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U.S. History Chapter 3 – The Growth of a Young Nation

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1 U.S. History Chapter 3 – The Growth of a Young Nation
3-5 Reforming American Society

2 Reforming American Society
CA Standards: Analyze the great religious revivals and the leaders involved in them… Objectives: Explain how reform movements were inspired by the spiritual awakening of the 19th century. Describe the institution of slavery and the abolitionist movement. Discuss the central role that women played in 19th century reform movements.

3 Homework Write definition of Terms & Names found on page 152 of textbook or page 45 in workbook. Read pages The Americans: Reconstruction to the 21st Century Prepare for Open notebook Quiz

4 Reforming American Society
Main Idea Throughout the mid-19th century, men and women embarked on a widespread effort to solve problems in American society.

5 Reforming American Society
Why It Matters Now A number of achievements from this period, including laws enacted and institutions established, still exist today.

6 Reforming American Society
Terms & Names page 144 in textbook or 43 in workbook Abolition Nat Turner Unitarians Elizabeth Cady Stanton Ralph Waldo Emerson Seneca Falls Convention Transcendentalism Sojourner Truth William Lloyd Garrison Frederick Douglas

7 Notes: 3-5 Guided Reading
Reforming American Society Read Pages 43 & 44 Reading Study Guide

8 Notes: 3-5 Guided Reading
1. Name three religious movements that took place in America in the first half of the 1800s Second Great Awakening Unitarianism Transcendentalism

9 Notes: 3-5 Guided Reading
2. Describe how three people fought against slavery in the 1830s? William Lloyd Garrison started an anti-slavery newspaper called the Liberator. Frederick Douglas escaped from slavery and supported nonviolent efforts to end slavery. Nat Turner led a violent slave rebellion.

10 Notes: 3-5 Guided Reading
3. How did women work for reform in the 19th century? Many women fought for abolition to end slavery. Others worked for temperance to ban the drinking of alcohol.

11 Be prepared for open notebook quiz

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