialist for Systems Integration Traditional vocational training We educate young people in 35 professions and initiate the development of new professions.

7 © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. 7 29 young Europeans from Belgium, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, Poland, United Kingdom, Estonia and Lithuania Training in 3.5 years as mechatronics engineer and electronics engineer for operating systems technology Theory at vocational school in German Practice phases at training center and in the Berlin factories Employment later in home country Model project in Berlin: Europeans@Siemens

8 © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. 8 Romania Hungary Dual training in Central and Eastern Europe: Good perspectives for company locations AND for young people since September 2012, Siemens training center in Budapest cooperation with the German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce & Industry Vocational training in Budapest, vocational school in Gödöllö 15 welders a year foreign languages and international experiences are included as of 2013, also Industrial Mechanics and Mechatronic Engineers Technical Academy in Timisoara founded in 2007 20 students a year 2-year training as associated industrial engineer Belongs in the meantime to Continental Austria technical professions since 1921, commercial professions since 1953 530 apprentices: Electronics Engineer, Information Technology Technicians, Industrial Management Assistant, Mechatronics Engineer in Graz, Linz, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Klagenfurt, Weiz special training for the hearing-impaired

9 © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. 9 What we expect from training applicants Good general education (economics and law, politics and social affairs) Good language skills in native language and English (verbal and written skills – Internationality of the working world, also for technical professions!) Good skills in mathematics and physics (especially for technical professions) PC skills (MS Office applications and Internet)

10 © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. 10 e.g. Objec- tive: Vocational training ensures maximum professional competence and decision-making skills Professional competence and decision-making skills Targeted expansion and development of ones individual skills to reflect professional requirements. Systematic approach, decision-making ability, foreign languages, market and specialist knowledge Assume responsibility and adjust ones own actions accordingly. Conflicts are not avoided but managed in a constructive way. Teamwork skills, willingness to communicate and solve conflicts, willingness to assume responsibility Personal thinking and learning geared to business and personal professional development. Presentation techniques, public speaking skills, business games, creative techniques, project management, self- controlled learning Method skills Subject-specific training Social skills Individual skills

11 © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. 11 We foster lifelong development and learning to ensure the individuals employability Lifelong learning and development Prospective competency demand of our businesses Every employee has individual targets. Annual evaluation of performance and potential Individual development plan, specific further education and next step positions Top Talents are developed on the fast track Own organization for further education: Learning Campus On-the-job Bachelor and Master courses in co- operation with universities Siemens Leadership Excellence Programs for different levels of Management Learning investment 500 mio. p.y.

12 © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. 12 We need a stable qualification and knowledge structure, especially in technical fields We need a proactive education policy that develops and utilizes all potential Politics, companies and society must jointly face their responsibility. Guide and support all youth in finishing school Prepare more youth for higher education and inspire them to study technical subjects Reduce the rate of university drop-outs Encourage more women to study technical subjects and keep them employed also during family phases Ensure lifelong learning, particularly in view of longer working lives

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